How to make the perfect eyebrow makeup?

Beautiful eyebrows, perfectly matched with a form that will give your image perfection. However, not all will be able to professionally tweeze them, therefore resort to using cosmetics. Eyebrow makeup can help correct mistakes and make your look more expressive. To adjust the eyebrows and give them shape need to suit your eye shape and facial contours. Use a regular black eye pencil is unacceptable. This makeup will look sloppy, especially if the girl is the owner of blond hair.

Beautiful makeup eyebrows

Adjust the shape of the eyebrows depending on the shape of the eyes and an oval face

According to the rules of professional make-up artists eyebrow should start directly above the inner corner of the eye. But this advice is only good for those girls who have oval face shape and correct eye shape. That is, the eye should not be close or, on the contrary, far planted. In the first case, this form of eyebrows will give your face a dissatisfied and angry expression, but the second is more sad.

Different shapes of eyebrows

Owners of high Oriental cheekbones are perfect elongated brow line. Thus you remove the accent from the weighted upper part of the face. For girls with deep-set eyes, the brow line should begin a little before the inner corner of the eye. Too much distance will negatively affect the harmony of your look and will give your face a troubled expression.

For girls with round big eyes is not suitable rounded and raised eyebrow. This will give the face an expression of perpetual surprise and confusion. You need to give more straight shape with a slightly rounded bottom tip. Pencil or shadow, it is desirable to use less saturated colors.

Correction make-up

To make attractive eyebrow makeup, we first need to pluck extra hairs. To do this, take a good spring and mirror, which is visible all over your face. The line of the brow should be positioned horizontally and be of the same length. The top edge is slightly higher than the bottom, but don’t overdo it. If you find it too painful to pluck the hairs, then pre-lubricate the skin with cosmetic cream.

For eyebrow make-up, use only quality cosmetics, whose shelf life has not yet emerged.

Choose a shade of eye shadow or pencil to match your hair color and skin tone.

Eyebrow plucking tweezers

If you are the owner of bright, red or ash-blonde hair then your color scheme is brown. For brown hair and burning brunettes fit black and dark brown tones.

List of makeup tools:

  • eye shadow or eyebrow pencil;
  • a brush for applying shadows;
  • styling gel or any similar product for hair.

While applying makeup for eyebrows please note that very thin or too thick, the shape looks unattractive. Before shape correction, you need to comb the hair with a special brush. If it is not, then use clean brush for mascara.

Eyebrow pencil

Before makeup, apply a hair styling tool or a special gel. This will help keep the shape and reduce the resistance when you touch up. Use a brush with a pointed tip. This feature of the tool will help to adjust the shape.

Initially formed contour. Armed with a pencil or brush coated with eye shadow and swipe a clear line along the contour of the brow ridges on the top and bottom. Then blend that part. The strokes need to make smooth and short movements. If shadows fall off, remove the remnants with a broad brush.

Then we need to shape the eyebrows and its end. You can choose which place to start. Guide the loop around the widest of lines and blend it, and then proceed by analogy to the tip. Please note that girls with closely spaced and deep set eyes impossible to overdo it with the intensity of tones in the outer zone, otherwise it will give the face a belligerent expression.

The clarity of the shape can give the Adjuster. It is applied around the eyebrows and carefully shade. However, you can use and white matte of the shadows. They are applied under the eyebrow and on the inner corner of the eye. It will give your makeup a touch.

Often makeup brow using special templates. They will help to model the desired shape for special efforts. Pick them depending on your oval face and eye shape. This is a great option for those who find it difficult to self-apply the clear and smooth lines.