Natural mascara with their hands

Luxurious, long eyelashes give the eyes of a woman a special charm and beauty. However, not all nature has bestowed such wealth. To make the look more expressive, the majority of women uses mascara. And it’s the right decision, because high-quality cosmetics can not only make lashes thicker or longer, but also to take care of their health. The only drawback of such cosmetics – the high price. But what then to do about the lady not having a lot of money? There is a solution – make mascara with your hands. Besides cooking options this kind of mascara is a huge variety.

Volume lashes

Fortified mascara

Women who have a negative attitude to different kinds of preservatives and prefer cosmetics with vitamins, it can be useful to learn how to make mascara with your hands.


  • activated charcoal – 2 tablets;
  • gel aloe vera – 5 drops.

Preparation of the carcass


Activated charcoal tablets are crushed into powder and added to a gel of aloe Vera. The mixture was triturated until then, until it is homogeneous. To buy gel at the pharmacy. If this is not possible, then it is replaced with aloe juice, growing many windowsills. This same composition can be used to make eyeliner.

There is another option vitaminized ink. The principle of the preparation is similar to the previous one, however, the highlight is still there.


  • activated carbon;
  • vitamin E or V;
  • jojoba oil.

Ink activated carbon


All components take in equal amounts and mixed thoroughly until the mass acquires a uniform appearance. For consistency the tool will remind liquid sour cream. Apply this mascara you can use the usual brush for eyelashes. Most importantly, avoid contact with brush lumps and clots. After application you should wait some time for the ink has dried.

The only drawback to homemade mascara is that it dries quickly.

Therefore it is not necessary to prepare a large amount of money. Only a couple of tablets of activated charcoal. This rule will last about 2-3 uses.

However, it is not enough just to know how to make ink and how to use it, because we need more information and on how to then remove the tool from the eyelash. No special means for make-up remover is not required. This kind of makeup is perfectly removed by conventional means makeup remover or warm water.

Mascara with beeswax

The addition of coal in the melted wax

The above-described variants of mascara out watery, which is not always convenient to use. To make the medium more dense and viscous, it should add to the melted beeswax. In addition, it will help extend the shelf life of cosmetics. This mascara is quite possible to fill the tube from the previously used tools, because over time it can just a bit to thicken, but not dry.


  • activated carbon;
  • beeswax;
  • the aloe juice.


First, you need to melt the beeswax. For this he was put in a glass dish and heated in a water bath or in the microwave. Tablets of activated charcoal ground to powder and mixed with other components to obtain a viscous homogeneous mass. Thereafter, the mixture for a few minutes left alone, so she slightly froze. Use just like your normal mascara from the store. The only drawback is that some women are prone to allergic reactions to the wax. To avoid this, the tool before use to test on hand, and after use for makeup.