How to make the correct eyebrow shape?

Eyebrows are a very important part of the face. They can dramatically change the appearance of any woman to add gloss or to make the face well-groomed. Their shape depends on the expression. If eyebrows are unkempt, no artful makeup will not save the situation. That is why it is important for every woman to regularly monitor the eyebrow.

In addition, you need to know how to make the correct eyebrow shape to suit type of person.

Rules of care of eyebrows

There are some General rules, without observance of which is impossible to have well-groomed eyebrows. The most important of them States that the care must be regular. Will be the woman to perform it at home or turn to a professional technician, it depends on her personal preferences and financial capabilities. But care in any case should be regular and not from case to case. So, what rules should be followed to eyebrows always had a well-groomed appearance and proper form:

Daily brushing eyebrows

  1. Daily combing them. You need to have a special brush that will quickly smooth the hair and give a normal form. The procedure should be carried out before eye makeup.
  2. Plucking the excess hairs. The ideal form is not possible without regular correction, so you need to follow in order immediately to remove all the hairs as soon as they appear. This applies not only to hairs under the eyebrow but above it. Not worth it to radically change the top line, since nature knows best what is for every woman. But if clearly visible protruding beyond the hairs, they must be removed with tweezers.
  3. Coloring eyebrows. If they are not too thick or not suitable to color hair (for example, a girl dyed her hair another color), these shortcomings also need to be eradicated. To give a density or color will help pencil, powder or paint – what’s a girl to choose, depends on personal desire. With a pencil or powder will have to use every day, and paint – not more than 1 time per month.
  4. Selecting the right tool for painting. There is one rule for choosing colors: the dark-haired girls, the color of the eyebrows should be 3 shades lighter than hair, and the blonde 3 tones darker.
  5. To choose the right shape of the eyebrows. You should never just blindly follow fashion trends. Eyebrow shaping – this is not the case when you need to be in the trend. Do you need only the form that fits the type (oval) face. This is the only criterion by which you want to choose and make the shape of the eyebrows.
    Besides, it is very important to know how to correct. The science of this simple, but you have to follow certain rules.

Eyebrow shaping: tweezing rules

Eyebrow shaping

Plucking can be carried out both independently and to trust the master in the salon. If a girl wants to learn how to perform this procedure at home, she needs to know how to make a normal eyebrow shape. Further recommendations will help:

  1. Processing of the eyebrows and the skin around them with alcohol or other similar means, to disinfect the skin. Treating the same solution and tweezers. Comb brush.
  2. Selecting the form, which I want to draw it on your own eyebrows using a white pencil. It will serve as a guide, what is plucking and what – not.
  3. All the hairs outside the marked white pencil line, you need to pluck.
  4. Tweeze hairs only need for their growth. This is, first, to prevent them from growing into the skin, and secondly, makes the procedure less painful. The movement should be quick and sharp. To capture the hairs have the root. Depending on the pain threshold and can grab multiple hairs (especially if there are many), or to pluck them one by one.
  5. After the procedure once again to disinfect the skin and lubricate the child or any other cream.

Eyebrow plucking

Instead of white pencil you can use the eyebrow stencils, which are sold in stores. Usually the kit includes several forms. Applying one by one to face, any girl will be able to choose the one that, in its view, fit and like it more than others.

A very important point concerns the choice of instrument for plucking. The good result of providing tweezers with rounded tips. You also need to ensure that the tips are not sharp, so as not to injure the skin.

The main correction is carried out in the area of the lower lines, the inner and outer parts of the eyebrows. But with the top line you have to be very careful, because the risk to radically change the shape and spoil everything. Therefore girls who do not have sufficient experience in the use of tweezers, it is better not to refuse correction of the upper area of the eyebrow. In an extreme case this should be done very carefully and gently to remove hairs one by one, carefully assessing the outcome and need further correction.

How to choose and make the shape of the eyebrow?

To determine the need to objectively assess the type of face, especially oval. It is from this setting and select the shape of the eyebrows. There are several forms:

Symmetrical eyebrow stencil

  1. Curved. This form has a high instep (highest point) and a short tail.
  2. Straight or horizontal. It has a slight bend, and both sides of the eyebrows are at the same level. Sometimes the tip (the outer side) is made slightly rounded. This form requires special attention to the density of eyebrows, because it affects what the result will be the expression: the thick eyebrows, the more strict will seem to the face.
  3. Curved or ascending. This form is the most versatile. First, it fits any type of face. Secondly, playing with the height of the curve, it is possible to change the image. This form is characterized by the fact that the outer edge rises slightly and is slightly above the inner edge of the eyebrows. This form makes a person more alive and expressive.
  4. Falling or descending. This form is characterized by the fact that the outer part of the eyebrow is below the internal. It is very important when choosing a shape to follow the angle of the bend: the higher it is, the more likely the risk that the face will look sad.

Face type and shape of the eyebrows

There are several types of faces: round, oval, triangular, square.e. Each of these types has its own ideal form of eyebrow.

  1. A round face. This type will fit the curved shape. It can smooth out unwanted “roundness” of the face. But you need to avoid sharp corners, sharp rise, and strong bending. Only soft and smooth lines can change the shape of the face. Strictly forbidden round shape.
  2. A square face. Perfect curved shape, and fit high rise and a long tail. Will look good and the ascending (arcuate) shape. Is strictly prohibited thin eyebrows.
  3. The oval face. Perfect for this kind of persons are straight eyebrows. Additionally, if slightly round the tip and slightly to increase the distance between the eyebrows, this will contribute to even better effect. Close to each eyebrow positioning is not necessary. Strictly forbidden tight bends.
  4. A triangular face. Rising form – perfect for girls with a triangular face shape. The bend should be smooth, uniform and small. Is strictly prohibited video (horizontal) form.

There is a simple formula how to make a form suitable to the type of face. To do this:

  1. To celebrate the start of the arc, its highest point and the end. This can be done with a pencil. In this case it is necessary to apply to the face to make two points: one must pass through the convex part of the nose, the second line the inner corner of the eye. The intersection of these two lines determines the start of the arc.
  2. Shifting the upper part of the pen as long as the second point does not reach the pupil of the eye. The point of intersection of the pencil and the pupil is the highest bending point of the arc.
  3. To shift the pencil so that it intersected with the outer corner of the eye. The intersection of the means the end (tail) of the arc.

Separately it is necessary to consider the distance between the eyebrows. It should not be less than the width of two fingers. To the top of the arc should be the same width, then the width should gradually decrease. All of these actions are shown in the photo.