How to pluck eyebrows without the discomfort and pain?

The feeling in the correction of eyebrows is individual. Some people complain of redness, tearing, discomfort. Others tolerate the procedure without much discomfort. For individuals with sensitive skin or low pain threshold making the eyebrows the desired shape can be a real challenge. But without plucking difficult. It is therefore important to minimise the discomfort. There are several tricks that tells how without pain to tweeze.

Eyebrow shaping

Preparation for plucking hair

Before the procedure, thoroughly clean the skin. You can wipe your eyebrows with a piece of ice or a soothing lotion (with chamomile, mint, sage or aloe Vera). This will cool the skin and facilitate the work. If you use a cosmetic ice, compress applied to the whole surface of the eyebrows lasts for about 5 minutes. Cold tightens pores and leads to short-term loss of sensitivity, therefore, is the most popular means on how to painlessly pluck eyebrows. For normal skin, ice can be applied directly, as for sensitive it is recommended to wrap the cubes in a cotton cloth or cheesecloth.

Among the means of responding to the question on how to pluck eyebrows without pain, useful and very rich cream (for child or Claus). If they lubricate the skin and wait for 10-15 minutes, it will soften the hairs will be easier to stretch, and pain is much reduced. Excess cream is removed with a paper towel, now you can directly pluck eyebrows.

A similar effect has and a hot bath (or a warm compress). The question how to pluck eyebrows without the pain and discomfort and helps well steamed, open-pore skin. You can make herbal bath. To do this, 2 tbsp of chamomile brought to the boiling point. Over the fragrant steam of the face should hold for 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to fully close the top with a towel, as in inhalation. But after steaming and correction procedures possible increased redness, so it is better to prepare ice cubes (herbal decoction) to rapid changes in temperature to knock the skin off. Then you can tweeze with minimal discomfort.

Guide to plucking hair

Plucking eyebrows with thread

To reduce pain when plucking, some of the preparatory funds are insufficient. Of great importance and skill of women. The technology of how to pluck eyebrows without the discomfort relies on several important points:

  1. The closer to the vine managed to capture the hair, the better tolerated procedure.
  2. You can gently pull the skin on your eyebrows. The tension will make the pain less noticeable.
  3. To pull out the hairs of the eyebrows need one. Tweeze eyebrows as sharply as possible, one clear movement.
  4. Best tool – tweezers with beveled edges.
  5. Painless tweeze the hairs can, if you remove them in the direction of growth. If you do work in the other direction, will appear on the skin tiny, invisible, but very tangible.
  6. You can tweeze in parallel: a few hairs on one side, then a few on the other. So you can not only reduce pain, but it is easier to control the uniformity and symmetry of plucking.

After the procedure the skin should be calm herbal lotion, herbal tea or ice cubes.

To dry, gently wiped the cream is applied to the face.

How to pluck eyebrows without pain? The procedure should be done during menstruation.
In this period, the body increases the sensitivity, so the discomfort will be much greater. If your skin is prone to swelling and irritation takes a long time, you can reschedule for the evening to the morning the epidermis is recovered.

If none of these tools is not effective enough, the pain is unbearable and strong, you can resort to more radical means of anesthesia. On clean skin apply an anesthetic on the basis of benzocaine, lidocaine, or analogs. You can use cream for a toothache, special ointment, which you advise your esthetician or doctor. The time of action depends on the form of the drug (solution, spray, gel). Anesthetic will allow completely remove the pain, but this method is not suitable for Allergy sufferers and roads compared to the other.

The best option painless plucking each woman finds herself, through trial and experimentation.