How to do makeup with red lipstick?

Red lipstick has long become the hallmark of many women. It can help to create a very attractive, passionate and even fatal way that will certainly attract attention to himself. But not all ladies know how to do makeup with red lipstick.

Beautiful makeup with red lipstick

But do not worry because these skills can be learned pretty quickly. What should be the make-up if it uses aloe lip therapy?

Make-up base under red lipstick

Every woman needs to understand that red lipstick not only looks very attractive but also able to emphasize all the imperfections. That is why it is so important to ensuring a flawless complexion, to the scarlet lipstick didn’t allocate various inflammations, acne and other skin imperfections.

Cleanse the skin before applying makeup

Starts the leveling the tones for a bold image with a mandatory cleansing. This is necessary for durability of makeup, and to eliminate greasy Shine, which is not compatible with red lipstick. Otherwise the image will look sloppy.

Clean your face you should use face wash using a special foam or gel. The face is then covered makeup base, which will allow makeup to go smoothly and beautifully.

After cleansing and moisturizing, you can proceed directly to the alignment tone. You need to choose a concealer the right shade. It needs to be moderately tight, with the dulling effect. Makeup with bright lipstick will not tolerate any luster or Shine.

Concealer is applied to the skin using cosmetic sponge or your own hands. The latter method will help to apply the cream more beautiful, even layer that will not take much time.

Applying powder on face

Makeup with red lipstick, you will need to have a perfect under eye area. This is due to the fact that red lipstick instantly gives dark circles in this area. To get rid of them is with concealer Golden or pink color (depending on natural skin tone, color type). Confectioners tone palette of concealer that matches the rest of the tone of the face.

The final phase of the framework is the application of a powder which gives the skin a matte texture. It will look velvety, soft and well-groomed. It is recommended to apply loose powder transparent or semitransparent shade. Bronzing powder under makeup with red lipstick is prohibited. This overly complicate the image, making makeup, with bright lipstick unsuccessful.

The basis under the make-up with red lipstick ready, and so we can safely proceed to the most interesting and exciting stage. By the way, will be discussed later on how to choose the shade of red lipstick, which is most suited for a particular girl.

The perfect makeup for red lipstick

Arrow cat-eye

Since the emphasis in this make-up falls on the lips, the eye makeup should make a restrained, classic. For example, you can use the cat arrow.

On all mobile eyelid apply the shade a neutral color (e.g., beige). This will help the image look more cleanly, significantly refresh the look. For these purposes, you can apply bright eyeliner near the inner corner of the eye.

Now we need to begin to create arrows in the cat style. For this you will need black liquid eyeliner and brush. Gently on each eye is drawn the arrow, the outer end of which is pointed and lifted up. Beyond the natural eyelid lines it leaves 2-3 mm. the Arrows should be very clear moderately thick, gradually tapering at the ends and lifting the middle of its length.

In the image with red lipstick special value to assign to the lashes since you can use them to highlight your eyes without dragging the focus away from the lips. Before applying mascara you need to wind the lashes with special forceps. They pre-heated and then placed on the lashes.

Curling eyelashes using forceps

Perm is completed, and therefore it is possible to apply mascara. It should be black (the color of the arrows on the upper eyelids). Can be used as two-and three-dimensional. Zigzag pulling movements will be painted only the top lashes. Lower lashes are not painted with makeup red lipstick under the lower eyelid. Now it becomes clear recommendation on the ideal area under the eyes.

Makeup with red lipstick of course is blush, but in very small quantities. As for color cosmetics, it is better to choose all the right hues: peach or pastel pink. Blush applied to the area under the cheekbone, carefully shaded.

It is time to deliver the main stroke in makeup for red lipstick. If you plan to day makeup, the best practice is to separate my lips with your fingers. This will create a more seamless and discreet manner, which requires daily make. Will effect “zatselovali lip” that looks very tempting.

Apply the lipstick using a lip brush

If it is supposed to evening makeup, red lipstick is best applied with a dense layer directly from the tube or using a lip brush. This technique will make make-up with red lipstick more solemn. It’s all about technique application!

Well, this was the last step in makeup with red lipstick, which will appeal to many girls. However, there are many shades of cosmetics. And not always women know what color they are anymore.

Guidelines for choosing your tone of red lipstick girls

Makeup with red lipstick is very bold, but sometimes women are in a difficult position, choosing the right shade this tool.

There are a few simple but useful tests that will help to define your tone of lipstick.

Conventionally, all tone of red can be divided into 2 groups: cold and warm. The following tests will help to determine what al choose. Cool red lipsticks have a blue undertone, it had blue, blue. Warm colours of red would be clearly visible brown or orange undertone.

The first test looks like. You need to take the clothes of two colors: kipelno white and creamy cream. What is more? That refreshes the face? If there is pure white, the facial features the woman cold. Warm type goes well with a cream dress.

The second test can be carried out with silver and gold. Cold ladies over silver, the warmth will say compatible with gold.

Finally, nature itself will tell you about what to do with red lips. One need only look at the colour of the veins. If they are blue or blue, then the woman belongs to the cold type. If the veins are greenish, then type warm.

Sometimes there is a neutral type, when it comes to all. A woman can be considered lucky, because she can afford to wear and apply anything you want.

All these tips will help in creating the makeup look for red lipstick. He is able to change the image of the girl beyond recognition, with a beautiful view in life and in photos. Besides, girls with red lipstick is very attractive! Let it play into the hands of each woman. A good makeup for red lipstick.