Permanent makeup lips with shading – one of the most popular cosmetic procedures

Permanent makeup lips with shading – one of the varieties of currently fashionable adjustments to the mouth area. This technique allows not only to think about the daily application of lipstick, but also to improve the natural shape of your lips. The price is quite affordable, re-conduct it will have no earlier than 3-4 years. But for many it lasts for 5 years.

Permanent makeup lips

Information about tattoo that you must know prior to the procedure

The majority of women made the tattoo pleased. Extra 5 minutes of sleep in the intense working day are very much appreciated. The day is also no need to constantly check my makeup and think about.

Those who are not doing permanent makeup lips with shading, think about it with apprehension. There are several reasons.

  1. Afraid of the pain.
  2. The fear that permanent makeup lips will be unsuccessful.
  3. The lack of knowledge about how this procedure is performed.

The main purpose of permanent makeup lips – relief of the skin. He performed in the following way.

Completely body-safe pigments are implanted into the surface of the skin – no deeper than 1 mm. All the equipment is sterilized.

Adjustment of the contour of the lips

The procedure is reversible, the dye gradually fades.

The desired shape of the lips and their future color is selected in advance. To be sure that the master realized that it is required, it is advisable to take with you a pencil the desired color. This precaution will help pick up more paint for tattooing shading

There are several types of permanent makeup lips.

  1. The adjustment circuit. In this case, the gloss and the lipstick to forget not necessary. Lips will only get a clearly defined shape.
  2. Correction of the lips with the feather. Procedure highlight and contour with a smooth transition from dark color to the natural color of the skin in this area. There are 2 approaches to do tattoo shading According to one of the contour is outlined clearly with a darker color, on the other hand it is close in color to the lips and is hardly noticeable. Contour with a feather – this operation enjoys the greatest popularity.
  3. Permanent makeup full lips. Here not only outlines the contours, but are filled with paint of the lips. Well-groomed and attractive appearance is maintained for a long time.

Not everyone can perform the procedure. It has its contraindications.

  1. HIV infection or AIDS.
  2. Epilepsy.
  3. Diseases of the hematopoietic system, relating to problems with blood vessels or clotting.
  4. Oncological or dermatological diseases.
  5. Diabetes.

Full permanent makeup lips

You can’t do permanent tattooing of lips during pregnancy in any trimester and while breastfeeding the baby.

Many people wonder why it should not be administered to pregnant or lactating.

The pigment in the blood is not absorbed, but painful procedure is necessarily performed under anesthesia. Some even mentioned that the anaesthesia is of little help to eliminate pain.

Pregnant and lactating women may adversely react to the input of anesthesia that will harm the baby.

If after adjusting the contour of the lips a woman was unhappy with the result, it can be corrected. This is done after 30 days – only this time, becomes visible in the final picture changes.

Adjustment in this case will be repeated, or the pigment is removed by laser. After the intervention of the lip laser restored within 2 weeks.

Recovery after the procedure

Permanent makeup lip contour with feathering – it’s almost a medical intervention, therefore, the body since it requires restoration. To heal it takes about a week, but the final result will be visible only after a month.

After the procedure, the contour of the lips may form a crust, begin inflammation, swelling to form and pour the cold sores. Therefore, prior to adjustment, it is necessary to inform the propensity for herpes expert. He will advise the ointment, which have to use for 7 days before the procedure, and the same after.

The main recommendations to those who made permanent tattoo on her lips:

  1. Preferably for 6 days (3 treatments and 3 after) to start drinking any antiviral drug. For example, acyclovir.
  2. Have to use the ointment antiseptics (bepanthene, miramistina-gel) and smear the sore area softening agent (anti-inflammatory), so it does not dry up.
  3. Coffee and alcohol need to be banished from the diet. Any liquid you 3 days to drink only through a straw.
  4. Preferably the teeth are not cleaned, apply a conditioner.
  5. Try the lips are not wet, the crust not to injure, not to pull out. In the fully sausage circuit she is no longer alone.

Guaranteed and reliable results from the adjustment that satisfies the client, can provide only a qualified technician.

So the tattoo is not worth saving. Estimated price is $ 100.