Modern technology eyelash perming

Recently the beauty market has a new procedure – perming eyelashes. Simple and safe, it allows you to quickly and permanently adjust the shape and appearance of the eyelashes to make the look more expressive and attractive. Innovation has become an excellent alternative to the old means with a short-term effect:

Beautiful eyelashes

  • i always use the tweezers;
  • frizz mascara.

Because the result of their use is difficult to be called fully satisfactory. Ink for preservation of the bend can’t resist gravity, so the effect of the curl did not last long. Besides the usual composition of such cosmetics more fat and heavy, prone to vulgarity in makeup. Special mechanical tweezers with regular use or excessive pressing disturb the structure of lashes, making them brittle and rare. And perming of eyelashes devoid of such shortcomings. What is its usability?

The benefits of perming

Advanced treatment will be able to evaluate women with dense work schedule. After spending about an hour of your precious time at the beauty salon, you can get a delicate and natural curl, thanks to which the lashes look thicker, longer and sleeker. Permed you can not spend money and effort on a daily eye makeup, because the effect lasts 1-1.5 months.

Eyelash Perm will be a good solution for wedding, anniversaries, celebrations, parties and professional photo shoots. Beautiful curve will give a view of expressiveness without going to the unnaturalness of lashes. Perming looks natural, because it only adjusts the bending, not the structure or number of lashes. If the effect of perms needed for a short while, only under a certain event, you can ask the salon to use a more gentle composition. The results of the procedure especially satisfied women who have natural lashes lowered, and holders of hard hair. Perming safe for the eyes, it can make even those who wear contact lenses. Not afraid of her and water treatments, a sauna, a means for removing makeup.

The types and stages of perming

The procedure of correction of the curl of your lashes are completely safe and painless. There are even individual perms, but it is best to trust the professional with a full hand and experience. A qualified specialist will help to avoid the risk of hitting the chemical composition of the mucous membranes of the eyelid or eye, injury of the cornea and inflammation. Eyelash Perm are similar in nature to the hair. A special composition are processed all the lashes, then secured in a special situation with a special roller. Chemical reagent penetrates hair and helps to hold its shape. Eyelash Perm there are 3 types:

  1. Combined. Curls every lash thanks to its special location on the shaft. Provides graceful and Flirty, come-hither look.
  2. Root. To increase the volume and spectacular curve.
  3. “To curl”. To lengthen the eyelashes and visually make them thicker. Also used to correct the effect of “falling” of the eye.

The process of eyelash perming

Before the procedure eye removes make-up and beautician degreases eyelashes. Further selected roller of a certain diameter. Depending on the initial state of the eyelashes and the expected result, it can be small, medium or large. All the cushions are treated with a special adhesive composition, which captures the lashes. Cushions are attached to the upper eyelid at the base, then orange stick eyelashes, it is imposed. It is important to check that the latter is distributed on the cushion smoothly, without an offset and overlapping between them.

After defining and fixing the eyelashes on the root zone to apply special means of fixation. This gel is distributed across the length of the lashes with a cotton swab. Duration – 10-15 minutes. Then with a cotton pad for 5 minutes apply another lotion (catalyst) and a means for fixing. Rinse the part with a cotton pad, gently dabbing his eyelashes. At the final step, apply a nourishing lotion or special drops for eyelashes. They need to strengthen and rehabilitate hair. 40-60 minutes – your look will be as attractive as on photos from magazines.

Features of rehabilitation of eyelashes

Eyelash Perm is applied to the hairs themselves, but not on mucous membranes of the eyes or skin of the eyelids. It is therefore essential that the procedure is performed only by a professional. During the day after a visit to a beauty salon should not paint the eyes, avoid contact with water, refuse to visit the sauna or bath. Despite careful development of the composition, there are certain categories of people who Perm should not be done:

  • allergies;
  • possessing a special sensitivity of the eye;
  • persons with individual intolerance to the components of the mixture;
  • suffering from hyperthyroidism (increased development of thyroid cancer) or other diseases that affect the eyes.

The chemical composition is applied to do the hair and does not affect the roots, so after the falling out of eyelashes in their place grow new ones, which need re-processing. On average, eyelashes, updated up to 90 days. However, to carry out the procedure every 1.5 months is not recommended. Give your eyelashes time to rest and recover.

So perming is allowed up to 4 times a year.

To strengthen your lashes, you can use vegetable oil: burdock, almond or castor. Slightly heated the mixture gently applied on the hairs in a thin layer for 2 hours, the excess removed with an ordinary cloth. Such a procedure can be carried out daily before bedtime. Or to use a special vitamins and mixtures for lashes, who can recommend a professional beautician.

Another feature of the procedure is a slight lightening of the hairs. To cope with this, apply 1 coat of regular mascara or painting in the cabin. The latter lasts about a month, but spend it is after 2-4 days after the treatment and not more often than 1 time in 3 months. As evidenced by the numerous reviews of women, salon perming and tinting of lashes makes them beautiful, dark, gracefully curved and simply irresistible.