As it is necessary to properly draw eyebrows

Eyebrows are the feature of the face, which largely determine their main facial expression. The flowing lines they are able to make a kinder and happier even coarse face, while emphasizing qualitatively the shape of the eye. Therefore, many women are asking an important question how to draw eyebrows on their own.

Step by step eyebrow pencil

All women wanting to be beautiful, significant importance is attached to the form of this part of the face and are wondering how to draw eyebrows with pencil or shadow. Eyeliner is an important makeup detail. Quite right to give them a form and pick a color that is suitable for your appearance. But requires special tools and cosmetic tools eyeliner eyebrow. Tools for liner, there are:

  • pencil;
  • powder;
  • eyebrow cream;
  • tweezers;
  • the shade;
  • adjustment brush.

How to prepare for the procedure

As a rule, it is not necessary to use them all at once. For example, pencil and shadow – interchangeable cosmetic products to use are appropriate as you personally prefer. Powder or cream may also be used, which basically serves the role of locking makeup. But the tweezers with corrective brush should be mandatory in the Arsenal of every self-respecting woman.

Eyeliner eyebrow pencil

Eyeliner eyebrow karangahape how to draw eyebrows with pencil or shadow, you need to evaluate the shape of the face. Eyebrows needs to be in the region of the supraorbital ridge. For oval face shapes suitable smooth form. For a square face shape are suitable for smooth and long eyebrows with arc shape for round face shapes benefit from a slightly raised eyebrow. Adjust them to be special tweezers for shaping, starting from the bottom edge, removing hairs in the direction of their growth.

To relieve pain and reduce inflammation the procedure is best done at night, after brushing the skin with fat cream, and after the procedure if redness, you should again skin lubricating cream or lotion that relieves irritation. The figure shows where should be the beginning and end of your eyebrows in the perfect option for any oval face.

Before to draw eyebrows with pencil, they should be brushed with a special brush for the growth of hairs. If you plucked them perfectly, but while combing found that somewhere across excessively long distracting hairs, it is better to carefully cut cosmetic scissors.

Color and eyebrow pencil

For the right eyeliner eyebrows need to choose the right color pencil or eyeshadow, suited to natural color.

Deep black eyebrows don’t need eyeliner. Blondes or redheads can use light brown pencil or shadow, brunettes will suit black or dark-gray, light-brown hair suit dark or light brown, depending on the dark hair.

Selection of colors for eyeliner eyebrows
The pencil should be hard and well sharpened. When applying the pencil, you must either apply it directly on hair, or gently pressing, to fill the empty spaces between the hairs. All depends on the density of hairs. Effectively, of course, the second way of working with pencil.

To draw eyebrows with pencil it can be very nice, not pressing hard on the pencil. Starting from the base to the highest point of the walk small strokes and finish the design of the tail. After the liner again have to comb your eyebrows with a special brush in required direction to feather the pencil brush.

Eyeliner unruly hairs you can use a special gel or cream that tint them and put you in the right direction, excess gel carefully remove the moist cotton swab. How to draw eyebrows with pencil, now I understand. But you can use special shade – plain matte the desired color. Shades can be mixed, achieving the shade you need. When using eye shadow shades are more natural. The liner is beveled with a thin brush.

The last step in the makeup eyebrow is their fixation. Regardless, a pencil or shadow you worked if you’re doing evening makeup or simply want to achieve the most lasting effect, it is necessary to powder them lightly. The way it will not spoil.