How to make beautiful makeup for the wedding?

Makeup for a wedding is better to choose not too pretentious to emphasize the natural beauty, but not very pale. Depending on the time of day, skin colour, age and many other factors, are different types of makeup. It is desirable to avoid sharp lines, because the image of the bride assumes the purity, femininity and tenderness. In order to better work on the wedding photos, consider the type and intensity of lighting during the celebration, after all, a bad light can ruin the look of the photo. The wedding will be a real treat, if you will feel confident and beautiful.

Wedding makeup

How to choose cosmetics?

Wedding makeup natural tones

Be careful about purchase high-quality cosmetics, which will not crumble and will not spread at the crucial moment. The main challenge is how to use makeup to hide flaws and emphasize dignity. After all, wedding make up must be flawless.Try to avoid overly bright, flashy colors, which can give the image of vulgarity. Don’t use a lot of glitter in cosmetics, it is not the best way to look at wedding photos.

A few days before the wedding experiment with makeup, choosing the colors or combinations that will suit you. Do not put off such a crucial moment on the last day, when there’s no time to choose and purchase new vehicles.

It is best to look makeup for wedding, made in classic style. It is advisable to choose waterproof mascara. Eyebrows plucked for a couple days before the wedding, and then only adjusted the day before. Shades of light pink and peach in lipstick gives lips the juiciness and tenderness. Bright the same color to use desirable.

The sequence of applying makeup

To start prepare a convenient sized mirror to apply makeup best under natural light. The first thing you need to carefully clean the face using any cleanser suitable for your skin type. After that, face moisturizer cream, which should not be too oily.

Foundation should be applied not only on face but also neck.

The expressiveness of the eyes

Otherwise, the skin on the neck is different in color and flash of the camera will further exacerbate the difference. Mask dark circles under eyes concealer, which needs to be selected on the basis of the color of your skin: should be a few shades lighter.

If you are using loose powder, you need to also cover the neck and chest area. With the help of Foundation, you can visually change the shape of the face and nose. This tinted moisturizer dark color should be applied on the places that you want to reduce or hide. For example, if the extended chin slightly dark cream applied to the bottom of the chin and blend.

Most of the time it will take to create beautiful eye makeup, as this process requires great accuracy and symmetry. All the shadows that will be used should be in color harmony among themselves.

Causing the selected shadow run the eyeliner. Using black pencil, swipe a straight line on the upper eyelid. To visually enlarge the size of the eyes, use a white pencil on the lower eyelid and in the corner of your eye. You can then apply mascara.

Blush and lipstick delicate shades

Now you can do the eyebrows. Comb, giving the desired shape. Pencil color should be close to the color of your hair, you can tint the eyebrows, and then cover them with gel for better fixation.

Use blush in delicate shades. Some makeup artists suggest to apply them on the face, smiling all the while. Smile facilitates uniform application of cosmetics, and the person subsequently will look more fresh and natural.

Lipstick can be applied in the following way. To start, coat the lip balm, and then outline the lip line with a pencil. You put lipstick and, after a few minutes, blot with a paper towel. Apply a second coat of lipstick.

Thus, the wedding makeup should emphasize the natural beauty of the bride, skillfully concealing imperfections and skin. Thus it is necessary to achieve a harmonious combination of makeup with your chosen outfit and type of appearance of the bride.