How to do makeup cat eyes?

Many women are often compared to cats. Habits, mannerisms, character – all that the female sex is very similar to members of the genus feline. Why not use the theme of similarities in appearance? For example, you can transform yourself with makeup cat eyes.

Makeup in the style of cat's eye

This make-up is capable of every woman to make passionate, seductive and mysterious. It is therefore necessary to know how to do cat makeup. It is not difficult. Don’t even need to turn to a professional makeup artist.

Make-up in the style of cat substrate preparation

Preparing the face for makeup

Makeup feline sight of particular importance are the ideal basis. Because of its specific make-up requires a flawless looking skin and face, where there is no room for any flaw.

Starts preparing the face with an obligatory purification. This will help to avoid excessive greasiness. A particularly thorough cleaning should be the case if the skin is oily. In the process of preparing individuals need to pay attention to washing your face with foam or gel, and cleansing with alcohol-free tonic. After removal of the impurities on the face to apply makeup base in the form of a cream. The person trained, you can begin to glowing skin.

Not every girl from nature was awarded a good complexion and skin without cosmetic defects. The latter need to treat and mask. A properly chosen concealer will solve all problems of the skin, hide them. It is better to put in a small amount, not to create a mask effect. For toning, it is preferable to use your own hands, rather than brushes, sponges or special brushes. With hand cream lays down a smooth and dense layer.

Eye shadow

Special attention will be given and the area under the eyes. Often from lack of sleep, stress, fatigue and because of other factors, there appears a kind of bruises or dark circles. As a result, the eyes become tired, the eyes appear sunken, and age it only increases. To make the look more fresh would help a palette of concealers. It can help to disguise minor imperfections, if any. Acne, rosacea and many others will remove the concealer. Makeup cat will not tolerate a tired look.

Finalizing your makeup: feline sight coating powder. Well, if it is crumbly, but compact is also very suitable. Powder will make the skin matte, but at the same time consolidate the Foundation, not allowing it to spread throughout the day.

It’s time to make the cat look with dazzling arrow, which will decorate any woman, and will bring to mind each representative of the stronger sex. How to do makeup? This will help further the proposed scheme.

Make-up cats: the main stages of the

Feline sight – the main component of the make-up in the style.

Its peculiarity lies in the graphic arrows, which give the eyes expressiveness and sexy.

In addition, the hands mimic the shape of the eye, like a cat.

Make-up cat look

To draw a cat hands will not be difficult. It is necessary to choose the right eyeliner. Soft pencil in this case will not fit. The right choice is a liquid eyeliner with a brush or an eyeliner pen with a fine tip.

The arrow shape when the cat makeup should be special. So, the area the arrow is pointed upwards, in favour of the natural line of the eyelashes by 5-7 millimeters. The arrow itself that reaches to the middle of the upper eyelid or a little further. An important condition is gradually narrowing the arrows from both external and internal.

Cat’s opinion does not provide the liner of the lower eyelid. However, it would be wise to bring it light pink or milk pencil. The color on the skin will not be visible, but this trick will visually open your eyes, make them more expressive and fresh.

Another important component of the cat’s look is false eyelashes. Should be used such instances, where the bulk of lashes have on the corner of the eye. The alternative is the mounting of artificial instances are not the whole of the lash line, but only in bundles at the edges. This small trick will help to make the special and unique like this is really feline look.

It is important not to forget to apply a little blush to the image looked harmoniously. In this case, you need a blush peach or bronze hue. They should be placed under the cheekbone almost a straight line, which is necessary to blend with previously used shade of powder.

The final step is the choice of for the lips. Of course, you cannot do without red lipstick. It is the perfect complement to the image of a cat that will perfectly look both in life and in pictures. It remains only to wish you success in creating such a compelling, passionate and seductive female image.