How to make thin face: the secrets of proper makeup

How to make face thin, think a girl. Moreover, these thoughts appear in the mind not just normal members of the fairer sex. Often even thin woman has round cheeks that make the face fuller, but the image is slightly rustic and simple. It is in order to acquire sophistication, girls dream to make the face thinner.

The right makeup for a visual narrowing of the face

However, as incredible as it may sound, but you can make your face visually slimmer simply. We just need to correctly pick up the hair and makeup. Of course, it is easiest to consult a professional make-up artists and use them to choose for themselves the right option of makeup and styling. However, the possibility of visiting specialists is not every girl.

What should I do? First of all, do not worry! Despite the fact that the technique of applying makeup is an art, there are some simple rules that help very simply and quickly make a face visually thin.

Rules applying makeup to visually reduce the face

Visual narrowing of the face using blush

To only one makeup visually make the face thinner, you need to know some tricks. The first requirement is to determine correction zone that will help narrow the face.

As a rule, the face looks bigger because of double chin, broad nose, round cheeks, close-set eyes. These areas should be visually zoom in or zoom out. On problem areas you need to distribute the matte and shiny texture (concealer and powder).

On the areas that you want to narrow it down, applied the texture to a darker shade.

Those areas that you want to highlight, covered with a light shiny texture lighter tone. Elongated eyebrow or lip also make the face wider. Therefore, if there is a question as to visually make the face thinner lips better cover of light or sheer gloss, so they look natural. Moreover, when applying makeup, the main attention should be paid to the Central part of the lips, not the corners.

Eyebrow it is desirable to make a shortened, ascending and slightly curved, of medium thickness. To lift the hairs of the eyebrows up, you can use the special fixing gel. If the main question is how to make thinner cheeks, eyebrows can be left wide, only slightly narrowing to the edges. The main emphasis in the makeup must be done on eyes.

How to make face thinner for different face types

Selection of hairstyles for the visual narrowing of the face

If you want to make thinner round face, so when applying makeup, you should avoid various curved lines, that is, eyes, lips, shape of the eyebrows should not be rounded. A hair also should be treated very carefully. From the lush hairstyles, straight partings or curly locks should be abandoned because they make a round face look even more voluminous.

The most advantageous will look straight flowing hair of medium length. Using makeup cover up face from the cheekbones to the lower part of the cheeks, the shade is applied strictly along the edges of the eyelids, a blush in the form of an inverted triangle to the corners of the mouth.

Girls with oval faces, as a rule, there is no need to lengthen it. They can afford any hairstyle. However, to make the makeup look more harmonious, you should apply some tricks. For example, blush is best applied on the cheekbones in a circular motion, and shade to shade beyond the boundaries of the century.

The owners of square face type to make it more lean will help cutting and styling oval shapes. They visually soften the angularity inherent to the square type. Using makeup is also need to try to get rid of sharp corners. On problem areas cause the powder a darker shade. Blush is better to choose bright, the shadow should not go beyond the boundaries of age.

Ladies with triangular face shapes, to begin to determine what kind of triangle is the face. If it is a trapezoidal shape (the chin wider than forehead) that is necessary to darken the lower part of the face.

Blush should be applied horizontally to visually enlarge the upper part of the face, thus proportionality. Hairstyle in this case it is better to choose surround the upper part and the lower it is advisable to hide, for example, twist-up curls. Will look nice and thick voluminous bangs.

If the girl’s face is an inverted triangle (the widest part of the face including the forehead), the darker shades should be applied on the temples and cheekbones. High hairstyles is desirable to give, not to focus on problem areas. The most advantageous will look medium length hairstyles with curled strands inside.