How to perform a makeup technique of smoky eyes?

The makeup style Smokey eyes gives you the opportunity to present a surprisingly charming way, emphasizing the irresistibility of the eye and masking small defects. Most people mistakenly think that smoky eyes should be done only in black-and-gray color scheme that is fundamentally wrong. Yes, smoky eyes on in Russian sounds like “smoky eyes” (Fig.1).

The makeup style Smokey eyes

But this position has long lost its relevance. At the moment Smokey eyes taken to impose a brand in different color variations. Possible make-up broad, they allow you to emphasize not only the outfit, but especially the girl’s face: skin type, eye color, etc.

Feature makeup techniques smoky eyes

Figure 1. Smoky eyes the "smoky eyes"

Consider make-up technique was born in the beginning of the last century. At that time a very revered image of women “vamp”. Which is understandable, because the makeup with a touch of drama in most cases lends charming charm to the exterior.

Rastushevyvaet shadows with a smooth transition of tones was the basis for the performance of the technique smoky eyes. The result of this blend became a light haze enveloping the eye and makes women’s eyes attractive and mysterious. In this methodology the main emphasis in the imposition of a volume of cosmetic is placed on the eye area. Not every time eyes decorate ashy-black with a matte effect, their shade and brown and purple and green (Fig. 2).

Note: blue should not be careful, because if tampering with the equipment it is possible to get the unwanted effect of bruising.

To date, Smokey eyes quite appropriate to apply to return to the daytime, and for more recent events. Lot will determine the balance of shades and auxiliary connections. Makeup for evening wear distinguished by thick, dark tones, and for day is more calm and pastel.

Someone uses Smokey eyes only as makeup for the evening. But, applying a warm tone (Golden, apricot, olive), it is possible to do make-up for day walks in the style of smoky eyes.

What you need to create a seductive image of smokey eyes?

Figure 2. Eyes in the style of "smoky eyes"

  1. Concealer, tinted moisturizer, translucent powder to give the face a healthy and well-groomed appearance and hiding minor imperfections.
  2. Underwater pencil for eyes – shade can take anyone (in the situation).
  3. Shadows with a certain set of colors in warm and cool palette. The choice of colors will determine the mood, the characteristics of the person, the time of day. It is recommended to refrain from the use of pearlescent hues, as they do visually raised, tender and tired.
  4. The tassel acts as a reliable assistant in the process of imposing shadows on the lower eyelid and the top of both eyes.
  5. Underwater pencil to color and eyebrows. The main rule for selecting the color of the pencil should be identical to the shade of the hair on the eyebrows.
  6. Cotton swabs or sponge to apply rastushevyvaniya shadows.

Overlay algorithm smokey eyes

To superimpose a tidy makeup it is important to adhere to three fundamental principles of creation:

  • beautiful natural browney line;
  • attenendosi eyes;
  • aligned the face.

Technique involves small skin preparation. To conceal irregularities and ensure the complexion is monotonous smoothness on the skin causing the Foundation and the translucent powder with light texture. The creams and treat the lips after applied on top of moisturizer. To eliminate the significant disadvantages of the skin (rosacea, acne, pimples) apply concealer or tightly textured liquid Foundation.

The execution order of makeup smoky eyes

Skin area around the eyes, prepare no less thoroughly. In order to eliminate the rolling shadows in the folds, causing the usual tinted moisturizer or translucent powder. In the presence of a saccular circles or traces under the eyes apply concealer with a light tint.

For shape browney arc produces adjustments special pencil. Without undue effort on the pencil eyebrow tint of the proper color. In the presence of transparent latch-gel for eyebrows they fix the desired fracture browney line.

Step by step instructions to overlay Smokey eyes

  1. From the liner starting to do makeup. Eyeliner carry out special underwater with a pencil. The eye contour it is also possible to circle a flat brush. Here there is one subtlety: Smokey eyes jealously refers to the use of different kinds of liquid eyeliners, they can not be used. After all, through a liquid is obtained summing up strict and clear line. And the makeup smoky eyes does not accept the precisely defined lines.
  2. On the outer corner of the eye shape, the line rises slightly towards the temples and slightly thickened.
  3. Carefully shade the outline. On the lower eyelid spend a few more sophisticated line that is also shade.
  4. When smoky eyes shadow select related tints, so when rastushevyvaet turned out to effect a smooth transition. Ideal: the combination of colors of shadows with a pencil line.
  5. Superimposition of shadows on the area of the lower eyelid begin to carry out from the eyes outside. Moving in the direction of the inside angle, the intensity of the colors mute.
  6. Light shades of shadow (pearl, beige and light gray, for example) is applied from the folds of the century towards the eyebrows.
  7. Edge places when the colour shade is mandatory.
  8. On the lashes top and bottom is applied a layer of voluminous mascara. Special attention is given to applying mascara from the corners of his eyes from outside.

Varieties of smokey eyes technique

Example makeup Smokey eyes

The described method of applying makeup is not unique in its execution, although the most common. There are other versions of Smokey eyes. For a complete mastery of the makeup in this direction should be explored and alternative technical aspects. For example, the main shade (in the typical presentation is jet black) is it possible to convert to a thicker trace of the pencil. It shade up to century. Such manipulation is easier to perform without using applicator or brush, and the tips of his fingers. The shade is also distributed finger.

Makeup artists sometimes smoky eyes use this technique: at the centre of the lid in the upper part at first impose intermediate tone (often coloured). After him is the most dark (black), it is applied in accordance with the direction of growth of eyelashes on the outside corner of the eye and under the fold. Then their shade.

Sometimes eyeliner eye some stylists is performed first, and after the imposition of the pitch.

Color choice in accordance with the color of the eyes

To create a single, rich shades of eye shadow should match with the color of eyes, skin and hair.

Smokey eyes for green eyes

Consider the makeup smoky eyes for brown eyes:

  1. For girls with dark or chocolate skin tone optimal olive-brown colors.
  2. Women with fair skin should choose lilac, cornflower blue, purple, bright blue and their variations.

For green eyes appropriate gold, purple, chocolate and dark green.

Ideas for blue-eyed: in this case, perfect deep blue, jet black, pale pink, lilac, lavender, silver, taupe, Golden color.

Choice for grey eyes:

  1. Golden brown the skin perfect shades of bronze and sand.
  2. Leather light shades – blue, purple, turquoise, green.
  3. Other skin color types – green, chocolate, dark blue, dark brown.

Quite often nature gives women an amazing shade of eyes – gray-blue. They complement the classic color options: light beige, black, dark grey.

The followers of this technique, be aware that the gloss and lipstick for the lips you need to apply neutral colours.

The rules of good taste suggest focusing on one thing, so as not to harm the subtlety of the makeup and not add vulgarity. How is this supposed to look really, closely examine the photo.

Add the makeup and the clear geometry of the eyebrows, barely noticeable makeup for lips and light blush on the cheeks.

And all good looks secured.