Why the need for a base makeup?

The applying Foundation is a very important step in the implementation of the correct make-up. Base under makeup can create the effect of more young and fresh faces. In addition, it is possible to hide small defects of the skin (e.g., redness, unevenness, small spots). Makeup that gets on the skin the woman, goes better and lasts longer if it is applied it to the base.

Face makeup using primer

To base makeup helped to create a neat and competent make-up, it is important to know how to pick it up and apply to the skin.

To do this simply is to know some rules.

What is makeup base?

The product has several names: base, Foundation or primer. They are all names for the same funds. However, some girls confuse base for make-up creams, assuming that it is one and the same. But this is not so.

If the main task of Foundation is to even out skin tone and conceal its defects, then the database is assigned several other functions, although it can also make a more even skin tone and Refine problem areas on the face. Why you need a make-up base? A good base is a tool which aims to solve the following tasks:

Moisturizing your face before applying Foundation

  1. To prepare the skin for subsequent application of makeup. With this makeup base is maximally smoothes the skin’s surface. For example, it is very important for girls with problem skin or just acne-like bumps, pits, pits. It is also important for women who have had smallpox, etc. of the disease. In this case, the Foundation helps to significantly improve the appearance of the skin.
  2. To soften and moisturize the skin. Base makeup is useful in cases when you need to smooth out the skin where there are wrinkles. In addition, the base softens dry skin, allowing the rest of the makeup goes on much better, more evenly distributed will not settle into fine wrinkles. In the end, the woman gets the bole of a young person, which is important in age makeup.
  3. Eliminate various defects. Base can hide not only the surface roughness of the skin, and other nasty defects. It can hide pores, redness, unhealthy tint (yellowish or greyish), the consequences of a bad sunburn. To achieve the desired effect, you need to be able to choose the right makeup base. Of course, you need to consider that serious defects, such as acne, Demodex, spots, scars, etc. makeup can not hide.
  4. Eliminate Shine. The owners of oily and combination skin type need a mattifying base. This is especially important in the summer. But keep in mind that with oily skin age, you cannot use a matte basis for the face as it may dry the delicate skin. For age need to use a specially designed database.
  5. To make a person more healthy and radiant from within. If the girl is tired, not getting enough sleep, it can help the base, which consists of shiny particles. Do not be scared and think that the person will Shine like a Christmas toy. Not at all, because these particles are microscopic in grinding, and the skin is not visible absolutely. The skin of the face as if lit from within. But such fundamentals have to be careful of a girl with oily skin, since it is possible to obtain the opposite effect. In this case, it can be used as a highlighter, dusting a little money on the cheeks and sides of forehead. This will give the face freshness. For the combined type of the skin do not apply this database in areas prone to high fat content and Shine.
  6. To protect from sunlight. Sometimes neither day nor creams do not contain SPF, that is, the factors of protection from sunlight. In this case, it would be very useful makeup base with filters made specifically for protection from the sun.

It’s obvious that the base is a more versatile tool than the Foundation. However, before these funds are fundamentally different tasks.

Varieties of bases under makeup

Application of Foundation

You need to remember that there are several varieties of bases under makeup:

  • base for the face, which is directly involved;
  • shade, shade, which is designed to ensure that shadows are not only better behaved, but also gave better color eyelids; shade, shade is essential for women whose skin is oily eyelids, causing the shadows to constantly roll tool easily solves this problem;
  • base for the lips that moisturizes the lips, evens the surface and thus contributes to the fact that lipstick is best placed on the lips, does not spread, does not gather in folds, becomes more resistant and bright.

It is important to understand that all the varieties of foundations (bases) are designed for different purposes. Therefore, replace one another, or all three bases one is impossible – it simply won’t work.

The varieties of foundations for the face: a review

Any make-up base composed of silicone and pigment. This is the two active components, without which Foundation first, will not work, and secondly, simply cannot be considered a base for makeup. In addition, the Foundation may enter related components: vitamins, moisturizers or nutrients, plant extracts – the list depends only on the imagination of the producers and what function they impose on the medium.

