How to do makeup for last call?

What should be the makeup for last call at the girls graduate? First thing you need to remember that the most important thing for girls is to emphasize the natural beauty of youth! At the solemn meeting, all eyes are on the graduates. Any carelessness in clothing or makeup will result in discussion and condemnation. Every girl wants to show that she entered adulthood. In this endeavor it is important not to fall into extremes. Don’t forget that for a graduate looking girl of the Junior class – catchy and vulgar makeup will not be their best example. In life there will be many more holidays where you can unleash the imagination in the representation of his image. But the school holiday should be a holiday of childhood!

Romantic makeup for prom

Makeup and hair for last call in any case must not make the girl older. Some prefer to wear no makeup at all and put on makeup only at the evening celebration. But do not forget that during the last call you will have to remove the video and take lots of pictures. It is therefore very important to look perfect.

How to make the right makeup for last call?

Skin before applying makeup needs to be cleaned well. You can apply some day cream on the face to tone went better. It is not necessary to use greasy and heavy creams makeup can “swim”. Specially selected for the skin color corrector to hide all the pimples, dark circles under the eyes, redness and other imperfections. Then evenly applied to the face Foundation. It is necessary that the skin didn’t look pale on photos. Thanks to high-quality tonal cream the skin will look smooth and radiant. It is important to select the appropriate tone should not be sudden changes with natural skin tone. Cheap and incorrectly selected concealer can do just the opposite to ruin the whole picture – the face will look unnatural and vulgar.

Top of Foundation can be applied using a special brush powder. A light layer of powder will make the skin velvety and perfect. It is also important to find the right tone. Powder should not be cheap – otherwise there is a risk to give dehydrated skin an unnatural appearance.

Blush applied on the cheekbones lightly. The tone of blush should not be too bright and saturated. If you don’t know how to use blush to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws of the face, it is better to refrain from their application.

Prepare in advance, eyebrows, remove unwanted hair and using a special pencil light touches correct form (if necessary). The eye can draw a thin arrow that you want to apply as close to lashes. The arrow can be applied with a soft eyeliner or contour pencil. Black pencil can choose only brunettes. Blonde and brown hair is better to choose dark brown, turquoise or malachite color. Eyelashes better to paint waterproof mascara (all of a sudden, saying goodbye to the school, you will cry). It is important not to weight mascara eyelashes, otherwise they will stick together, thus spoiling the entire look.

The eye shadow is undesirable, but if we apply, only light and translucent. In any case, shadows on the eyes should be bright, dark and rich, even if they are very. The makeup is better left for prom.

The lips you can paint resistant translucent gloss or lipstick. Color can be choose on your own, you need to avoid just bright red and too dark colors. Perfect lipstick with pale pink, and coral shade.

What you need to pay attention?

A maximum of naturalness – that is the basic rule for makeup on the last call.

Classic makeup for prom

On the submitted photos you can see examples of properly applied makeup on a school holiday. Don’t forget that school line often takes under the scorching sun, so it is very important to find a quality makeup that does not “float” in the sun and protect the skin from UV rays. Do not apply a lot of makeup. In this case, bigger is not necessarily better. Too heavy makeup off-putting and alarming most people.

If you doubt that can do it all yourself, you better seek help of older sister or mother. You can even have to take the advice of makeup artists and beauticians. After all, how will you learn to do makeup, depends on its correct application in the future. This is very important, as incorrect application of the cream, for example, can lead to sagging skin, while the wrong plucked eyebrows will spoil the whole look. Professionally done makeup, will long remain imprinted on your photos, which will be very often to review and show friends from year to year!