How to make a retro makeup in a classic style?

Retro style gives the mystique and uniqueness of the image. For such a make-up charming characteristic pallor, which gives way of Qualinesti. Retro makeup different arrows Flirty, thick eyelashes and deep red lips. Retro style is popular among many celebrities, mentioning it, you can remember Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. Makeup retro was popular in the mid 20th century, but in 21 it is also not forgotten. Such make-up is used to create an evening look thanks to its consistency it is well suited for everyday life.

Modern makeup in retro style

In the early 20th century there was a fashion for black arrows, then the ladies tend to emphasize the eyelashes by making them long, but rare.

They draw very thin eyebrows, which were thick as a thread. To the fifties appeared makeup in retro style. Then the girls began to emphasize the eyes neat arrows and red lipstick became widely popular. Fashionista favored the scarlet color, which made the lips more bright and juicy. This lipstick did not look vulgar in combination with a light retro makeup. Today, professionals increasingly prefer it. Girl with retro make-up looks very unusual and subtle, it is full of elegance and charm.

How to make retro style?

Day makeup in retro style

To create a make-up should seek the aristocratic pallor of the skin. Pick up concealer and Foundation and carefully hide flaws, it is important not to overdo it with the application of Foundation and powder. Try to achieve a natural, yet glamorous pallor. For retro makeup is recommended to use the tools that will be 1 tone lighter than your usual Foundation. The layer of powder should be fine, you need to create the effect of velvet.

To accentuate the cheekbones, you can use a peach shade of blush, good bronze, pinkish tone. If you need to make eyebrows, retro, classic, use brown crayon for the refinement used a pair of tweezers. To the retro makeover was a success, it is necessary to consider the scheme and the application of cosmetics. Use the shadow of a busy mother-of-pearl beige if you are going to attend the meeting, you can apply a smoky gray tone. For a stunning shooter, you need to exercise diligence, before applying it is recommended to practice. Arrow is done using liquid eyeliner, it is important to bring it closer to the lash line.

Sophisticated makeup in “classic” style

Evening makeup in retro style

How to make a unique retro-makeover? After the first stage completed, it should be applied on your lashes two coats of mascara, curler, use special tweezers. To accentuate the lips, use the crimson lipstick. For some beauties good raspberry, peach, cherry, however, the most striking and alluring are red. Lipstick should be chosen in accordance with your style, attire and hair color. It is known that red lipstick does not fit all. Some girls prefer a creamy-pink hue. If visually want to change the shape of the lips, use the pencil under the color of lipstick, if you want to give the image of glamor, apply over lipstick Shine without the sequins.

Conventionally, a retro style can be divided into several eras. Often ladies tend to create the style of 20-ies, 50-ies, 80-ies, it is important to study their characteristics in order to obtain the desired image. To retro make-up with an appropriate outfit. Often this is the case wear a sophisticated black dress, which visually make a figure slimmer and emphasize all its advantages. Also used accessories of bygone eras, which will help to emphasize the retro style.

To further emphasize individuality, you need to make a hairstyle in a retro style That can be captivating curls, use hair accessories: ribbon, bows, flowers, Hoop. Often retro style needed to create a unique or themed parties. With that much makeup any woman feel desirable, attractive and charming.