How to make your own makeup style Nude?

How to skillfully apply makeup, is the expression on the girl’s face and the degree of its attractiveness. As a rule, with the help of makeup, you can access the dignity of the person and to hide any deficiencies and visible defects.

The nude

Now there are many different options and styles of makeup. You can use them for different life occasions and for different types of persons. However, there is a kind of makeup that is possible and even necessary to use every girl, no matter what it’s temperament and her type of person. This style is called nude makeup style.

Some important tips

The makeup of this direction assumes the maximum naturalness of the face. It is assumed to use all the shades that are close to natural. If makeup will be done in the most correct technique, and the makeup matched good quality, then people will think that the girl looks like naturally without the use of a large number of cosmetics. It is very beautiful in all situations. Therefore, the nude is always versatile in use.

The use of mascara

Before you begin your work on this makeup, you need to decide on their color type. Nude makeup is suitable for all: blondes, brunettes and girls with brown hair. The basic rule on the basis of color – the intensity of the main lines, emphasizing the lips and eyes. Accordingly, the darker the complexion, the more intense lines can be used. But doing too much emphasis is prohibited. After all, the main emphasis in this case – the health of the skin and shining eyes!

Another rule for the color type – the degree of coldness of the shades. To face always looks healthy and natural, you should not rush into extremes. That is too warm or too cool colors should not be used, even if it is very you. The intensity of the paint application should be minimal. Only then makeup nude will emphasize naturalness, while not giving any vulgarity in your face.

The color of the face: 3 steps

And now you can safely proceed directly to the make-up. So, based in this case healthy skin. Over it and will work in the first place. “Recovery” of the complexion will be carried out in 3 stages: 1st – point correction of deficiencies, 2nd – alignment of the main tone, 3rd – giving the face vitality.

First determine the point of redness on the face, dark spots and dark circles under the eyes. After that, the person needs to freshen up: wash with special milk or foam, brush a thin layer of day cream and wait about 5 minutes to soak up. To eliminate the red color disadvantages good hiding special green pencil. To eliminate dark circles eyes half is a great tool special concealer with a slight purple hue. All of these funds should be applied only slightly, solely to correct visual defects.

Create up steps

Then go to 2nd stage tone the face. It is better to use concealer. If you have oily skin, the cream should be specifically for oily skin, the pores can breathe and do not clog up. Apply the cream evenly over the face a very thin layer. And it can be done with fingertips.

The 3rd step is making the face expression with the help of blush. It is better to use warm, subtle peach shade that is not too contrast with the overall complexion. Blush should be only a semitone darker skin. They need to be applied with a soft brush on the cheekbones slightly below the spot was not too bright. If everything is done correctly and carefully, you will immediately notice how will change the contour of your face. The nude makeup style will make it more clear and correct.

Nodoby eyebrow makeup and shaping the eyes

Now go to the eyebrow. Better to use pencil in the color of the hair, but in any case not darker. If this is not possible, then as close as possible in color pencil on the eyebrows need a good shade – so it will look lighter and more natural.

The pencil is applied to the areas of the eyebrows where there are no hairs. This is not to extend beyond the shape to facial expression was not vulgar. After summarizing the brush need to comb your eyebrows. And on top, lightly powdered, all well kept.

The next phase of work on the makeup – the eyes. First a special tweezers curl false eyelash. So sudovy makeup will make the eyes look more open and lashes will eventually look much longer and more spectacular. Now apply on the upper eyelid is very thin, barely visible layer of powder is not particularly different from the color of the skin. It should be almost transparent shadows with a slight tint. Welcome the presence of a small of light that will make the eyes more healthy.
Right, now for the eyeliner. Here, the appropriate use of black or gray pencil and taupe shadows. Pencil right close to the lash line is a thin line that emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. It should not be bright and strong to go beyond the eyes.

Top of the line made by the pencil, applied a gray-brown shade. Convenient to do is a thin beveled brush. These shadows act as a kind of liner, which will not be too bright, and expressive eyes give a natural. Using this method of applying these shadows the shape of the eye is possible even to adjust a little to lengthen or raise the drooping corners. And the closer to evening nude makeup style, the more you can “fix” the eyes.

Bottom eyes lightly summarized clearly with a pencil on the lash line from the outer edge to the center. It is not necessary to do a bright eyeliner, but the line is very long. After all, it will be far from natural sudovy makeup.

Applying mascara on lashes and touch up lips

The last step in eye makeup is tinting of the eyelashes. You need to use black ink. Should every lash try to separate from the next. You need to paint from the tip to the base. After the 1st layer lightly apply the 2nd layer. Lower lashes can also be slightly stained at the base on the outside edges of the eyes.

So, sudovy makeup in natural style can be considered almost complete. The only thing left to do is put on lipstick. Here you can use any natural colors. And do not make the lips pale, it will look ugly. Ideally, natural lips pale pink. It should emphasize the appropriate lipstick or gloss that will go well with your complexion.

Now the Nude makeup can be considered completely finished! In General, this style looks like in the photo. Note that this version of the makeup you can use in everyday life and for holidays or any other formal events. When the skilful work you will look both natural and beautiful.

The rules will remain the same, only you can do more bright accents using the same cosmetics and tools.