How to make lip makeup

Perhaps not in the world a woman, the purse in which there was no lipstick. This is nothing strange since lips are one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s face, so makeup should always be perfect.

Lipstick makeup

Many women may wonder – what’s difficult is to make a quality makeup? But actually there are some tricks and tweaks, if they consider that beautiful makeup is really do not be difficult, and it will be fulfilled on your own. You must carefully consider a phased technique, while cosmetics can be very different. And there can be no doubt that photos of such girls will always attract attention. Beautiful makeup requires patience and accuracy.

How to prepare the surface of the lips?

Before you start to apply makeup, you need to properly prepare the skin. To lips were beautiful and attractive, it is necessary to apply balm on them. Those women, in which they peel, it is necessary to use a mask that contains gentle exfoliating particles. It is not necessary to apply lipstick on unkempt and cracked surface, as this will only accentuate all the flaws.

Once the lips appropriately hydrated, they applied a modicum of makeup, then we can assume that the preparatory work has been completed.

How to apply pencil?

Makeup lip pencil

Now came the turn of contour pencil, which is unthinkable without makeup. With the aid of contour pencil creates the basis for further application of lipstick, you can achieve the desired result by adjusting the contour.

If the lips are thin, they need visual increase, light planned in pencil thin line, which then gently fades towards the inside. It should be noted that in this case the girl should not use matte lipstick saturated colors, but the glitter and bright colors fit perfectly.

If his lips are puffy, they should be visually reduce the need to use the following method: the surface should be preporuciti powder, it is necessary to choose a dark pencil, then you can give the necessary form. Then the boundary of the pencil shade in a circuit. The image is attractive, it is necessary to choose lipstick matte structure, it would be great if it will be a busy tone.

If the corners of the large mouth I don’t outline with a pencil, and the center apply glitter, then visually it will be less. Using contour pencil, you can correct such a disadvantage, as if one lip bigger than the other, more applied dark lipstick.

How to apply lipstick?

Lip makeup it concluded that to apply lipstick. Best of all, if there is the possibility of applying a special brush. With its help, the lipstick is applied carefully, which is especially true when it comes to bright shades. And even with this brush, you can mix multiple shades.

Lip makeup lipstick

That lip makeup was not only beautiful, but also resistant, first apply one layer of lipstick, then the lips promocode cloth, then by applying the second layer, then if you hold them with an ice cube, then the effect will be fixed.

Regarding the choice of lipstick, here, you should note the following tips:

  1. Matt muted tones most often used for daytime and business makeup.
  2. Mother of pearl is great for evening Macapa.

How to make lip makeup: expert advice

In conclusion you should pay attention to the recommendations of professionals who will help you. To make beautiful lip makeup, it is necessary to take into account the following:

  1. If a woman has blonde hair and light skin, she needs to choose a dark pink pencil, lipstick should be the color of dried roses, a gloss – sweet melon.
  2. Brown ladies perfect neutral pencil, glitter “Golden veil”.
  3. Blonde wants to create a evening look, suitable coral pencil, and gloss – “sweet melon”.
  4. Burning brunettes with dark skin for a beautiful evening makeup perfect chocolate pencil, pink glitter.
  5. Red-haired beauties with fair skin perfect neutral pencil and gold glitter.

We should not forget that must be a single color image.

If you select cool tone lipstick, and blush should also be cool shade. The situation is similar with warm colors.

If the eyes are decorated with brown tones, and lipstick should also be of similar shades. But “pure” red color is truly unique, it will always fit, no matter what makeup or used. And not only possible but also need to dream, as a unique individual image is the most attractive. I still need to take into account that it is not necessary to use heavy makeup as it looks sometimes quite vulgar.