How to do perfect makeup for prom?

In every girl’s life there comes an important and exciting time, which is called prom. It’s a special celebration, shrouded in a bold and optimistic hopes for the future, dreams and desires. Well, a great start to grown up, successful and such a wonderful life.

Classic makeup for prom

That’s why the prom wants to look especially beautiful, feminine and attractive, that the time will remember forever. To help in this can not only a great outfit, but flawless makeup for prom. What should it be? And how to make it on their own and without anyone’s help? For the future graduates are offered such options prom makeup so that each young person could choose something to fit your personal taste and style.

Prom makeup starts with the perfect basics

To create any makeup in any style requires a perfect complexion. For young skin is enough of a small amount of Foundation, which by its texture is very light. He will not create on the face the effect of “grim”, but it perfectly evens the complexion, making it perfect.

The tool is applied with hands, sponge or brush in a small amount. It is important that concealer perfectly fit the skin tone, you could not see the faces of the transition between the area with makeup and without it.

Tone cream for face

Also need powder to hide the Shine after applying Foundation. Let it be maximally transparent or weightless. This technique will help not to “render” the face, allowing natural beauty to Express themselves.

As for the concealer, as a rule, young skin does not know about what the circles under the eyes. But if they are still present (for example, from lack of sleep in preparation for the exam), of course, should certainly use corrective means. They can be useful for camouflaging acne or other inflammations of the epidermis, which often happens at that age.

And a few words must be said about bronzing tools, yourself. It often happens that before the event she decides to become slightly more tanned. And in this quest there is nothing to worry. That’s just to experience the indelible bronzer media stand for some time before the event to see the exact result, its quality. Otherwise, no makeup can not disguise the failed experiment.

Romantic makeup for prom

Romantic makeup for prom

There is no doubt that the majority of girls graduate aspire to be like them no one could compare. To each his own. For example, someone sees the beauty in the frame of gentle, calm, cute and girlish image. A great choice for prom!

The first face is superimposed tone. It will refresh the appearance, will prepare the skin for the application of decorative cosmetics. It would not be superfluous in the beginning degrease the skin using the cleanser with a special gel or foam. This technique will help hold the makeup in the same condition throughout the gala evening.

For a classic romantic makeup will need shade in two colors: pastel pink and more saturated of the same hue. The shade may have a slight glow, but they have to be matte. Mother of pearl texture has long ceased to be relevant.

The graduates will be useful one important secret to eye shadow application. So the cosmetics are not pushed, the upper eyelid is a little need to powder. Thus, shades and applied will be easier and stay longer.

A lighter shade is applied on the upper mobile eyelid and on the area that is 0.4 cm above it. Shadows saturated tones lay down a neat layer to the corner of the eye. Faces transitions in different shades of shade.

Phased makeup Smoky eyes

By using a white eye pencil can “reveal” look to make it more fresh and expressive. The product is applied to the inner corner of eyes around tear ducts to blend. They can also slightly draw the lower eyelid from the outer edge.

Brown eye pencil draws a soft and delicate hands. On the upper eyelid they are needed. But for the lower eyelid need to use eyeliner until the middle of the eye. Again, the line of shade.

Brown mascara completes the eye makeup. Still romantic makeup for prom offers maximum naturalness, and therefore can be limited to one coat of mascara. You need to pre-twist the lashes with a special Curling iron. After that, apply mascara.

The image is complemented by a pink blush muted colors. They are distributed with a brush on the cheeks. In tone they need to choose a gentle lip gloss: the color of the petal of a tea rose or light peach. Make-up in a romantic style for prom will be an excellent decoration timid and sensitive person.

Fantasy make-up for prom

Lovers of unusual solutions like fancy make-up. He was a force to emphasize the uniqueness of its owner, her creative thinking and creative approach to everything.

Fantasy make-up for prom

For fantasy make-up very important the ideal base because of the paint used for him is pretty bright. Need shade in two colors: lime and emerald. They are applied according to the following scheme.

On the upper mobile eyelid fall lemon shade. For applying the same emerald eye shadow will have to use a stencil to make a smooth line without flaws. The emerald tone is applied to the area, going for his face 0.3-0.4 mm. the Tip of a kind of “arrows” should rise slightly, creating the effect of a space makeover.

The area under the eyebrows you can apply a little radiant but not pearlescent shades of metallic colors. Eyeliner is useful only on the lower eyelid. Let it be dark green. Black lengthening mascara is designed to complete the eye makeup. In this case would be appropriate even false eyelashes (one piece or in bundles).

Because the eyes are painted bright, lip it makes sense to use something more peaceful. For example, a clear or slightly light Shine. Under your cheekbone to apply blush a peach which are carefully shade.

I must say that this makeup need to choose an original dress that will blend in with the overall appearance. A difficult task, but this is interesting!

Makeup for prom in rock style

Makeup for prom in rock style

In almost any class there is a person that stands out for its perversity and diversity at all. It is for these daring ladies and designed make-up in rock style.

After applying Foundation, you can immediately proceed to the eye makeup. This time it will only need some shade. Creamy matte tone is applied on the mobile eyelid. You can superimpose several layers, because this color is hard to overdo it.

The most important thing in this make-up is hands. To create them you will need a black liquid eyeliner or pencil-pen. An arrow is drawn on all the upper eyelid, gradually narrowed at the ends. The outer edge should be a little “off” up, beyond the natural edge of the eyelid 0.5 cm

Black bulk ink almost the main element of the image of the rock. You need to apply two layers, which successfully emphasize the eyes.

Eyeliner of the lower eyelid useful soft graphite pencil. It is applied for most of a century without touching the inner corner. The lines need to feather. It is important not to overdo it with the thickness of the lower arrow, since its role is merely to support the top.

Color and style rock the right color of tan. To do this, even the darker shade. Tool in a small amount is applied to the cheekbone, blend, powder oneself with a lighter tone.

In this way appropriate bright lipstick. How to make she did not engage in a confrontation with the emphasis on the eyes? This lipstick is applied with a brush or with fingertips thin, not a thick layer. It is possible to choose scarlet, plum or even Burgundy lipstick. However, if these colors do not like, then you can resort to the classics: pink, peach, coral shade.

Using these recommendations, any girl will be able to find something that would suit her the most for such an important and memorable prom. You can even create your own makeup on prom night, combining parts from different make-UPS. All this will help to look good in life, and in the photo. And after the evening will be only the most pleasant and warm memories!