How to make Eastern makeover the most

The East is enigmatic and mysterious. The same epithets can be described Eastern women who have always been attractive for its beauty and uniqueness. This can be any woman, if you gonna use make-up in the style of the East. Eastern makeup (or, as it is called, in Arabic) is now available to every woman. To do it correctly and beautifully is possible with simple and helpful tips.

Makeup in the style of Oriental beauty

Makeup in the style of oriental beauty: first steps to creating a make-up

A perfect complexion is an important component of any makeup. However, the Eastern makeup requires more than just a beautiful complexion and smooth skin without flaws. In this kind of make-up will not prevent or even necessary light tone of tan! And this does not need to escape the sun. It is just to learn some of the secrets of creating tone under Oriental make-up.

The first thing to disguise skin imperfections: acne, inflammation, redness and so on. All this is done with special cosmetics. So, if the flaws are minor, you can handle them and a normal Foundation. If the skin is not perfect, then before the application of Foundation deficiencies it is better to cover up with concealer.

East face makeup

And if the concealer should exactly match your natural skin tone of the woman’s face, the powder under the Oriental makeup is best to choose a bronzer, that is, with a slight tan. It falls on the face of such a sensitive and unobtrusive way that it feels like a real tan. There is no sense of dissonance when you see the difference in color of the face, neck and other parts of the body. If after applying all funds in the face at least a minimal greasy Shine, it is necessary to eliminate special matting cloth. That did not arise during the day, the result is necessary to fix the transparent loose powder that will not give the skin any color, but it will prevent the appearance of Shine. Still neat matte leather is very nice and attractive!

How to do arabic makeup: highlight key points

It is worth noting that in any type of Arabic makeup focuses expressive eyes and eyebrows.

It is through the eyes of Eastern beauties spread their charms, not being able to use other feminine wiles to seduce.

But it is impossible to imagine Oriental makeup without clearly highlighted cheekbones that make women’s face is very expressive and attractive. Your choice should stop at the blush of a peach shade because the pink tone in this case is not entirely appropriate. Don’t worry: for every woman there is the most suitable option of peach blush.

Arabic makeup

Makeup in the Oriental style needs perfectly-defined eyebrows. To correct their eyebrow pencil need even if natural eyebrows are pretty thick and expressive. The color of the pencil should be ideally suited to the color of the eyebrows. The circuit is supplied very gently to create a natural curve of the eyebrow.

As for the shadows under the Eastern makeup, they’ll need two colors. For example, you can take peach Burgundy shade and shadow light light green hue. Strangely enough, these combinations are very typical of the make-up in the Eastern style.

Burgundy shade applied to the outer and inner corner of the upper eyelid. In the middle lies a contrasting light green color.

Now with liquid black eyeliner drawn oblong for hands Arabic makeup, which replicate the lash line. The edge of the arrow has a slightly raised tip that is beyond the line of the upper eyelid. This bar can be called the hallmark of Arab makeup.

The lower eyelid is supplied not less bright with the same black color, but a soft eye pencil, not liquid eyeliner. Inner corner of the eye stands a white pencil to the eye was more open.

Eastern makeup is impossible without necessarily thick and black eyelashes, which draw attention to the eyes. You can use false eyelashes that will successfully fit into the image of Oriental beauty.

Ends Eastern makeup (photos) applying lipstick is very calm and restrained colors. For example, it can be pinkish-brown tone or color of a tea rose. It is desirable that the lipstick had a matte texture or as little gloss and pearl.

Now every woman knows about how to make Eastern the makeup yourself to at least one day to become a character in Eastern tales.