How to paint eyebrows paint?

The eyebrows play an important role in applying makeup. From, how well and carefully designed eyebrows, often depends how will look like your entire face. It is therefore essential to draw eyebrows. This can be done with pencil, eye shadow or face powder, as well as using the paint. With the latter you can save time, but you need to know how to paint eyebrows paint.

Color eyebrows

Besides, it is very important to be able to choose the right paint color, because it must simultaneously be in harmony with hair color and look natural. And eyebrows always looked at 100, need to know the tricks of care.

How to dye eyebrows yourself: training

Thanks designed eyebrow makeup looks flawless. On the contrary, if not to give proper attention to eyebrows, neither of which perfection of makeup and beauty of the eyes, can not speak. That is why it is so important that they were always well groomed. There are several products that can help you draw the perfect eyebrows. These include pencils, eye shadow, powders, gels and paint for the eyebrows. All options, except the last, assume the daily makeup. Every morning it takes a extra minute of precious time. So many girls move on to another option that gives a longer and lasting effect, paint eyebrows. The result can keep 1 to 2 months, without the need for daily care. You will need only to pluck the growing hairs.

Before you paint the eyebrows with paint, you need to prepare for the procedure.

Preparation is simple, but very important stage. What you need to do before you dye your eyebrows?

Ink for dyeing the eyebrows

  1. To execute correction of eyebrows. We are talking about the need to give them the desired shape, removing the excess hairs. For this you can contact the salon for a professional technician, which itself will select the perfect eyebrow shape and do everything quickly and efficiently. And you can do the correction itself. For this you need a good tweezers and fluorescent lighting. Giving the desired shape and removing all the excess hairs, you need to disinfect places of plucking to avoid infection and reduce inflammation. To carry out this procedure a few hours before coloring, and even better the day before. This is especially true for girls with sensitive skin.
  2. To choose the paint. Now large enough assortment of colors, so each girl can choose your option based on your aesthetic preferences and financial capabilities. It does not matter what kind of paint to paint the eyebrows. You only need to take into account that the paint must be designed exclusively for eyebrows. No other products (e.g., hair) for this purpose is not suitable.
  3. To determine the color. Paint color should be chosen taking into account the color of your hair. For example, if the girl has black hair, and paint you need to choose a similar color; fit brunette dark shades of brown, and for blonde – light brown color. The color saturation can be varied. For example, you can mix brown and black inks in varying proportions to get more complex and more suitable color shade. But it should be done immediately before dyeing the eyebrows.

The procedure for dyeing the eyebrows

To be completely confident in your choice of colors, the girl must be guided by the rule of professionals: it is necessary to choose the paint for 3 shades darker than their hair. Of course, we are talking about the current hair color, regardless of whether it is natural or painted (photo). This rule does not work in that case, if the hair in a woman painted in a colour that does not exist in a natural palette (e.g., red, cherry, platinum or even in extreme colors). In this case, you only need to experiment by mixing paints, achieving the most suitable shade and intensity. The choice of color is an extremely important task, this will depend on how beautiful and natural look colored eyebrows.

How to dye eyebrows: technique

So, paint is selected, the correction is carried out. Now is the time to fix the result. It’s enough to stock up on free time, so nothing to distract from the process. In this regard, the main thing – not to hurry and not to worry, because the right to paint the eyebrows is not so difficult. So, here are step by step instructions on how to draw perfect eyebrows:

Coloring eyebrows stencil

  1. Prepare immediately all the necessary procedures and tools. These include: paint, plastic or glass container of small volume for dilution and mixing of paint, a brush for applying paint (it can be replaced with a blade or cotton swab, but the brush is still easier to use), thin rubber gloves, and a Cape over his shoulders, wipes or cotton pads, vaseline or any greasy cream. It is better to lay everything in front of him, to wear the Cape. You can now proceed to the next stage.
  2. To make a make-up remover face, wash with gel or soap and dry your skin. After that, apply on the area around the eyebrows vaseline. At this stage, to wear gloves.
  3. To prepare the paint. For this purpose it should be diluted in the container, add the oxidizer and stir. When the desired shade is obtained, you can begin the coloring process.
  4. Dipping the brush into the paint, to recruit a sufficient quantity and apply on eyebrows. The layer should be thick enough. No need to be afraid that it will stain skin, etc. all the surplus is then very easily removed.
  5. To withstand the necessary “setting” the paint. Should take on average from 7 to 15 min. Than you need to get darker tint, the longer you need to soak the paint. A small recommendation: that the paint accidentally leaked in the eyes, you need to slightly lean forward.
  6. To remove the excess paint. You need to use a cotton or gauze disks. It is better to moisten them in warm water and soap. No need to RUB very active. Instead of soap you can use the liquid for removing waterproof makeup, but this only applies to a situation if the paint gets on the skin.
  7. Wash. It is sufficient to rinse your face with warm water without adding any cosmetics.

Now you can look in the mirror and see success! This result can last up to 2 months in the autumn-winter period and for 1 month in the active season sunlight.

Recommendation for care

Answering the question how to dye eyebrows, you need to take into account several very important points. We are talking about that:

Eyebrow pencil

  • the procedure is suitable only fresh paint;
  • if after the procedure there was paint, in no way can not leave it for next time;
  • you need to carefully monitor the expiration date when buying paint;
  • if the paint in any form has an unusual smell, it is better not to use;
  • paint the eyebrows is allowed no more than 1 time per month, otherwise you can harm them: hairs would start to fall off, dried, eyebrows no longer shiny and “ear”;
  • really need to be careful of girls who are prone to allergies.

If when applying the paint there is redness, swelling, watery eyes and other manifestations of allergic reactions, you should immediately wash the eyes under abundant running water.

It is important to know not only how to dye eyebrows, but also how to care for them. Painted eyebrows do not require daily corrections, but they looked more well-groomed and beautiful, you need to lubricate them castor or burdock oil. For this you need to dip it in the oil with a cotton swab and lubricate the eyebrows. Best of all this procedure is done in the evening. This will contribute to the nutrition and hydration of the hairs, eyebrows will become thick and silky.