How to do makeup with brown eye shadow step by step

The life of every woman in varying degrees, full of different events. Some of them are mundane in nature, while others are important to your responsibility and solemnity. Nevertheless, a true lady there is a need to look good in any situation. And this helps not only clothes, but makeup.

Makeup in dark colors

For example, how you can look good and appropriate for every day? What makeup should I use for everyday life of modern women? Not to come up with better and more feminine makeup every day than make-up with brown shadows. Execute it step by step will help further tips that will be useful to all the women that look after themselves.

The first stage of the make-up with brown shadows

Makeup with applying brown eye shadow

This type of makeup can be called basic, because it is perfect for every day. Moreover, he will fit well in any way, accentuate successfully any appearance. It all depends on how well will selected his palette. Next, we will focus on the implementation of the classical basic makeup with brown eye shadow step by step.

Begin any makeup needs from the training faces. You must do the groundwork, which will provide a platform for the future of the make-up. So, on face with a sponge or fingers to apply concealer the right color. It is worth avoiding only the eye area, because there will be applied the concealer, which is designed to disguise dark circles. If on the person there are some other minor flaws (acne, inflammation, etc.), they also need to be masked with a palette of concealers.

After that you need to fix the Foundation with powder. It is also necessary in order to give the face a matte and velvety. Due to powder makeup will stay much longer, but on the face does not appear greasy luster. There is no fear because the makeup “flow.”

Foundation make-up done and therefore you can proceed to the main part of the makeup with brown eye shadow. It’s time for paint!

The second phase of applying makeup in brown tones

Drawing shadows on the eyelids

Make-up will not be bright and expressive, if not to apply blush. They act as a “sculptor” of the person with which it is possible to adjust the natural lines. By the way, apply blush not only to cheeks, but forehead, nose and other parts of the face.

To accentuate the cheekbones, to make them more expressive, it is necessary to involve the cheeks, and then hold the brush at the trough. Then again relax your face, make a few strokes with a brush on a kind of the “Apple” of the cheeks. All lines must be carefully shaded so that could not see clear transitions between the main tone of the face and blush. As for the color blush, for a make-up with brown eye shadow is well suited as a pinkish tone for blush, and peach. The choice of color depends on natural talent, nature has endowed a particular woman.

After applying the blush, you can start to make APU’s eyes. In any way, they are of great importance, because it appears expressiveness, charm and femininity. In make-up with brown eye shadow look is also given quite an important place.

For a basis it is necessary to take a light brown shadow, which according to its color reminiscent of coffee with lots of milk. A couple of them will be more than deep brown, like a piece of milk chocolate. That’s how easy and simple it is to make up your eyes step by step.

First, on the entire mobile eyelid apply a base color eye shadow (lighter). Then, using a darker shade of brown, you must select the corners of the eyes. This technique will allow to make the look expressive, languid, languishing. By the way, this makeup looks great both in life and in pictures.

It is important not to forget about the eyeliner. A small arrow tending upwards, should be present on the upper eyelid. To walk she needs to about the middle of the century, after which it gradually thins out and fades away. Lower eyelids also is fed to the middle or to one third. Eyeliner it is recommended to use black or dark brown soft eyeliner. All lines must be carefully feathered to create the effect of light haze.

Variable and choice carcasses. It can be black if you want a brighter image. If you want to look discreet and mysterious, it is better to choose a brown mascara. Its application must be subtle, because in this case not quite appropriate theatrical lashes.

If necessary, you should adjust the line of eyebrows with the help of special pencil. Well, you only have to choose a lipstick!

The choice of lipstick for makeup with brown eye shadow

For the makeup, you must choose a lipstick or lip gloss, which is a refreshing touch to the overall look.

Apply the lipstick

Therefore, it would be so illogical to use brown or “rudovich” colours.

Where would look more appropriate moderate pink tones, for example, color tea rose. The brown color goes well with pink. That’s just to choose too bright “shade of Barbie” is not necessary because it does not fit into the overall picture and mood of make-up.

Peach is another good choice. Well, if lipstick is orange or reddish undertone, but she will be somewhat muted.

By the way, to described make-up it is recommended that a loose application of the cream for the lips. On the contrary, to apply lipstick better not straight from the tube and with a brush or fingers. The latest version of the application can be called ideal in this context because it created a peculiar effect of the lips after the kiss. It brings out the mystery and desire of every woman. But, of course, to try too hard with sloppy applying lipstick is not worth it.

With all these recommendations and received step by step instructions each woman will be able to do makeup with brown eye shadow that will look superb even on a normal day.