How to do makeup Smokey eyes: step by step application technique

Makeup smoky eyes has gained popularity in the Soviet Union. Then languid smoky eyes drove men crazy. Today, smoky eyes are all the same like female. However, this makeup is used to release in the evening hours. To create an unforgettable image, it is not necessary to resort to services of professionals. There are many lessons that describe the technique of applying makeup Smokey eyes step by step.

Photo 1. Makeup Smokey eyes

Varieties of makeup smoky eyes

There is a perception that this type of decorative cosmetics should be made in black and grey shades using matte shadows (photo 1). This statement is false. In fact, variants of Smokey eyes there are many. Makeup can be done in brown, green, blue and grey tones. Its texture can also be different. Color makeup is chosen for a certain type of person. Classic grey-black version is no exception.

Option makeup Smokey eyes

The technique of applying makeup smoky eyes has several varieties. Coal-black eyeliner upper and lower eyelids, black mascara and intense shading are common features of all types of smoky eye. If you decide to start lessons on applying eye shadow, first of all, you need to get following tools:

  • shadows in three shades: light, medium and dark;
  • black eyeliner or mascara;
  • mascara black volume effect;
  • eyebrow pencil;
  • makeup base;
  • concealer;
  • powder;
  • corrector;
  • makeup brushes;
  • cotton swabs.

It is advisable not to use shadows with mother of pearl, because they can give your eyes a puffy appearance. For a daytime version of smoky eyes, you should opt for pastel shades of warm colors. Evening makeup involves the use of quite bright, saturated colors in cold tones. Daytime smoky eyes is the new fashion trend and has a right to exist just like other varieties of make-up. The basic rule of the technique is moderation in the application of eyeshadow.

Shades of smokey eyes and eye color

Scheme 1. Makeup Smokey ice in shades of purple

For each eye color, you can choose the most suitable makeup palette. So, for brown-eyed girls who have dark skin, perfect shade in olive and brown tones. If you have brown eyes and light skin, then you are lilac, purple and blue colour scheme will look simply amazing. Learn the lesson of applying makeup Smokey ice in these colours (scheme 1).

For green-eyed girls the choice of shades is much more. They will suit all shades of gold, dark green, copper, brown and violet. Note how to create a smoky makeup for green eyes (figure 2). Interesting technique of applying a decorative cosmetic in emerald with the addition of gold tones.

Owners of light blue eyes should carefully use this type of makeup. It is not recommended to choose too bright colors. The best option would be lilac, Golden and silver shadow.

Make-up technique smoky eyes

Scheme 2. Smoky makeup for green eyes

Any lesson with applying makeup in the style of smoky eyes begins with the observance of certain rules step by step. It is important to note that the smoky look could not happen, unless you perform the following instructions:

  • The complexion must be perfect (no rash or redness).
  • You cannot use a bright lipstick.
  • The shape of the eyebrows should be perfect.
  • For blush you need to choose gentle tones.
  • The alternation of colors in the shadows should be correct (scheme 3).

Step-by-step lesson to create the makeup smoky eyes will help you to quickly master the technique of applying cosmetics and to avoid mistakes.

So, first we need to deal with complexion. It needs to be perfect. Proofread carefully masked all the spots and redness. Foundation apply with a special brush. Thus, the tone will fall more evenly. Then gently powder the face with compact powder. This will be the final stage of preparation.

Coal-black eyeliner, move the contour along the lash line.

Manipulation is done on the upper and lower eyelids. After restoring the line should hold its smudge with a brush. Thus, it will become less bright.

The next step will be eye shadow. The darkest shade apply on the mobile eyelid. For this procedure, use the special flat brush. Then take the feather borders.

Medium shades should be to paint the eyelid, starting from the outer corner of the eye. The border between the two colours should also be carefully shaded. The transition should be smooth and invisible.

The lightest shade applied to the crease of the eyelids. While performing this action, your eyes should be open. Then proceed to the smoothing of contours. Preferably a lighter shade to apply on the inner corners of the eyes. This will give your eyes more expressive. In addition, this technique allows you to visually increase the width of the eye. The eyebrows emphasize the bright shades that are applied under the eyebrow.

Now get to work on the lower eyelids. Inner part you want to emphasize with a pencil of black color. Further brush with the flat end paint mascara on your lower eyelid with a medium shade. This is done in the direction from the outer corner to the inner eye.

The final stage will be Curling the lashes with special tweezers. Then apply several layers of mascara with the volume effect. Should paint over top and bottom lashes. Your flawless makeup is ready.

Step-by-step scheme of applying Smokey eyes is very important to practice. To improve results you will view the lesson (video). Training and patience will help to cope with the task perfectly and create a captivating image.