How to pluck your eyebrows with your hands?

There is no woman that would not want to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, and to achieve this, does not necessarily apply to beauty salons. If you learn some of the techniques, the right to pluck eyebrows at home is possible without much difficulty. You should listen to the recommendations of specialists and then everything will work out. So how to pluck eyebrows and what you need to consider?

Plucking eyebrows independently

The technique of plucing eyebrows

For this procedure, you must use a wall mirror that allows you to see your whole face. You will also need tweezers with tight lips and a lotion, which is required for degreasing and disinfection.

The method of plucking eyebrows thread

It is strongly recommended to carry out this procedure in bright daylight when you can see all the hairs. Before the procedure thoroughly wash the hands, then RUB them with lotion, tweezers must be treated with alcohol.

The technique of plucking eyebrows at home has some secrets. If they know the result will be stunning. The skin should be stretched with his free hand, the hair is captured at the root of and is picked out with the maximum sharpness that you can sustain. Thus pain will be reduced.

Those who are just starting to self-pluck the eyebrows, often believe that this procedure is quite painful. In this regard, substantial assistance is able to provide ice packs that have analgesic properties. Widening the pores of the tool is also able to help. The consolation of the fair sex is to say that with regular eyebrow plucking pain soon becomes almost imperceptible.

Eyebrow shaping "Crescent" eyebrow

In order to create the classic shape of the eyebrows should follow the principles of “three lines”. That is, you need to lay from each wing of the nose turns to the three points of the eye imaginary line. When you design the shape of eyebrows, you can use a pencil or a ruler.

The first line must cross the wing of the nose closest to the nose point of the inner corner of the eye. What remains behind the line of crossing shall be completely removed. As a precaution, it is recommended to start plucking eyebrows near the bridge of the nose.

The second line is routed through the wing of the nose and the iris of the eye. This is the point of curve of the eyebrow.

The third line passes through the wing of the nose and outer corner of the eye. All that remains for this line will be deleted.

Some of the nuances of plucking eyebrows

If until recently the house pinching eyebrows independently was only possible with tweezers, in recent years, the increasing popularity gets a different method, which is called treydingom. This technique is very popular in the East, and it is the most popular in beauty salons.

This technique of plucking eyebrows attractive largely because no tools required, except for common thread. The string needs to be thin and durable. It is associated in the ring, then she is put on the fingers and some times twisted “eight”. Those hairs that get caught between the threads, firmly captured, and then is removed together with the onion.

To pluck eyebrows at home so very effectively, but once you need to take into account the fact that this process is very painful. But it’s worth it, as is the coverage of a large area that allows you to quickly get rid of the numerous fine hairs.
It should be noted that using the technique of trading you can not only get rid of thin hairs on the eyebrows, but the hair on my chin and upper lip. Here you need to carefully ensure that the thread is moved across the surface in earnest.

However, you should be prepared for the fact that with the help of trading to achieve maximum accuracy will be very difficult.

In order to finally pluck my eyebrows in any case have to use a pair of tweezers. However, the line of the eyebrows is a more distinct and numerous hairs between the eyebrows are removed very efficiently.

If such a procedure is very important to facilitate the capture of the hairs, in this respect, experts recommend to wipe the skin with alcohol, after which it lightly powder oneself. This procedure allows to count on the fact that the hairs will grow slower, become thinner, and this will allow you to do them with less painful consequences.

If there is a question about how to implement such a procedure, we must consider that to take care of the eyebrows should be regularly. If you remove just a few hairs every day, the shape of the eyebrows is always neat.

Useful tips

  1. Eyebrows are plucked only from the bottom, the top is not to be touched.
  2. For an easier and less painful removal of hairs before the procedure should take steam bath for the face. If this is not possible, the person can be moistened with hot pad.
  3. After the procedure came to an end on the eyebrows, we have to put cool pads, which should be moistened in the infusion of chamomile.

If you follow all these recommendations, there is no doubt that the appearance of women will be very attractive.