What you need to know about tattoo eyebrows?

Quality makeup requires not only skills, but also a lot of time, which modern women so often lack. And if, hurrying to work, to paint eyes and lips each time, then the rest of the person be left without proper attention for some time.

Eyebrow makeup

Thanks to this procedure, the permanent makeup eyebrows, this problem is solved, at least halfway. Well maintained, perfect shape and natural look eyebrows will further emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, and in any situation will retain its shape and color.

The types of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is a kind of which is the tattoo eyebrows, used for contouring and camouflage burns and scars. To adjust can not only eyebrows, but the eyelids and lips; properly conducted procedure for several years eliminates the need of using regular cosmetics. To give a perfect shape to the eyebrows, the experts use two methods of lip tinting and hair method.

The first type of permanent makeup is easier to implement, so you can do it in any salon. Master first selects the appropriate form for your eyebrows, then draws contours and shaded carefully to give the maximum naturalness. Hair tattooing eyebrows perform only high-class specialists, because it requires drawing all hairs from roots to tips. While parts of Eastern and European ways of execution of the tattoo: the first option involves the drawing of hairs of different length and orientation, which gives the most natural look; and for the second draw all the hairs are equally tilted to one side.

What you need to know before the procedure

Before you decide on permanent makeup eyebrows, you should be aware of the possible risks, contraindications, period of healing and the care of the eyebrows after the procedure. But the most important thing is to choose the right specialist. The procedure of applying permanent makeup requires not only skill, but also the use of expensive paints and tools, and therefore its cost is quite high. Dishonest owners of beauty salons and homegrown craftsmen who make the eyebrow tattooing cheap paints or applied to conventional tattoos, the color of which will eventually become unnatural. In addition, unskilled specialist might spoil the shape of eyebrows, and the client will have to spend money to correct defects.

Not to be mistaken with the choice of the master to make a quality tattoo eyebrows, you need to apply only in specialized salons with a good reputation. First, you need to consult a specialist, to clearly spell out all the nuances, contract. Well, if you have the opportunity to learn how other customers about this wizard. During the consultation it needs to offer the best eyebrow shape, choose an appropriate color to talk about the healing period and proper care of eyebrows at the time.

To apply permanent makeup on eyebrows can not everyone, because there are several contraindications:

  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • low blood clotting;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • somatic or cancer;
  • mental disorders;
  • epilepsy.

Moreover, before procedure it is necessary to ensure no allergic reactions to the paint, so the wizard must first make a test drug which to perform permanent makeup eyebrows. You should definitely pay attention to the Cabinet professionals: work surfaces should be clean and the tool is disposable. If the tool is not thrown out after the next customer, there are a lot of unnecessary items, and the master works without gloves, better to look for another salon.

Technique of make-up

The average tattoo eyebrows takes about 30 minutes, but additional time is required for preparation of the skin and the absorption of the analgesic. First, the master cleanse eyebrows of makeup and possible contamination, then draws the contours, coordinating them with the client, and then is presented with guidelines for permanent lines and again disinfects the skin.

To reduce the pain when tattooing, the specialist uses the anesthetic – a special gel with cooling effect.

The absorption of the gel takes about 5-10 minutes, after which you can proceed.

Paint is injected under the skin with a very fine needle to a depth of at least 0.8 mm, and the maximum is 1.5 mm. First tattoo eyebrows looks very pale, but in the process, the colorant is gradually added, and the color becomes richer. Immediately after the procedure it may seem that eyebrows slightly repainted, but after some time they will look completely natural. When the eyebrow tattoo is completed, the wizard again disinfects the skin and causes cream for wound healing. If this is not done, the punctures with the dust can get infected.

After this procedure, as after application of conventional tattoos, the skin around the eyebrows is red and swells. After 2-3 days form a crust, which in any case can not break. To healing was faster, eyebrows need to cream; also, you should use protective cream if you plan to exit to the street. After 7-10 days, when the skin is fully restored, and crisp will do, you need to make a correction to eyebrows looked perfect.

How to fix error permanent makeup?

Unfortunately, in some cases, permanent makeup eyebrows is not the most pleasant consequences: the paint spreads over the contours, the color becomes unnatural, the lines are curved. Such defects can cause a real panic, because to hide eyebrows and remain attractive impossible. But thanks to technology, to resolve this problem quite easily. If the error is small, will help a soft, matching color with makeup. But if the tattoo eyebrows done too sloppy, fix it can only laser. Penetrating deep into the skin, the laser beam completely destroys the color pigments, while the skin remains intact. To eliminate errors of tattoo requires multiple sessions of laser correction.

In order to avoid such problems, it is important to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Many women simply underestimate yourself, trying to be like Hollywood beauties. Yes, even eyebrows are not perfect shape, not a deer, and your lips are not plump like angelina Jolie, but in fact such differences provide each woman with personality, something the highlight. If eyebrows are so essential, costs apply only to trusted specialist, whose work can be seen firsthand, not in the photo. To change your appearance, even slightly, be very careful, and then the result will only be positive.