How to make pink delicate makeup?

The pink color can be called a favorite shade among women. The tone could not be better characterizes the true female nature: gentle, soft, playful and romantic. Of course, use pink color in their outfits dare not every woman, but to use this shade in makeup under the force of each. Moreover, it is usually you that gives the right to call the color pink is indispensable in the make-up.

Pink makeup

How to make makeup in pink tones? You will need to use some tips, which will be available very soon. They will help each woman to create a gentle, but at the same time very expressive and refreshing make-up.

Applying a soft pink make-up: training of persons

Pink blush, lipstick, eyeshadow

Makeup in pink tones is good because pink can do literally everything. Probably, but with the exception of eyelashes. Pink blush, lipstick, eye shadow – all that will not look geeky even if all of the above to use in one makeup.

It is important to choose a noble shade of pink. Let it be pastel, soft, slightly muted. This is also called tablenum pink. This means that it modtone is white. It helps to avoid child girl, which is more suitable for a Barbie doll. You should not use too bright pink, especially fuchsia. In addition, it is desirable that the texture of the makeup was matte. If it and found the pearl, then let it be as small as possible, and the particles of mother of pearl will not exceed the size of a grain of sand.

So, choosing the right shade and texture to determine managed, and so you need to talk about how to do a gentle makeover in the selected colours.

This color tends to somewhat bludnice. For this reason, the first step when performing a make-up becomes the lining of the complexion. In General, any makeup should begin with applying tone, since it constitutes the basis without which you can not do.

Application of colors

First we need to take a concealer appropriate to the color of the face color. It can be applied with a sponge or a brush, but it will look heavy. In recent years, many of the world’s makeup artists recommend to apply Foundation with fingers. First, in this application the face looks more natural, there are no “masks”. Secondly, the warmth of the hands helps to distribute the cream on the face very precisely and accurately.

Well, concealer is applied. If under the eyes have dark circles, they should have to disguise. This is necessary in order to pink shadows look good on the face because ugly dark circles under the eyes can ruin even the most beautiful makeup. To mask dark circles and other skin imperfections is to apply a concealer or highlighter.

Coating powder

The next step is applying powder over the Foundation that will help not only to consolidate the Foundation, but also to make the skin matte and silky. It is desirable to choose a transparent powder that has a light texture. A similar technique will help you to create make-up that is not like makeup.

The basis is prepared, and it’s time to cut to the chase, that is, to spray paint!

Gentle makeup in pink color with your own hands: accents

Any makeup is very important the correct selection of cheek blush.

Pink makeup pink blush

Pink makeup pink blush! By the way, this is the rare shade of blush that suits all women. It’s only in properly selected tone. It is better to opt for a neutral pink color that is not too bright and not too pale.

Blush is applied in the following way. It is necessary to involve the cheeks, and the agent should be applied with a brush on the formed trench. After that, you need a little shade border crossings with previously used powder.

The person has already acquired a completely different look! At this stage it looks very fresh and gentle, although the image is not yet complete. Makeup with pink eyeshadow – here is what will be the continuation of transformation.
You should choose two shades of pink: one lighter, pastel, and other more dark and bright. First, on the upper mobile eyelid applied bright shade of base that will serve as the basis. Then on the corners of the same upper eyelid applied a darker shade, and after boundaries applying a little shade. Such a choice of shades will allow the eyes to look very expressive and beautiful.

Pink shades of eye shadow

Mascara – here without which no makeup will not look complete. Pink makeup there are a couple of deviations from the given topic. And it is true of mascara and eyeliner. For example, ink is recommended to choose brown as it is not as straight and bright as black. And with pink makeup, brown mascara goes a lot better. To put it in zigzag motions in a single layer, to avoid these ugly lumps that make makeup sloppy.

The lower eyelid is necessary to bring a brown eyeliner. The lines must reach the middle of the eye. Also it is necessary to shade to make the look more soft and deep.

And, of course, as you can do without lipstick? In this case, the appropriate matte lipstick shade tea rose. Its application should be done with a special brush that will help to achieve more natural. If you prefer more you have lip gloss, you can use it.

Makeup in pink shades is ready! It looks really good. And who fit a similar make-up?

Pink make-up: who?

It might surprise you, but the makeup using the makeup pink color suits every woman, regardless of the color of her eyes, hair, skin. That’s just the right mix of shades of pink.

So, you can use this makeup for everyday and for special image. He will be able to freshen up the face, not diminished, thus the naturalness of appearance. Another plus: this makeup is easy to do with your hands! It turns out that not much is needed for this beauty.