Methods of correcting the shape of eyebrows

There is hardly a woman at least once in my life tried to correct the form of eyebrows. Some ladies visit for that cosmetic salons and pay for the service of painting and correction of eyebrows, a rather large amount, others try to handle this on my own. If you look, this procedure is not complicated, it is quite possible to carry out at home. Of course, professional appliances for the correction of eyebrows understandable and accessible, but the newcomers, some rules still have to learn. First of all, you need to understand the theory and to understand what is an eyebrow shaping and what are the different types of correction. But before that we should define the shape of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow shaping

Defined eyebrow shape

Stylists say that any change in appearance should match the type of the face. This applies to eyebrows.

Correction should be made so that the line of the eyebrow follows the shape of the face.

For example:

  • owners of the rectangular type of person more suited to the eyebrows of medium width with a smooth, natural bend;
  • women who have square face or a triangular shape, it is better to stay on almost straight eyebrows (this shall be corrected so that the brow at the base was broad and the end is gradually narrowed);
  • perfect for chubby ladies are considered to be highly elevated, with a slight kink and short ends of your brows.

The nature of women and the style of her clothes in some way also affect the shape of the eyebrows. For example, for the business woman, who prefers a strict style, more appropriate eyebrows. This line is able to give a person of rigor and cinnosti. For romantic souls with a light cheerful character is more suitable for short eyebrows that will give a girlish face tenderness and naivety. Sad face create widely spaced eyebrows. The same effect give the eyebrow, the outer edge below the inner.

Methods of correction of eyebrows

Eyebrow shaping with tweezers

There are several ways to remove unwanted hairs on the eyebrows.

  1. With the help of thread. The advantage of this technique is the speed and quite long (about 3 weeks) the visible effect. In addition, the correction thread allows you to not only get rid of unwanted hair, but also from the so-called gun. The drawback of the procedure is that it is difficult to clean, especially without preliminary practice. For beginners, this technique will be difficult. The procedure is performed with the help of special cosmetic or cotton thread. First, the ends of the strands bind together and twist so to get a loop. This loop gently catch the hairs and pull sharply. Repeat procedure until then while the eyebrow will not acquire the desired shape.
  2. Correction wax. This procedure is also not well suited for beginners because for its implementation need experience and skill. Using wooden sticks, the master applies the hot wax precisely to the desired areas, thus simulating the eyebrow line. On top of the wax covered with a strip of cloth. After the allotted time, the master removes the cloth, taking care not to damage the skin. The advantages of this procedure are considered perfectly smooth skin and slower hair growth. Disadvantages – the inability to perform at home, skin damage, soreness of the procedure.
  3. The most popular method of correction – plucking unwanted hair with tweezers. This method offers many advantages. The main ones are availability and simplicity of the procedure. The downside of this type of technology is rapid regrowth of plucked hairs.

Eyebrow shaping at home

Eyebrow shaping with thread

For the procedure in house conditions it is necessary to prepare a cosmetic pencil and treated with an alcoholic solution of tweezers. For a few minutes before the procedure the skin in the area of correction lubricate a nourishing cream or heated with the warm moist cloth.

This is done in order to reduce pain. Next with a pencil draw the desired shape of the eyebrows. Yank the whiskers should be only on the bottom edge. The skin under the eyebrow hold with your fingers and grab the hair with tweezers and a sharp movement pulled in the direction of growth. The correction is performed from the outer to the inner edge of the eyebrow.

After the procedure, the skin lubricated with alcoholic solution. People with sensitive skin also recommended the imposition of a cold compress from the infusion of chamomile. After that, apply the cream eyeshadow. As a rule, the duration of the procedure depends on experience and skill, but on average it takes from 10 minutes to an hour. The frequency of execution of the correction depends on individual to individual, but the average is 7-10 days.

Tips make-up artists

  1. It is preferable to carry out the procedure in the middle of the day, because at that time the threshold of sensitivity of most low.
  2. Before the procedure, hands should be washed carefully, and the tweezers are necessary to handle alcohol.
  3. To preserve the symmetry from time to time to evaluate the result of comparing both eyebrows.
  4. If you accidentally turned the bare land, to disguise it by using a cosmetic pencil or ink.

Remember that the main rule of manicured and beautiful eyebrows – not to run them. Correction, if regularly carried out, will flow much easier, more successful and take less than 10 minutes.