How to paint eyebrows beautiful?

Done properly, makeup should be finished. If you did the eyeliner, cast shadows and lipstick, but didn’t pay attention to the eyebrows, all the works on creation of a beautiful appearance can not bring the expected result. Eyebrows – one of the most noticeable parts of the face, so if they have an undefined shape, then the woman may be not the most pleasant experience. So next, you will learn how to tint eyebrows properly.

Photo 1. The principle of calculating the ideal shape of the eyebrows

The choice of eyebrow pencil

One of the main instruments through which the eyebrow is pencil, so beautifully put make-up eyebrows, you need to choose the right pencil. It should be fairly solid and well sharpened, so it was easy for them to do the finishing touches. Some girls like to use soft pencils, so that simultaneously with the correction to tint the hairs. However, this may cause the painted eyebrows will be darker than I would like, which will make them unnaturally stand out against the background of the face.

Makeup can be applied mechanical (retractable) or a simple cosmetic pencil. In the second case, you have to constantly sharpen it, but you can draw a thinner strip than a mechanical tool.

A very important factor in the choice of pencil is the color. Today cosmetics manufacturers produce these products in various shades, allowing you to perfectly match the color of the eyebrow hair color. The most compatible options are:

  • pencil black color is perfect for girls with dark brown hair;
  • beige or ash brown shade looks good with light color hair;
  • reddish-brown color can be used in combination with bright red hair.

The color of the pencil will affect not only eyebrows, but also on how they will harmonize with the features of your face. Some girls, doing make-up, prefer to combine the 2 closest shade of the pencil. We should not forget that the darker shade is applied at the beginning of the brow and bright in the end.

Selecting the right shape of eyebrows

Photo 3. The stages of painting brow pencil

Choosing the shape of your eyebrows, you need to take into account the individual facial features so you do not need to imitate their friends or idols and do the eyebrows. How to determine the shape of the eyebrows? For this you need to calculate the points of their beginning, middle and end (photo 1). To determine the start taken the cosmetic pencil and pressed one end to the edge of the nostrils, and the second to the inner corner of the eye. The intersection of the pencil with the eyebrow indicates the point that will be the beginning.

The same way it is determined and mean, only in this case the line of the pencil should pass through the pupil. To mark the end of eyebrow pencil must pass through the outer corner of the eye. After all points are exposed, they need to combine with a smooth line that will be the best shape for your eyebrows. If you have a rare hairs, in this case, the most sensible option would be to use the services of a professional makeup artist, as only he will be able to choose the correct form. The most common forms are presented in photo 2.

Preparation of eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow shaping

Before proceeding to the staining of the eyebrows, they need to be corrected. If the correction is performed in the home, to radically change something that is not recommended, because to consider all the details only in a beauty salon. The most we can only tweak what is given to you by nature.

The first thing you need to determine what the distance should be between the eyebrows. In most cases, it should be 1.5-2 fingers (depending on the landings of the eye). The extra hairs between the eyebrows removed with tweezers.

Then you should see does not stick out any hairs. When detected, they are also plucked. Removal of hairs is not recommended to use the razor, as over time they will grow even faster and thicker.

Usually the correction is made along the lower contour, because to make a quality correction for the upper contour is possible only in a dedicated cabin. After obtained the desired shape, you can proceed to the staining procedure.

How to paint eyebrows: technology makeover?

The first thing the hair comb brush: first up, and then in the direction of their growth. Then use the pencil neat touches emphasized bottom contour.

To work with a pencil should not from the beginning of hair growth, and stepping a little sideways.

This will smooth out the contours of the head eyebrow, to make it softer. To facilitate operations, you can use 2 pencils: one to paint the entire nail on the second, lighter, to handle the head. After that you can a little to let the upper contour.

In the next phase, the space between the top and bottom of the drawn lines it is necessary to sketch the short strokes. Next, draw a thin tail of the eyebrow that should be going towards the ear. To give your eyebrows more definition the area around them can lighten a pencil in skin tone (photo 3). For these purposes you can also use the beige shade and powder. After finishing the makeup you need to carefully examine the result. If you see some unwanted hairs can be removed with tweezers.

How to paint eyebrows: experts recommendations

You must take into account the following recommendations:

  1. We don’t have to pull out the hairs, then, to draw a new one. This will give your face an unnatural appearance.
  2. When makeup is not recommended to increase or decrease the thickness of the eyebrows. As in the first and in the second case, you will not achieve a beautiful result.
  3. To make makeup, you need a dashed line because the solid line will make them heavy and unnatural.
  4. Too bright colors will give the face a coarse appearance. This applies particularly to pencils of dark color.

Considering how beautifully put make-up your eyebrows, you need to consider that even the slightest mistake during this procedure can have negative consequences. Therefore, the approach to makeup should with all responsibility and seriousness.