Color make-up base

However, the main function, the levelling of the terrain and increase the life of makeup-are performed solely by the silicone. The second important function is the correction of any deficiency is solved with pigment. Varieties of pigments based on quite a lot, and their choice depends on the problem to solve it. Depending on the pigment distinguish themselves a makeup base. So, there are 2 main types of pigments:

  1. Colored. These pigments are designed to correct minor skin imperfections. In the tank (this can be a glass bottle or plastic tube) tool usually seems too bright, but this should not mislead, as when applied to the skin will not paint it. Distributed over the skin, this database merges with the main tone and becomes absolutely invisible on the face. Together with her become invisible and defects which it is intended to mask. When you select a database you must know what problem it corrects one or the other pigment.
  2. The pearlescent pigments. Their main task is to make the face more fresh, rested, give it a healthy glow. Such bases make the face a more youthful, which is especially important in the age makeup. It is important to know how to choose the pearlescent pigment in the color of your own skin. So, if your skin tone is cold, fit a pink pearlescent pigment, and if warm, it will improve the appearance of the Golden-apricot or peach pigment. With such a base under makeup you need to know the measure, because, if you apply the product in excess, it is possible to obtain the effect of the oily Shine that will look untidy, and makeup can even “swim”. If done correctly, then any girl will be pleased with the effect, for good reason this tool gets praise.

Mother of pearl makeup base

Many girls wonder about what kind of makeup base is better. A definite answer is difficult to give because the product is produced by many cosmetic companies, from the luxury to the mass market. Maybelline, Collistar, ArtDeco, Dermacol, Rimmel, Bourjois, M. A. C, Clarins, Clinique, Gosh, Nyx, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Dior – this is not a complete list of cosmetic brands that produce a makeup base.

Someone suitable means to one manufacturer, to someone else. But certainly, the best is the basis which is properly chosen, according to the type and tone of the skin and the problem she must solve. A variety of bases under makeup great, so every girl can choose not only the quality but also the affordable base.

Rules for applying base makeup

It is very important not only to correctly choose the base, but also to correctly apply it on the face. But Foundation application is preceded by two stages – cleansing and applying a day cream. No earlier than 15-20 minutes after applying the cream you can apply a makeup base. No need to put a lot of money.

Applying base makeup

To apply Foundation with fingers and brush. But still better to do it with your fingers, because it saves the expenditures. After the Foundation applied and evenly distributed on the skin, you need to wait about 10 min. During this time the Foundation will give a “shrink”. Only then can you start applying Foundation and other means. If you do not wait the allotted time, makeup will not stick and can “swim”.

After base to apply concealer and go straight to the eye makeup, lips, blush and powder. Some makeup artists even mix the base with Foundation and apply the product on the face. Any girl can method of experimentation to find the most suitable way.

In addition, very careful when using the framework should be girls with oily and problem skin, as the silicone included in the product can clog the pores and cause inflammation, pimples. In this case it is not necessary to use a database every day. You also need to remember that even if the base contains a part of vitamins and other complexes, it does not in any way replace your morning skin care face.

Colored base makeup: what problems they solve?

When you select the database you need to understand that it can hide not all problems of the skin. It is not a panacea or a miracle cure, so you should not entrust to her a great deal. Yes, the base can significantly improve the appearance of skin, but for serious defects exist correctors, which have a firmer texture and a much higher coverage. So what problems can be solved with one or the other pigmented (colored) base:

The scheme of applying base makeup

  1. If you want to give the face freshness, to hide the traces of fatigue, a bit to lighten the skin, to cope with this great make-up base with a white pigment.
  2. If the skin tone is patchy, or has very minor blemishes to hide them will help makeup base beige color, but it is important to choose a pigment that is suitable to the skin tone. Means can be called an analogue of Foundation, but much lighter, as the fluid.
  3. If there are bruises or lay down shadows under the eyes, use a Foundation with yellow pigment.
  4. If redness, vascular mantle, and similar problems essential green base, it will hide not only the defects, but also small pimples.
  5. With unhealthy complexion with yellow undertone very urgent base with lilac or violet pigment, which may even mask the yellowing bruise.
  6. If the color of the skin has a grayish undertone, will help the Foundation with a pink pigment that makes the skin porcelain.
  7. If the girl failed experiment with self-Tanner, will help the Foundation blue.
  8. If explicit defects of the skin not observed, but the surface is poor enough to apply Foundation with light reflecting particles that visually make the skin surface smooth and even.

This knowledge will help any girl to choose the right basis and accomplish a beautiful makeup that will look perfect throughout the day.

Rules of applying the color base

The application of a color base makeup

We must remember that in trying as best as possible to hide skin blemishes, no need to apply a large amount, as this may result in a negative outcome:

  • heavier makeup, so that it will look neat and beautiful;
  • clog the pores and cause additional problems in the form of blackheads, pimples and acne;
  • makeup can “swim”, especially for girls with oily or combination skin and is important in the hot season.

The defect better the basis of no disguise In this case, it is necessary to apply Foundation, then on your problem areas point to put thick concealer and seal everything with a thin layer of powder.

It is important to remember that this makeup is better not to go longer than 8 – 10 hours and it is not possible to use the Foundation daily. Ideal to use under makeup in those special cases when you need to look fresh, irresistible and not to think about in what condition is makeup a few hours later.