How to make zombie makeup

Lately, themed parties are becoming increasingly popular, and each party requires a certain makeup. The hardest thing to do zombie makeup, without which it is impossible to imagine the celebration of Halloween. However, if a good try, then you can create a pretty realistic awesome image.

The finished zombie makeup

Preparing for the bank job

First we need to decide on the degree of complexity of the makeup, it depends on the number of components for its application. The way zombies are a haggard look, red eyes, black lips, ugly wounds and scars on the face, gray skin with signs of decay, rotten teeth, matted hair, and, of course, blood. Those who don’t like to stand out may be limited to part of the above: to make dark circles under the eyes, apply black lip paint on his cheek, a bloody scratch. For others, it’s a great excuse to exercise your imagination. So, for zombie makeup you will need:

  • cleanser for the face;
  • gelatin or liquid latex;
  • food coloring;
  • scissors;
  • cosmetic brush;
  • paint for the face;
  • dark eyeliner;
  • dark shadows;
  • black lipstick;
  • thick syrup;
  • clean the sponge.

Preparation for applying zombie makeup

Apply this makeup only on a clean face, so first the skin is cleaned with any gentle means. After washing the face, preferably just wet the towel and allow it to dry, but to RUB or smear a nourishing cream is not recommended. Because to do this makeup more difficult, should exclude anything that may interfere in work. Hair must remove back and secure with Bobby pins or a Hoop; if you have piercings on the face, it is better to remove. Men are encouraged to put make-up on clean-shaven skin, or to remove the gelatin after the party would be problematic.

The process of grim: the basics

Before you paint bloody wounds, you must properly prepare the base: to make dark circles under the eyes, gray skin, give the face a worn out look. First the face is covered with a very thin layer of white paint and allow it to dry well.

The paint quality must be high, savings are impossible, because the makeup will stay on the skin long enough, and defective products may cause undesirable effects.

The process of grimirovaniya under zombies

On top of the white paint applied with a gray, purple, red or green in the same thin layer. You can simultaneously use several shades: red and purple for bruises, yellow and green for the effect of decay.

Encircle the eyes with black eyeliner and gently smear, and then under the eyes draw the dark shadows of the circles.

To make it look gaunt cheeks sucked as hard as possible, and the resulting dimples cover shadows. Lips need to paint black or very dark matte lipstick and for greater effect, you can draw a white pencil cracks. This is enough for a dark image, and at home to perform this makeup is not difficult. Much harder the second stage – the creation of gaping wounds and rotting skin with scars.

The main elements of awesome image

At this stage can not do without gelatin or latex, since they give the opportunity to do realistic wounds, scabs and other skin damage. The easiest way to use gelatin is a cheap and affordable product.

Prepare it in advance, so long as the gelatin swells. 80 ml of cold water is needed for 1 pack of gelatin; it must stir well and leave at room temperature for 2 hours.

If you want you can add a little dye. Before applying the remaining mixture is divided into cubes and heat until tender. Too warm it is impossible that the material has not lost its properties.

A small shovel heated gelatin is applied on the skin. You can cover the entire face, but only individual sections – how to tell a fantasy, because the zombie makeup has hundreds of options. After spreading the mixture, you need to wait until it dries out a bit, and then the same spatula or toothpick to make rough scratches. After that, the gelatin must be completely dry, touch it at this time impossible.

To complete the image of the zombies is not enough just blood. To realistic to do at home the blood, must be a thick syrup mixed with red food coloring. When ready, the dried wounds of gelatin is applied with a sponge the blood, and at the same time coated with the lips and doing the bloody streaks along the hairline. You can just splash the face with fake blood – the view is pretty awesome. All this will allow you to create a realistic image of a zombie at home, with no extra costs. Choosing this makeup, appropriate attire, you can safely go to the party.