How to paint eyebrow pencil step by step

One of the main accents of the makeup are the eyebrows. Properly they will be decorated, depends on the external image of women. Draw eyebrows with pencil carefully. The fuzzy line will be immediately visible. This is especially true of girls, who by nature grow light hairs. To emphasize, you must choose the right materials and know the basic steps of makeup.

Beautifully decorated eyebrows are an important focus of the makeup

How to choose the right pencil?

In order to get a nice brow pencil, you must choose a primary instrument. It needs to have a solid core and to be perfectly sharpened. This will allow you to draw an arc accurately and clearly. A soft pencil should be used cautiously. If used improperly, the lines will become unnatural. So before buying we recommend that you test the product in a beauty shop.

Great importance to the appearance has a color cosmetic tool. It needs to match the shade of hair or be a little darker. It is recommended to give preference to natural colors. They make the look natural and feminine. Makeup artists advise you to give up the black pencil. It is not suitable for all the girls. This shade makes your face look sullen and morose. Eyebrow makeup with black color can afford only brunettes.

How beautifully put make-up eyebrows: key recommendations

Use a special brush for eyebrows

Before you make your eyebrows, you should purchase a special brush. It will help to comb your hairs and give them the right direction. Some of the girls before beautiful to paint an arc, use an old brush of mascara. It is also possible to prepare the base for a beautiful makeup.

Before to paint eyebrow pencil, you should make a correction. This can be done in special shops or on your own home. In any case, the lines should be symmetrical and smooth. Avoid sudden strokes and unnatural bends. Such manipulation can help to draw beautiful eyebrows. Special attention we pay to the width of the lines. They should gradually narrow. Too thin lines look ugly.

Necessary for eyebrow correction means

Draw eyebrows with pencil, you use the hatch. This will make the line of natural. If the hairs are sparse, then you can just paint over blank areas of a similar color. Using this method, you can easily lengthen the line, to make it wider. Strokes required to draw parallel to the line of hair growth. The movement should be clear and easy. The thinner will be the strokes, the more natural it seems.

Some girls who do not know how to draw eyebrows makeup starting from the beginning of the line. However, it is wrong. Drawing eyebrow pencil should be a small offset from the initial boundary. So the head of the arc will look natural. Experts recommend to use the tool in two colors. The first pencil should be used for the main work. The second is used to color the front of the line. For these purposes, becoming a lighter shade of pencil.

Gradual tips for eyebrow make-up

Eyebrows with a brush

There are 9 basic steps for perfect eyebrow makeup.

  1. Eyebrows should be brushed. For this purpose a special brush. Hairs distributed up and then arrange in the direction of the natural growth.
  2. Using a pencil outline the lower border of the arc.
  3. Neat bar movements draw the upper limit line.
  4. Shade the empty space between the borders.
  5. Carefully draw the end of the line.
  6. Shade all the flaws and empty spaces.
  7. The areas around the eyebrows drawn with a light pencil. You can also apply for these purposes a light shade or powder.
  8. Shade the border between the light and dark shades.
  9. Painted arc slightly powdered.

The above tips show you step by step how to do makeup. Using very simple manipulations, any girl will be able to create a luxurious and elegant look.

To remove extra strokes and irregular lines, experts recommend to use a normal liquid makeup remover. It can help you to easily fix and adjust a line. This will require a cotton swab or cosmetic disc. All the necessary tools available for each girl.

How to emphasize the shape of the lines?

With a pencil you can transform and modify the shape of the eyebrows.

So, the winner of the straight lines make a graceful curves. It’s enough to finish the missing strokes on my face. Thanks to this simple way girls can regularly change its appearance. For daytime makeup use a fairly light shade of the pencil. And in the evening you can experiment with rich dark tones.

Experience and knowledge of how to stroke lines, are the basis of all makeup. Beautifully decorated eyebrows draw the attention of others. They make a face feminine and beautiful. No wonder many stars are paying so much attention to this art. And beauty salons offer special services for the correction and permanent makeup. Clear touches make the appearance well-kept and harmonious.