How to make correction of the face using makeup

The image of an attractive woman regardless of the age, and consists of many components, one of which is her well-groomed face. By all canons of beauty of the perfect person is a person who has the correct oval shape.

The effect of the use of makeup

Those women who are not the owners of the oval face shape, do not worry. It is available correction of the face using makeup, then there is a visual approximation of it to the oval shape. Consider the basic direction of the adjustment.

Means for the correction of facial

Correction of the face occurring with the use of makeup, another name for black and white correction. It is based on the use of special tools in dark or bright colors, thanks to which beneficial are some of the face and hide others.

Dark colors visually separate and reduce the areas of the face and bright, on the contrary, they increase and expand.

So is the new modeling of the facial oval. The main means for this correction are:

  • concealer;
  • blush;
  • powder;
  • special pencils;
  • concealers.

The Foundation of any makeup, and especially modeling is the Foundation. It is designed to perform several important functions:

  • give a person the desired shade;
  • to ensure the evenness of the surface;
  • to hide the flaws;
  • to create a basis;
  • to protect from ultraviolet radiation.

Set of cosmetics makeup

It is important to know that concealer should be slightly lighter than the skin tone or to merge with him. Pale complexion can be corrected by using cream peach or apricot shade. But concealer with a pink undertone will be useful to those who face sallow.

Another important tool correction entities are considered blush. They allow you to create any face shape, balance and revitalize the makeup to give the face a healthy look. They are selected by the existing skin tone: needs to be darker than two shades.

A favorite tool of facial in women, is a powder that is capable of:

  • to correct the hue of the face;
  • to disguise a variety of imperfections;
  • remove face Shine;
  • to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment;
  • to consolidate the basic make-up.

To tan the face fit powder Foundation Golden hue, milky white color – peach shade, and the pink color face powder beige.

Corrective pencils and concealers that can hide a variety of small defects of the skin. The latter represent various shades, have a creamy or solid structure, able to mask not only various kinds of redness and skin damage and dark circles under the eyes.

Correction face shape

Face correction

It is possible to allocate 5 basic face shapes:

  • oval;
  • round;
  • square;
  • triangular, with the apex at the bottom;
  • triangular, with the apex at the top.

Face makeup for each of the forms will be different. Should be considered the main focus, which should be taken into account in its application.

The ideal face shape is based on the classical notions of beauty, taking its origins from Ancient Greece.

Such a person has a symmetrical oval shape, the distance between the eyes equal to the width of the lower part of the nose and the width of the eye, the upper lip should be slightly bigger than the bottom. An oval face looks perfect, the photo and video and is not subject to correction.

The face, whose width is almost equal to its height, is considered round. Correction of the face round shapes is to visually pulling it downward.

Eyebrow shaping with makeup

This requires using the tools described above: concealer, blush and powder to lighten the Central part of the face, namely the chin, the nose, the front part of the cheeks and Central part of the forehead, and the side portions to impart a darker tone.

The right end of the image with the face of the round type can be straight hair, and clothing with V-neck.

Square face has a massive lower jaw and a broad forehead with a clearly defined “corners” in the lower and upper part of the face. Data is “outstanding” elements should be decreased somewhat setenv their correction.

The middle part of the face fills with a blush highlighted cheekbones. The image can be supplemented with layered hairstyle and deep neckline clothes.

Triangular face with vertex in the lower part has a tapered chin and broad forehead. In this case, correction of the face make-up is as follows: on the protruding lower part of the chin, at angles of forehead apply darker tone, and the center of the face is lighter. Hairstyle in this case, suitable lush, hiding the hard forehead.

Correction of triangular faces with a vertex in the upper part with makeup looks like this: the emphasis is on bright juicy lips, highlighting cheekbones, eyes. Suitable lush hairstyle that hides the forehead.

Correction of the nose, lips and eyes with makeup

The basic rules of surgery for face shape suitable for its separate parts: nose, lips, eyes. What you need to save, do a few shades darker, and you need to allocate, on the contrary, apply lighter shades of makeup.

The allocation of the basic makeup items

To reduce a wide nose, you need his wings to get a darker color, and the back to lighten. Long nose appear shorter by applying a darker tone on the lower part of it.

Makeup lip enhancement is primarily due to an increase in their volume. For this purpose, it is primarily necessary to put on a lip concealer and powder and then pencil to bring them out of the circuit. Then you need to apply to the lip layer lipstick on top of which is a pearlescent lip gloss. This will create a good amount and will help the makeup to remain intact for a long time.

Visually enlarge small eyes will help the following method: using a bright eyeshadow and dark eyeliner only to the upper eyelid. The solid line is fully delineate small eyes can not, this only highlighted them this disadvantage. Close-set eyes are corrected by manipulation of the eyebrows carefully visibily them in the nose and extending the tips.

Eyeliner a few taken out of the external incision and shade. Conversely, wide-set eyes are corrected visual their rapprochement with the paintings of the beginning of the eyebrow and use dark shadows at the inner corners of the eyes.