How to paint shadows in the home

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, so many poets and artists are inspired by praise and beautiful eyes. Girls are paying special attention to your eyes, emphasize their beauty, distinguish and make them focus. How to properly paint shadows to emphasize the beauty of your eyes and the makeup to do organic and aged? Not all girls know how to paint at home. Paint a vulgar and sometimes inappropriate.

The right combination of shadows

There is another blunder when the girl is painted shades of dark color quickly and pays little attention to the feather.

There are several aides in the creation of expressive and memorable look: pencil, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow. Each girl should decide the way it will emphasize your eyes. May be limited to one ink or pencil, and you can combine ink, pencil, eye shadow and eyeliner. Knowledge of measures, the right combination of colors and the appropriateness of makeup.

Remember that any makeup is incomplete without mascara, so don’t avoid it. Applying mascara on eyelashes should be the final step in creating your eye makeup.

There are no clear rules how to paint shadows, but there are basic principles that should be followed.

Tinting of eyebrows and eyelashes

Above mentioned, that the eye is the most important region in the make-up, but do not forget about the eyebrows. Start with the eyebrows. Professional makeup artists will confirm that messy eyebrows can ruin any make up like a girl or wear makeup. In addition to the shaping of the eyebrows need to take care of the color. Perfectly-defined brows will help you to make a special pencil or shadow brush eyebrow brush. Daylight makeup eyebrows should be lighter than evening.

Varieties of shadows

Today we can distinguish three kinds of shadows:

  • compact (solid);
  • loose;
  • liquid.

The most popular and convenient – compact shadow, which has long earned the respect of many ladies. The shadow is convenient to store, transfer, apply, mix the shades, they have a huge range of colors.

Shadows are not so convenient in application, as always fall off and spoil created by skin tone. Plus, these shadows is that they are excellent shade.

Liquid eye shadow are distinguished by their brightness and the specifics of the application, if you get the hang of it, they will become your daily assistant.

Distinguish between matte and pearl shadows. Matte shadows are more suitable for daytime makeup, and pearl for a brighter evening.

In choosing colors is to start from several factors: eye color, event, color of outfit, time of the year.

There are no strict rules that determine the colors that should be used. Just follow some of the recommendations that will make your look even better and more organic.

Makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

For light eyes suit all shades of blue, light blue, celadon, silver, gray, pink tones, natural beige to peach. When combining colors do not forget that it is inappropriate to combine warm and cool tones, but there are exceptions. A good idea to look combination blue with pink and silvery peach.


Makeup for brown eyes

Color depth brown eyes underlined with black, red and blue shadows. If you select blue shadows, don’t use them as a basis, and will use it as an accent over a blue eyeshadow will make make vulgar.

Makeup for brown eyes

In the summer, especially nice mother of pearl gold and beige shadows, they make the person healthy and look radiant. This is especially beautiful in the photo. Golden color combine with beige and brown, and blue with black or dark gray. Interesting solution for brown eyes can be dark green or emerald color that perfectly underlined and make your look mysterious.


Gray and green eyes

The owners of a rare grey or even more rare green eyes lucky. Gray eyes suit green and blue shades, while the color of the eyes will adapt to the shade. Well accentuate the eyes silver, turquoise and peach eyeshadow.

Green eyes suit purple makeup, all shades of green and brown.

Makeup for gray eyes

After applying eyeshadow, think about mascara. The most popular is the black mascara is a classic that is always relevant. After black mascara in popularity should be brown, which is so loved blondes and redheads girls. Followed by blue, green and purple, which are atypical, so look particularly interesting. If you love to experiment, play with colors and delight others with its originality.

Remember that it is better to be without makeup than with badly applied.

If a girl knows how to paint shadows, you get a high quality image that will create a good impression, so take it seriously.