How to make natural makeup yourself?

There is not one woman who wouldn’t want to look impressive and attractive. It is because of this desire many resort to services of plastic surgeons, then trying every possible way to hide these visits. But if in appearance there are no critical flaws, you can use makeup to natural makeup is one of the key kinds of makeup. He almost imperceptibly, emphasize the dignity, hide flaws. Thus, questions about how to do natural makeup, gaining increasing popularity.

Natural makeup using makeup

The basic rules applying natural makeup

Easier to pick up and to do natural makeup would girls and young women because the skin on the face of them fresh and clean that doesn’t require the use of additional dense cosmetics. Older women, as well as those who have visible skin imperfections (for example, dark circles under the eyes, pigmentation), should wisely choose a concealer and Foundation in make-up, based on the characteristics of their own skin.

Natural makeup refers to a fluorescent type.

The makeup that you use should only be soft, as natural shades. In addition, you should try to avoid sharp contrasts. To avoid excess Shine, and especially to exclude the use of rhinestones, eye-shadow, lipstick and other items with sequins. Remember, this makeup does not in any way suitable for the evening, because in the electric light you will look absolutely expressionless and even more pale than no makeup.

Creating a natural makeup

To make a natural makeup, you will not need any special cosmetics, just what you already have for everyday use. Approximate scheme step-by-step application of cosmetics is shown in the photo:

Decorative cosmetics: 1-cream powder; 2-blush, 3-eyeliner; 4-ink; 5-lipstick

  1. Light Foundation cream powder.
  2. Blush delicate natural shades.
  3. Pencil or eyeshadow.
  4. Mascara.
  5. Lipstick or gloss neutral color.

Before makeup is recommended to bring the skin in order, using the usual scrubs, lotions and nourishing creams. Before you make color correction of the face using tonal resources, carefully inspect the problem area (inflammation, rashes, under eye circles). Then apply a tinted moisturizer, but carefully, without excess, even layer. In order that the face does not look flat, you need to use a concealer, applying it to those areas of the face that protrude. After that the same Foundation should level the skin color.

To apply makeup looked natural and stayed as long as possible, you need to use a mattifying powder. The powder used must be of natural color, the same shade as the skin on the face. In addition, the use of powder helps to remove the Shine.

Natural eye makeup

The blush

No matter what makeup you do, the main emphasis in it should go to the eye. When applying cosmetics, the main trick is how to do natural makeup to highlight eyes, not dragging your attention on them. In this case, use a soft shade as close to natural colors. For example, the upper eyelid can paint a pale brown eye shadow and after a bit of shade, bringing more expressiveness. The same tone it is necessary to sum the lower eyelid along the lash line. Also it is recommended to apply a light or white shadow underneath the eyebrows to make eyes look bigger.

The mascara in this makeup does not have to be intense black color, it is better to resort to brown or dark gray. Dyeing eyelashes mascara better than just 1 layer.

To complete the delicate image is to use light pink blush, applying it on the upper part of the cheekbones. In order to find the location of applying the blush, you have to smile. For speaking parts and cause a blush. Sometimes you want to make the face more relief. This blush Nude (slightly darker skin) is applied to the lower portion of the cheeks. For the cheeks you need to pull in the formed pits applied the paint. The lip color should be soft, not causing, natural. Over lipstick will look good 1 coat of clear lip gloss.

This makeup can be done at work, in school (high school). It gives the face a well-groomed appearance.