How to make a festive make-up independently

Look good every day the main task of women. Day makeup is the best to tell about her, most importantly, know the limits and don’t overdo the makeup. If there’s a big event and just need to look stunning, not necessarily to turn your holiday makeup into an abundance of colors and sparkles. Knowledge of the intricacies of make-up and strict adherence to them will feel unique.

Eye makeup with purple and lilac shade

The preparatory phase

Makeup should not be applied to unprepared skin. The end result depends on how serious about this step. A flawless face begins with makeup, and with meticulous care. Cleansing and moisturizing should be a daily procedure. All care products should be chosen in accordance with skin type.

To start with cleansing, at first, use a special lotion in the eye area, and then apply it on the skin, trying to move along the massage lines. With the help of a cotton pad and finish cleansing tonic. Next, the skin should be moistened. For this you need a cream that is suitable to the skin type, but also by age. And again first thing the cream is gently applied to the skin around the eyes, then – given the location of the massage lines, Pat. The excess cream is removed with a dry cloth.

Proper use of foundation

Proper selection of shadows under the eye color

To create a beautiful festive makeup concealer choose color of the skin and its type. If the skin is smooth, without visible irregularities and imperfections, concealer is best applied only in the region around the eyes, neck slightly to powder. Foundation applied with a damp sponge, will not highlight the wrinkles.

A good powder will reinforce the Foundation and conceal unwanted Shine. It is better to choose a loose powder that will better do their job and allow the skin to look more soft and silky. This kind of powder is considered invisible due to compatibility with almost any skin and makeup looks natural. To the powder for a festive make-up applied professionally, we need a broad brush with which to brush off excess makeup. If you are using compact powder, its tone should be skin color or slightly lighter. This powder will help to refresh day makeup and eliminate Shine of the skin.

It all begins… with eyebrows! On the eve of festive events eyebrows need shaping. To adjust the eyebrows should carefully. This black pencil is better not to use, adds to the woman age. There will be appropriate brown tone. The wide range of colors allows each woman to choose their own individual most suitable. Importantly, it was a little darker than natural. Eyebrow correction strokes, but not a solid white line, otherwise day makeup will look too unnatural.

How to draw attention to the eyes

Makeup green eyes for carnival or theme parties

Expressiveness and brilliance – the main tasks of the festive eye makeup. Their color determines the selection of the suitable shades, because a wrong color can ruin the image as a whole. The right shades to match the color of the eyes – photo (Fig.1).

Day makeup evening restrained, so it does not involve bright colors, so as not to draw attention to the decorative cosmetics. The shadow should be natural colors, and if skillfully to use them, it is possible to correct the flaws and highlight the merits of the shape of the eyes. They sparkle with glitter, if you shade in the middle of the upper eyelid a little blush peach color.

Black mascara gives the look of rigor, dark gray and brown – velvety. As day option for light eyelashes fit the second. You can use dark blue mascara, which is perfect for any eyelash. Colorless mascara will give your lashes a well-groomed appearance and will improve its structure.

Fancy eye makeup in bright purple tones

As a rule, day makeup does not involve the use of pencil for eyes, but it is necessary for the visual reduction of the upper eyelid and adding depth to the look. The boundary drawn line should be feathered to make a smooth transition to the shadows.

The last step is applying lipstick. Her tone should be the tone of the blush, if they are used. First with a light pencil draw a line just above the contour of the lips, a bit of shade. The space between the borders is filled with lipstick. A little Shine will give your lips fullness and sensuality.

If planned celebration

Makeup for holiday women pay special attention. Often at such events photographed or filmed, so you really want to holiday makeup pleased not only at the beginning, but by the end of the holiday.

Quite really to create a unique image, just need to have the desire and a little patience to transform. Further instructions will explain how to do fancy make-up.

Makeup with a bright accent on the eyes

  1. To make the shade stay longer on the eyelids and avoid smearing, you should start with the basics of droplets, carefully feathered on the face and eyelids.
  2. Eye shadow in color of the skin as a base for easier mixing other colors.
  3. Draw a line along the eyelashes.
  4. This line need to short smudge brush, creating the effect of haze.
  5. A small fluffy brush to apply the shade of dark brown, starting from the outer corner and along the crease line. Make-up for the occasion involves the shade with shimmering particles.
  6. Liquid eyeliner is applied the line between the lashes was not colour of the skin.
  7. For a festive mood immediately above the black line on the outside need to hold the line Golden liquid eyeliner, and when it dries, to hold her one more time, so the color is saturated.
  8. The same must be done with the lower line only to the middle of the eye.
  9. Easy holiday eye makeup ready! A bit of patience and the image will be finished.

Final touches: sensual lips

Of course, the festive make – up is basically giving expression to the eyes, but lips should not be ignored. They must be prepared to stain that the lipstick goes on evenly. How to make lips didn’t look too bright, competing with the eyes?

When the shape of the lips is adjusted by means of the pencil, apply a layer of lipstick and promosedia dry cloth, if necessary in the second layer. Let it be fresh tone relatively neutral. The sensuality of the lips will give a focus on the middle of the lower lip colorless Shine.

For the festive form is not just enough blush. Here is also impossible to overdo it. It is very important to find those same lines on which blush is applied. If you involve the cheeks, formed mounds, which is the benchmark for applying the blush. Then they are easy to shade with your fingers.

Just like you can achieve a festive look. Simple festive makeup the strength not only experienced artists.

Knowing how to make a festive make-up at home, you can be confident in its appeal every day.

Do not be afraid to pick up something new and constantly experiment, and a sense of proportion and style will not allow to be mistaken!