Permanent makeup on the eyes with the arrows

Tattooing on the face is no longer shocking. High quality permanent makeup eyes, eyebrows and lips can not only eliminate existing imperfections, but also to change appearance for the better. With the help of permanent makeup lips more vivid and puffy, and eyebrows and eyes more expressive. As with any cosmetic procedure, tattooing has its advantages and disadvantages, indications and contraindications. We should not forget about the side effects that may occur after this procedure.

Permanent eye makeup

Every woman faces every day with the need to do makeup. The tougher the makeup, the more care and time it requires. With modern intensive pace of life very often there are situations when it is just not enough time. For this reason, in recent years become a popular permanent eye makeup (tattooing hands and eyebrows). Should be procedure – and about the pencil and the eyeliner will be forgotten for a long time.

Tattoo eyes: advantages and disadvantages

The execution of the tattoo of the eye

The advantages of tattoo arrows can be attributed to its high durability. Caused hands can hold from 4 to 10 years. An additional correction may be required after 1-2 years. Permanent makeup does not spread, do not dither with it, you can look beautiful at any time of the day or night.

However, permanent eye makeup has a number of shortcomings. It does not allow a woman to conduct experiments on the change of style, but poorly made tattoo fix is almost impossible. Despite the fact that at the time of tattooing used antiseptics, this procedure is very painful. If the skin is prone to scarring and has poor regenerative properties, the procedure can not be carried out. Epilepsy and diabetes tattooing is prohibited.

Tattoo eye is recommended for women who want to make their eyes more expressive.

This procedure has recently become almost as popular as the eyebrow tattoo. If we analyze the technique of its application, the tattoo shooter is the most complicated procedure. During her in the top layer of skin is injected with a dye using special equipment. Before the procedure the client selects the colour and method of application. The purpose of the procedure is to create a new, more beautiful and harmonious way. Before starting the procedure, make sure that it will be an experienced certified makeup artist who has many positive reviews. Because poor-quality work are unlikely to be converted into another cabin.

Pigments for tattooing eyes

Pigments for tattooing eyes

The use of high quality pigment – based well-made, lasting permanent makeup that will not cause allergic reactions and will please you for a long time. The choice of pigments is quite wide, they are produced in different countries. Prices for them are very different.

Master tattoo is usually used for procedures on the delineation of the contour of a single pigment. Colorant are mixed to obtain desired hue, which is most close to natural color type client. If the eyebrow tattoo was done in black paint, the shade can give blue. Brown could start to give redness. Professional wizard takes this into account and mixes colors to neutralize the manifestation of undesirable shades.

In the cosmetics market is best proved by the American manufacturers of pigments for permanent makeup. High-quality pigments have a complex formula by which a substance can be fixed on the spot. Due to this eliminates the risk of spreading the makeup and the ingress of components into the body. Such pigments contain color stabilizers. Thus, the risk of reddening or yellowing of the eyes is completely eliminated. However, even when using high quality pigments tattoo arrows sometimes needs correction.

Safety and durability of permanent makeup provide pigments which have a mineral origin. As the basis of the colorant there may be manganese oxide, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide and iron. To the pigments, can be added to the fixative. Paint for permanent makeup becomes resistant due to increased density. Therefore, the manufacturer does not need to enter into the aggressive substances to increase durability of the tattoo.

Features of tattoo eye

Photo 1. Decorative tattoo of the eye

Tattoo age primarily involves drawing arrows on the upper and lower lid. Eye tattoo can be easy (natural) and decorative. Decorative tattooing involves the application of an arrow that goes beyond the eyes and allows you to visually change its shape (photo 1). Very often the master order-doing migracyjny tattooing, in which the distance between the cilia is filled with small dashes or dots, which allows the eyelashes to look thicker and the eyes more expressive.

Tattoo arrows, you can perform using various colors but the most popular is black. Blondes makeup artists recommend the use of gray shades. Brown should be used with caution, as over time it will fade and will create the red eye effect. The color of the tattoo you need to choose so that it is combined with the color of eyes and hair. The appearance of the arrows is selected depending on the shape of the eyes and the effect you wish to obtain.

Tattoo mirosnikova space

The most common types of arrows for tattoo eye:

  1. The arrow from the inner corner to the outer corner.
  2. From mid-century to the outer corner of the eye.
  3. The “East” arrow that extends beyond the border of the eye and is bent up.

Arrows to tattoo differ according to the definition of drawing and thickness. Broad arrow will look good on large, almond-shaped eyes. “Eastern” broad arrow visually giving a small and narrow eyes, make them seem even smaller. Women who have small eyes, better suited to neat thin arrow that will be slightly beyond the eye and bend up (if the shape of the eye round). Women who have heavy eyelids, it is better to perform a tattoo with feather. It will create the effect of light and shadows visually reduce eyelid.

Features of eye care after the tattoo of the eye

Since the procedure of tattooing is quite traumatic, and eye care after it should be special. Subject to certain rules, the procedure of healing will take place quickly and complications will not arise. In the first few days after tattoo eyelids can pripuhnut and blush. Until the eyes will be in the swollen state, you have to avoid them to sunlight. When going outside need to wear sunglasses.

The crust that formed on the tattoo, it is impossible to pull out, wet and delete – they should move independently. If the crust to pull out ahead of time, this can lead to the loss of external effect, which would be achieved. The eyelids should be lubricated with a special cream. To reduce inflammation from the eyelids, perfect tetracycline ointment. Usually within 2 weeks after the procedure it becomes clear whether additional correction.

Reviews of girls who have undergone tattooing arrows on the eyes

Permanent makeup before and after the procedure

Dayana, 36 years: “the Eyes are very small and inexpressive, because of this, the need for makeup has been a constant. But since the facial skin is very oily, even the most professional makeup didn’t stay on the face for more than 3 hours – hands were constantly smudged, and the eyes constantly loomed black blotches. The procedure of tattooing learned a long time ago, but did not dare, for fear of the already inexpressive eyes will turn into something scary. However, after a situation when make-up “drip” directly into a business meeting, decided to find a good master.

Procedure decided to do during the holidays, because you never know what kind of reaction may occur. Having read the negative reviews, I prepared for a wild pain. Was very surprised that it is almost painless (whether the sensitivity threshold of the weak, whether the master got a good one). Before applying makeup had a long talk with a cosmetologist, chose the right shade and shape of the arrows. After the procedure eyes were red and slightly inflamed, tried not to dwell on it – just smeared them with ointment and doing the usual household chores.

After a week the swelling finally came down and finally have the opportunity to enjoy all the delights of tattooing! Arrows come out sharp and neat, they are perfectly emphasized the shape of the eye and made them very bright and expressive. Makeup now almost never use, half a minute is spent on it to put on lipstick and everything! Eyes now can be rubbed at any time, if desired, can wash, swim in the pool and not worry now about what will have to redo my makeup.”

Irina, 28 years: “appearance never complained, but have a small flaw – a large upper eyelids. Usually with arrows and eye shadow all of this is masked. But recently there was an unpleasant incident, the beloved saw in the morning without makeup and was shocked. After that there was some kind of complex. Constantly wearing makeup at night could not, therefore decided to make a tattoo. Friend the beautician made arrows with feather. The procedure is painful, but worth it! Now I feel perfect at any time of the day!”.