How to make Japanese makeup

People from Europe have always been interested in mystical, mysterious and profound East. For this reason no surprise that in high fashion from time to time there are such methods as, for example, makeup Japanese style, which help make a real affinity with the Eastern young beauties. In our time is very very popular Japanese makeup, and all because a woman looks more elegant and mysterious. Those who believe that doing makeup in Japanese style should be exclusively for colorful festivals or special evenings, mistaken.

Eastern makeup

Nowadays, there are many reasons to use a Japanese makeup. Examples can serve not only Japan itself, but also different kinds of restaurants, sushi bars, and tea houses, design which is often done in Japanese style.

First of all, this makeup characterize Japanese eyes. Usually when people hear about them, we immediately begin to imagine a person who has a very slanted and narrow eyes.

By the way, the eye size is the same as the Japanese ladies, and European.

Everyday Japanese makeup

And narrow they seem due to the folds on the upper eyelid. That is why Asian women are trying to make their eyes more. In the end, they get the image of a girl with large eyes.

European women to accomplish this do not need. Rather, quite the contrary, they need to do the eyes already, giving them, thus, typical Asian features. This will help them in the makeup in Japanese style. Currently, there are three types of Japanese makeup, which received wide acclaim:

  • daily;
  • makeup anime girl;
  • the makeup of a geisha.

Everyday makeup

Makeup geisha

This makeup is absolutely appropriate in any case.

  1. The basis and Foundation funds that are designed to hide small imperfections, should be a few shades lighter of this skin tone.
  2. After applying Foundation, you can begin eyes. In order to get the typical Japanese make-up, will need liquid black eyeliner.
  3. For starters must apply on the upper eyelid light shade. Then on them it will be possible to draw an arrow. To Japanese makeup came out pretty good and eyes turned to squint, you need to start to bring them from the inner corner of the eye, slightly shifted down. Next, the shooter should slightly rise, and after the outer corner of his eye, turning to the temple. So eyes will be raskaasti.
  4. Don’t forget that eyelashes that painted quite a lot, visually make the eyes bigger. Mascara so makeup is in Japanese should be imposed repeatedly. After I applied another layer, let it dry, otherwise lumps will not succeed to avoid.
  5. As for the eyebrows, the lines should be straight and confident.

Makeup anime girl

Makeup anime girl

When applying this makeup visually increase the eyes, along with that, acquiring the right raskaasti. You can optionally use a light shade.
If you want, makeup is in Japanese, you can use shades of various bright colors. Enhance the effect can be achieved with a continuation of the line of shadow to the temple. To emphasize the expressive eyes of Oriental type will help a little amount of blush which is applied on the cheekbones. Lips should be visually reduced, a smaller paint their contour.

The geisha makeup in japanese style

The makeup bright enough. So, for example, the skin on the geisha’s face should be much lighter, and entirely whitewashed the lips applied lipstick bright red in the center, forming a heart or a bow.
The main focus of this makeup is in Japanese should be given to the eyes. Usually use shades of red. They cover the inner side of the eyelids. The use of mascara will make your eyes even more. To complement the image will be liquid eyeliner. The Japanese, as a rule, use black eyeliner or red.