How to do makeup with green eye shadow?

The makeup in shades of green is very attractive, but it is suitable not for every girl. To green make-up looked very attractive, it is necessary not only to choose the right shade, but also to combine it with another color. Men’s eyes will not leave anyone indifferent, and in fact this is one of the main tasks of makeup.

Figure 1. The makeup in shades of green

When selection of shades, you need to take into account not only the color of the eyes, but the event for which is makeup. What color would the shadow of no was applied, it is necessary to consider not only personal preferences, but the appearance, only then can you expect a positive result. The green shade will add a look of mystery and freshness.

General recommendations for the use of green shade in makeup

The makeup in shades of green is attractive because it refreshes the face, but the shadows should be applied in moderation, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive.

Light green shade

Green tones can be perfectly combined with beige, pink, grey, Golden. And here not stand to be afraid to experiment, perhaps that is why green is so popular!

Apply makeup (no matter what color he was) should have not only beauty, but durability. To achieve this, you need to apply on the eyelid a small amount of Foundation, then a layer of light eyeshadow (up to brow). To make the most expressive eyes, you must engage in the work of the pencil, rastushevok after application. Absolutely not okay to have sharp lines, it will spoil the whole effect. Don’t use eyeliner.

With regard to the most saturated shade of green, it should be applied as close to the lashes. The shadow is best applied with a brush, so they easily fall, and they will be easy to feather.

Rich dark green color eyeshadow

That look was the most attractive in the inner corners of the eyes it is possible to put a small amount of shadows. Makeup this color must be “smoky”, just then he looks the most attractive.

Mascara on the lashes is applied in the least, this also applies to lip gloss. The colour of the lipstick depends on the shade of skin and hair from clothing and events.

There are little secrets. To makeup looked really attractive, you should do exfoliation. This way you can avoid premature aging, which is one of their enemies of female attractiveness.

Makeup green shadows for special occasions

The transition of shades of green in the design of the century shadows

  1. The first step is easy peeling. You need to wait, when will fall the redness, and apply a concealer with a matte effect. For best results it is recommended to combine 2 shades, i.e., the area under the eyes and chin is treated with light tone and cheekbones, cheeks and the nose area is dark.
  2. The eyebrows are underlined with a gray-brown pencil. The inner corners of the eyes can be highlighted with a white pencil as the lower line of the eyebrows too, then all must be carefully shaded.
  3. Eyebrows are stacked a transparent gel, thereby underscoring their natural form. Now came the turn of pencil dark green color, which stands out the outer corner of the eye. It is thus possible to perfectly emphasize the line of the upper and lower lashes. On the basis of which is created by using a white pencil, overlay shadow light green shade with a pearl effect.
  4. Top dark green pencil to apply shadows that have a bright and rich green hue with a shimmering effect. Now you need to feather the border applied shadow, this is done by Golden mother-of-pearl. Then you need to make inner eyeliner with dark green pencil.
  5. Eyelashes should be painted black voluminous mascara, and lip outline pencil, which is almost identical to the natural lip color. In conclusion, on the cheeks you can apply blush pink beige, which have light-reflecting particles.

Worth a look in the photo (Fig.1) to ensure that the green shade is really a ways incredible way to transform a woman.