Peculiarities of staining of permanent mascara

To make the woman’s eyes are particularly expressive, to emphasize their beauty and give sexuality to the gaze capable of eyelashes. But not all get them skillfully to paint decorative cosmetics. And the usual eyelash extensions don’t like each, but most importantly, this procedure has a certain number of negative testimony, and is not for everyone. What to do in this situation? Today, the leading cosmetic companies cared about their clients, which proposed permanent mascara.

Eyelashes, painted with permanent ink

What is this beauty event?

Applying a special coloring composition or how the session is called by professionals, using permanent ink, is held only 1 time in a month and stays on the lashes up to 3 weeks.

The application of permanent mascara

This cosmetic session is the staining, but contained in the ink components is absolutely not aggressive, compared with the dye composition for hair. Of course, close distance to mucous the eyes are not allows technicians to apply normal components that go into the composition of paints.

To date, this new procedure is becoming deservedly among women who want to look always beautiful and flawless, more and more popular.

Mascara is applied on both upper and lower lashes. While most clients use the classic black color. In beauty salons you can find carcasses of other colors, but they are not in such high demand.

Who chooses this procedure?

The use of permanent mascara is suitable for every woman of any age. Most importantly, she wanted to make their eyes more attractive and distinguished on the background it eyelashes. Or she can’t every day to apply makeup, afraid that the ink may leak at the wrong time. And if a woman does not know how to put on makeup or it is contraindicated eyelash.

The result of the procedure

In fairness it should be noted that it does not increase, and simple staining. Of course, external changes will be visible immediately and valued by others. For example, the staining permanent mascara allows you to lengthen lashes by up to 15% and give them extra volume to 40%. Many women get this effect in the application of conventional cosmetics, but permanent analogue lasts a much longer time.


Eyelashes before and after applying permanent mascara

It is important that this procedure is carried out only by a specialist and workflow was used only certified cosmetics. The entire session lasts no longer than 50 minutes. But most importantly, at the end of the designated period, you will need to re-visit the specialist, he removed the coloring composition.

If desired, this procedure can be redone immediately. Additionally, many people prefer first to make a Perm for the lashes, and finish the process by staining of cilia with permanent ink. The result is an unusual curve, vivid color and natural natural the eyelashes. Any painful or unpleasant sensations during a session of colouring eyelashes permanent ink does not happen. Clients only have to do is to fulfill all the requests of the expert.

Care after dyeing:

  1. Should the first day after dyeing, to avoid direct eye contact with the water, so bathing, showering, visiting the baths and saunas is strictly prohibited. This also applies to a long stay in direct sunlight. The next day, and the following, everything is permitted, permanent ink will not flow and will not crumble.
  2. Should avoid rubbing the eyes or any other mechanical influences.
  3. The validity of staining is significantly reduced if you use a Curling iron.
  4. Also the validity of the procedure can be reduced if applied over the decorative ink.
  5. When applying makeup it is better to use dry shadows and delete them desirable gentle means for removing makeup.
  6. It is possible to wash in the morning and evening under running water without soap.

Permanent mascara does not contain in its composition any harmful or harsh ingredients.

If you properly care for your eyes, follow the recommendations of the expert, it is absolutely no risk to health will not. But to apply permanent mascara alone is not worth it and not to damage the cilia, are better off left overs just a professional.