How nice mascara to put eyelashes?

Enhance the beauty of the eyes to expressive eyes you can use mascara. Not every beautiful woman knows how to put eyelashes to get the desired result. There are some subtleties in dyeing eyelashes, which it is desirable to know every woman.

Mascara darker hair color

How to put eyelashes?

It is recommended that the mascara was darker than the hair color. Use black, brown, dark blue, dark brown mascara. Now a large selection of mascaras for eyelashes: lengthening, volumizing, effect overhead, with the effect of twisting, different manufacturers and brands in different price categories.

Eyelashes first, brush a special brush. Then, lightly powdered, but not necessarily, texture modern carcase rests on the eyelashes well.

If the lashes are straight, you can gently curl them using tongs for Curling eyelashes. It is best to use tweezers with rubberized working field. To enhance the effect tweezers heated hot air stream from a hair dryer or dip into a container of hot water. To capture the lashes should be closer to the roots. Clamping the lashes carefully in several stages. Fixed bending better with harder rubber on the desktop of tweezers.

Mascara with two brushes

Available mascara with 2 brushes. Using the same brush apply a colorless polymer basis, lengthening each eyelash, using different paint. There is a mascara that gives volume. Giving the lashes at the same time and volume, and lengthening is impossible using even the most brand of mascara.

Add volume and length, just a publicity stunt. Photos and reviews of different types of brands of mascara now, thanks to the development of Internet technology, readily available. Despite the large amount of information about using a particular brand, to the choice of mascara should be approached individually, as a possible allergic reaction to components of the carcass.

To check the coloring component of the ink on the Allergy, you need to apply it on the inner side of the bend of the elbow, as in the case of any other colors.

How beautifully put make-up eyelashes using mascara?

  1. Apply mascara on the tips of the lashes.
  2. Apply along the entire length of the eyelashes.
  3. When closed eyelids from the roots to the tips, above.
  4. With open – bottom cilia.
  5. First, paint the outside bottom up, then bottom inside.

In this painting the mascara coats each thread top and bottom. Let each layer of mascara to dry completely before applying the next layer. Can be used for convenience with 2 brushes at once. One brush to apply the mascara, the other removed the excess and lumps.

For easy paint application you need to gently pull the skin to the ciliary hairs located perpendicular to the century. The middle part is bent upwards, and side to side.

Expressive eyes with painted lashes

As a result, with painted lashes, the look becomes more expressive due to the fact that the visual shape of the eyes longer.

It is necessary not only to have an idea on how to paint eyelashes mascara, but also about how to combine color, color intensity ink with the color of eyes, clothing. Especially in those cases if you prefer bright colors in clothes.

A blonde woman (blonde, red, light brown-haired women) should avoid black color for eyebrows and eyelashes. As she ages, gives a vulgar and unnatural contrast. Paint eye-lashes India ink deep black colors should brunettes with natural black eyebrows and eyelashes.

There is ink on gold or silver shades, these options provide more to apply evening makeup.

Skin care age

The skin on the eyelids is very thin, dry. Therefore, it is necessary before going to sleep to remove eye make-up with special cosmetics. You can use milk. Well before going to bed to lie down with 2 used tea bags on the eyes, fresh, slightly depressed and slightly warm.

Good to use lotion with chamomile extract. Good contrast baths, that is alternately applied on the eyelids then cold, then warm soaks a piece of cotton wool soaked in the decoction of herbs. To improve the growth of eyelash hairs use castor oil. It should be applied in the evening on the eyelashes with the brush.