How to perform makeup with red lipstick?

Every baby, trying on the image of adult beauty who instinctively understands: in order to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, the heel of shoes have to be high, and lipstick red.

Red lipstick on the lips

However, over time, successfully mastered a graceful gait in heels, not every grown-up Princess dare to use red lipstick. And all because of the fact that, once experimented with this luxurious classic color in your makeup, then comes to the conclusion that it is decidedly not suitable. And absolutely nothing. Actually no girls in the world, someone’s appearance can spoil the red lipstick.

Properly chosen texture and tint, this lipstick will help to liberate even the “gray mouse” and add it to the ranks of the most passionate, daring, sexy and confident women. Many international celebrities, famous beauties, I use it not only during social events and parties, but also in everyday life. And know how to look like makeup is not defiant, vulgar, and absolutely worthy and organically.

Learn to feel yourself as confident to create using fondant own unique bold and be able to pick your own color from dozens of variations of red scale, each needs a real woman. To make it not too difficult if you listen to the advice of professional stylists.

How to find the right tone of lipstick?

The selection of shades of red lipstick

To date, the red lipstick can be used by all women, regardless of color type (winter, spring, summer, fall) and skin tone (light, dark). The main thing – to choose the right shade. Help in choosing the tone of red lipstick simple rule: rich, vibrant hues look good on dark face, muted, soft, pale skin.

Red lipstick for women with a cool skin tone (the color type “winter”, “summer”) should have the same cool bluish undertone. Warm yellowish skin tone (the color type “spring”, “autumn”) requires to choose a lipstick, in which there is yellowness. Practically, it is as follows:

  1. For skin type “spring” and “autumn” is a red lipstick with warm peach or orange shades. Look good these options: coral, terracotta, chestnut, carrot, brick, Rowan.
  2. Tsvetotip “winter”, “summer” involves choosing a red lipstick more vivid hue. Winning will raspberry, cherry, fuchsia, beet, purple, amaranth, classic scarlet, blood red.

In order to properly determine the hidden shade of lipstick before buying a new tube is necessary to put a few dashes on the tips of the fingers. There skin tone corresponds to the tone labial epithelium, and red lipstick shows the color as it will look on the lips.

The result is that the most important thing is to clearly determine your color type person. With this condition of red lipstick, the right shade will definitely be picked up without hassle.

Tests-determinants of the tone of the face

Among the stylists and makeup artists used a variety of methods of determining skin tones. For accurate analysis it is possible to choose a couple of suitable tests and to use them to determine your color type correctly, in order to subsequently wrongly chosen red lipstick was not old and has not stressed the deficiencies of appearance. To be sure of the results of the study should be obligatory carried out in daylight.

Selection of lipstick according to color type appearance

  1. Test “gold and silver”. Massive jewelry of these precious metals try on in turn and assess what neighborhood skin pales, and from a looks fresher and brighter. If the person is more suited to “warm” the gold, the basis of color of skin is defined as “spring, autumn”. Cold silver, respectively, evidence of belonging to the colortype “winter, summer”.
  2. Test using foil. Similar to the first, only instead of jewelry is yellow and silver foil (e.g. from chocolate wrappers).
  3. Test using items of clothing. Looking in the closet clothes white with the cold bluish tint that gives a bit of yellow. Try on turns both options to evaluate which one looks better.
  4. Examination of the wrists. If the veins appear through the thin skin of the wrists of the blue, the skin belongs to the cold color type “winter, summer”. Women warm type “autumn, spring” veins are olive green.

How to perform a makeover?

Well-chosen shade of lipstick is only half the battle, you also need to learn to apply it properly, only then makeup will be perfect.

Red lipstick demands a perfect skin condition of the lips.

Application of nourishing balm on the lips

Dry, scaly, with cracks or pimples of the herpes groomed skin under the makeup is absolutely unacceptable. Bright makeup not a mask, but will stick out all the flaws and will produce a feeling of revulsion. To avoid such failure, should once a week perform procedures for the care of lips, massaging skin scrub with sea salt and olive oil, as well as to moisturize lips at night with a nourishing balm.

Immediately before the actual application of a lipstick is desirable to make additional peeling of lip skin with light massage movements toothbrush. Next, perform the following steps:

  1. The contour of the lips is applied a concealer.
  2. Outline the mouth with a pencil in the color of the skin, adjusting the outline and shape of the lips.
  3. Bring the outline with a pencil in the color of the lipstick and lip mask.
  4. Carefully, using a brush to apply red lipstick.
  5. The first layer should be wet paper towel.
  6. Priputnev lips, causing the next layer.
  7. If the red matte lipstick to create volume use a drop of clear gloss in the middle of the lower lip.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the bright red lipstick in the makeup looks stunning on condition that:

  • even skin tone on face, neck and décolleté;
  • well-groomed hands with a manicure in the color of the lipstick or French;
  • white enamel of the teeth;
  • soft eye makeup.

Do not forget that red lipstick just requires elegant, feminine clothing and high heels. To duplicate the color with accessories or inserts in clothing, but only in small doses, “overdo it” not worth it. Too much red, especially the “total-look”, bordered with a screaming style of Lady Gaga. Vulgarity and vulgarity should be avoided.