How to do makeup Barbie at home?

Since childhood, for many women the ideal of beauty becomes a Barbie doll. This famous toy is really looks very attractive! And if in real life, her image (especially figure) would have looked strange for any special occasion it is possible to recreate her makeup. For example, for any theme parties. How to do makeup Barbie?

Makeup in the style of Barbie

The basis for the puppet makeup: preparations for the flawless doll makeup

No makeup is complete without creating the perfect base. Is no exception and makeover Barbie.

First, you need to clean the face of impurities with cleansing foam, scrub. Due to this, the makeup will fall evenly, will last much longer (without an unpleasant greasy Shine). After cleansing, you can begin applying the Foundation.

Many professional makeup artists recommend to apply makeup in the puppet style of this technique as a sculpture. How to do makeup in this case? You will need to take three shades of Foundation: one lighter, the other – the natural colors of your skin; but the third shade should be darker than the natural complexion. For good distribution of tones on the face it is also important to use a beauty blender.

Doll makeup

A lighter tone of Foundation apply a stripe on the middle of the nose, middle of forehead, chin, that should create something similar to the T-zone. The darker concealer is on the face as a kind of edging, making the “trim” person. Suitable Foundation is applied on the remaining part. Now it is important to make careful blending of different funds using a blender. Nowhere to be seen in the boundaries between different tones. The technique of “sculpturing” will help to create the perfect skin tone and make the facial features are chiseled.

To fix the concealer you should use loose powder. It is desirable that it was transparent as the face of the already somewhat “overloaded” Foundation. Transparent powder is the best solution if you want to give the face a matte finish, in addition making the skin silky and glowing. And how to make myself make-up Barbie? This will help further recommendations.

Barbie makeup style: the basic accents

Of course, such make-up can not do without a variety of shades of pink! This is logical, because this tone is the hallmark of Barbie.

It is believed that one or another blush pink shade suitable for all, and so it would be strange to avoid this recommendation, especially if we are talking about how to do makeup like the famous doll. In the context of blush applied under the cheekbones, as usual, and the “Apple” of the cheek.

Now it’s time to start eye makeup. To highlight their depth and beauty, you need to use a shade two shades. For example, light pink and medium grey. Pink tone is applied on the upper eyelid, corners of the eyes are gray shadows.

As for the eyeliner eyeshadow, then it should be as low-key and easy. But this does not negate the use of thin black lines on the upper eyelids. Let this be a liquid black eyeliner. Lower eyelid better to bring a white or transparent pencil that will help to visually “open” view.

Big eyes – horse of Barbie dolls and therefore, can and should use false eyelashes.

Appropriate they fit into the feminine pupa.

Finally, it remains only to choose the lipstick. For example, fuchsia. Over lipstick is to apply a little clear gloss to the lips look more plump (as pictured). Makeup style’s most famous doll is ready! Let this an interesting image will be a great and successful experiment for every woman!