How to do makeup in the Greek style: rules and tips

Makeup in Greek style suitable for everyday use and for festive days. However, the daytime version should be less bright. Best Greek makeup suitable for dark haired girls with dark skin. The distinctive features of this make-up is focus on eyes and eyebrows, which should be clear and thick. Ideal if in this way the skin will be tanned, which corresponds to the image of the southern Belle-Greek women.

Focus on the eyebrows and eyes - a distinctive feature of the Greek makeup

Greek make-up: skin and lips

For starters, the skin need to clean with cleanser. Now apply the moisturizer and wait for its complete absorption, to disguise problem areas corrective means. Next, the face is covered with powder suitable for your skin type. To put it best, making a patting motion with your fingers. Loose powder will enhance the effect of makeup, thanks to her blush will lie better on the skin.

Greek makeup has an expressive and accentuated cheekbones. Using a broad brush to the cheeks, starting from the cheekbones and finishing with temples, covered with blush or bronzer. It is important to not visible no transitions, which will look unnatural. This requires carefully feather the means. At this stage it is important to achieve a natural bronze skin tone that will help to create a spectacular and romantic way.

The design of lip makeup in the Greek style depends on the time of day. A day will be enough and balm of your favorite color, and for an evening out suitable lipstick with a Golden hue. To preserve the rich color before you apply lipstick, cover the lips with Foundation.

Eyes and eyebrows in the greek makeup

Eyebrows should be sufficiently expressive and clear is one of the mandatory rules of makeup in the Greek style. To begin, draw the desired shape with a black pencil, and then the gel it must be locked.

The color of the pencil you need to choose two shades darker than you normally use.

The stages of colouring brow pencil

In the end it should be bright eyebrows with clearly delineated boundaries. Greek makeup admits some unnatural eyebrows. The main thing – carefully draw a pencil of hairs from each eyebrow.

An important moment for the Greek style is bright and expressive eye makeup.

To do this, use a combination of Golden and brown shadows, this tandem will make Greek eye makeup is particularly expressive. The movable part of the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid is covered with a Golden shadow. Then, under the eyebrows, apply eye shadow brown color. Now applied shadows should be carefully shaded, you can do it directly with your fingers. The transition from one shadow to another should be unnoticeable.

Line drawing of Foundation for Greek makeup

Then, you should draw clear arrows. Greek makeup involves the use of jet black eyeliner. A smooth line is drawn from the inner corner to the outer century. At the end of a line thickens and is directed upwards. Thus, we achieve the effect of cat’s eyes. Ensure that the eyeliner was done as carefully as possible. Finally, apply black mascara which is necessary to cover the lashes in two layers.

Makeup in Greek style to complement appropriate hairstyle that will make it easy to create the image you selected. This make-AAP perfect easy dress.

Makeup in the Greek style, made using high-quality cosmetics, are able to transform the girl. Expressive and bright eyes, skin with a bronze tint will make you beautiful goddess from Olympus. Greek makeup to help you look great as on an afternoon stroll and holiday photos.