How to do makeup in the style of rock?

Every girl or woman has a piece of insolence that manifests itself in a certain moment. And the best way to feel a little rebellious – make the appropriate makeup! For example, why not make yourself a makeover in the style of rock for a fun and exciting party with friends? This makeup for a perfect end to such a bold and attractive image.

Makeup in the style of rock

Rock make-up: preparation phase

The pursuit of the perfect appearance – it’s great! And flawless makeup in the style for girls is simply impossible without a correctly made base. Otherwise the image will look unfinished.

Where should begin every makeup rock? The correct answer is with cleansing. This is to ensure that the makeup stayed on my face longer, and the face didn’t look greasy. Foam cleanser and a sponge-a sponge is all that is needed.

Hydration of the skin before applying makeup

After cleansing you need several moisturize your face with cream. 10 minutes for penetration. It is time to begin applying the Foundation. Ideally it needs to refresh the complexion, correct minor imperfections of the epidermis, that have virtually every.

Tone cream is applied with a sponge or a brush, but it’s better to use your own hands. Lately there has been a tendency, based on which applying Foundation with fingers is considered optimal. Heat of the palms allows the cream to go smooth, thin layer that does not create a face mask. In addition, manual application, the tool is spent much more economically, which is important to many women. The main condition is clean hands. This is necessary in order to prevent the spread of germs on the face.

Definitely need to disguise dark circles under the eyes, if any. All the result of lack of sleep, fatigue, stress and other circumstances. To hide dark circles is to use concealer, and a concealer or highlighter. For younger skin fit concealer. For Mature epidermis appropriate highlighter.

Coating powder

The final step in creating the Foundation for rock makeup is applying powder. It is necessary to consolidate this Foundation and to create the effect of Matt, velvety and delicate skin. It is better to use loose powder, but perfect and its compact version. As for color, it is recommended to apply a transparent powder or powder of its tone. Bronzing options are not always appropriate. Makeup in a rock style does not need bronzer, because it assumes that leather is a natural shade or even pale.

The basis is only half the battle. Rock makeup is not ready yet, because there is something special that will help to create a daring rock style. Immediately is to say that there are several variations of make-up in rock style. Each of them to consider the impossible, so it is necessary to mention only the most spectacular and popular of them.

A classic makeup of the rock for daring girls

Classic make-up this style for girls suggests that the main emphasis will fall on the eyes.

They must be expressive, so get daring and at the same time a fatal languishing glance. In the classic version of makeup in rock style for this, use liquid eyeliner or eyeliner pen.

But first we need to work with the upper eyelid, as the arrows without the proper Foundation will not have its power. First, the upper eyelid needs a bit of setting powder. Due to this, the shadow will stay longer, they are not rolled and not rolled.

Makeup and way to rock

Shadows can be any, but better to give preference to shades of dark, but rich. It can be a muted purple, coffee brown, dark gray tone and others. Apply black eye shadow is not necessary, because they are suitable not for every girl, and you can create a rock style and Gothic aesthetic. But the graphite shadow with loose translucent texture – it is quite another thing!

Thus, the selected tone eye shadow applied on the entire mobile eyelid and on the area which is 1 cm above. If you overdo it with shadows, then it will not rock style. As for the texture of shadows, the makeup involves a matte finish and not gloss.

It’s time for eyeliner. From the point of view of convenience it is much more practical markers, not the tubes with liquid and a brush. The latter option is appropriate for those who are fluent in the technique of drawing arrows. The pen is more suitable for those who only understands the basics.

What should be the shooter? It should be moderately thick, but not too much. To walk she needs or until the middle of the century, or up to one third from the outer edge. Also it should be 2-4 mm from the natural eyelid lines. The area of the arrow must be sharp and raised up.

It is important not to forget the blush. There should be little. Color should be carefully feathered, but the line itself is required to be as thin under the cheekbone.

Mascara will certainly need to use black, because brown is too to soften the image that does not fit in the case, if done rock makeup. No need to be afraid with her to overdo it, though two layers would be sufficient.

The perfect lipstick for make-up in rock style – cherry, plum, brown, Burgundy. The texture must be matte. If these shades do not fit a girl, they can be diluted with a little lighter tone.

Glam rock makeup for stylish girls

Glam rock makeup

However, if the classical make-up in the rebellious rock style doesn’t seem appealing or appropriate, you should pay attention to his other modification. It’s a rock makeover in the style glamor. It is designed for those persons for whom the rock is not a lifestyle, but it seems attractive in the context of different frameworks.

The basis for glamorous make-up in rock style remains the same as in the classic version. In the rest of the items can and should make some changes.

For example, blush on the cheeks should do more vivid. It is not forbidden to use a pink blush muted tones.

There is a place for freedom and from the point of view of shadows. Now they do not have to be dark. Beige, cream, gold, metallic – they can be anything.

But about the arrows here should not be forgotten. However, in this embodiment, they can draw and with a soft pencil, although pen is still too relevant. The lines in the rock make-up never shade.

Different glamorous make-up in rock style from the classic and the fact that it is not allowed and even recommended to apply false eyelashes. Don’t let it be a few bundles, and a full row of eyelashes. In this case, do not be afraid to look unnatural, because the way it justifies.

How to choose a lipstick? Scarlet is getting into the top ten! Lipstick thick texture with a touch of gloss will add to the appearance will be its logical conclusion.

So on their own and without professional help, you can create a makeup style rock! And not even one. Let each choose what will like. By the way, your adjustments to make is not allowed.