How to make beautiful makeup in the color of the eyes?

To create beautiful makeup is quite simple if you carefully follow some rules. Makeup helps to hide minor flaws and emphasize the dignity. But do not forget about moderation, after all, the main rule of makeup is naturalness. It needs to be invisible to the eyes of others.

Makeup for grey green eyes

Properly done makeup does not hide the natural beauty of women, but only emphasizes it. There are different types of make-up. Some match a certain style, while others can be matched to the color of eyes or hair.

How to make a beautiful makeup: basic rules

The art of applying makeup is not a big deal, if you adhere to certain conditions.

Applying a makeup base

If you are interested in how to make a beautiful makeup, then first, you should pay attention to some truths:

  1. You cannot use someone else’s makeup.
  2. The face needs moisturizing before coloration and before bedtime.
  3. Makeup is supposed to happen in good light.
  4. Term use of mascara should not exceed three months.
  5. Eyeliner and eye pencil should be used in moderation
  6. Eyelash tinting need from the roots, not profusely to the tips.
  7. Carefully approach the choice of Foundation and color.
  8. Should always moisturize your lips.
  9. You should not choose the eyeshadow color to the color of the outfit.
  10. The tone of blush should be darker than the natural color of your skin.
  11. The shadows and blush should be fully feathered and look natural.
  12. You need to wash the makeup before sleep.

Hydration of the skin allows the face to maintain freshness. She is very well applied cosmetics, allows you to turn ordinary makeup into a beautiful.

When you use someone else’s makeup, there is a risk of catching an infection. This rule is true for mascara, since my eyes are very sensitive to various infections.

For the same reason, it is not necessary to use more than three months might lead to problems, as during this time, the reproduction of micro-organisms reaches a maximum. When it is applied to consider the fact that the desired length and volume is achieved due to the uniform staining of the roots, not the tips of the lashes. You can gently hold the brush at their base, and then evenly distribute the ink line growth, constantly rotating the rod.

The question how to make a perfect line with eyeliner, there’s only one answer-constant training. If you have nothing, better to do without it and stick with eye shadow.

The choice of Foundation the color of the skin

Beautiful makeup is impossible without a properly matched Foundation. First we need to determine the type of skin and tone. For oily skin good powder, the liquid, which tends uniformly to lie down. It will make the face matte and smooth it.

Concealer is the perfect solution for dry skin. Its main feature is the moisturizing effect. For oily skin, characterized by blackheads and bumps, suitable compact powder. The choice of shades of cosmetics should be carried out only in daylight.

Without lipstick any makeup routine will be considered incomplete. It is very important to choose the right color. In the daytime it is unacceptable to use bright and vibrant colors. Before applying lipstick, lips should be coated with a thin layer of powder to increase its resistance. The tone of makeup for lips should be in harmony with the color of your skin. Warm skin coating of fine red color, and cool will look good in coral.

Makeup for green eyes

There are many different options for how to do make-up for owners of green eyes. The main thing is not to overdo it with shadows of the same hue, because there is a risk of the effect of the blots and thus ruin all the efforts. But the green-eyed women can safely experiment with all other colors.

Makeup for green eyes

Spectacular make-up obtained when applied on the eyelids eyeshadow chocolate shade with the addition of gold tones. This combination is perfect for enhancing the beauty of green eyes. You can also use pink, orange and brown with a reddish tint. One of the options of how to do beautiful makeup is a combination of shadows in various shades. Looks original gray coating century with the addition of green in the form of a thin neat strips. For an evening out, a wonderful choice would be a Golden shade.

Day version of a beautiful makeup for green-eyed women are recommended to exercise in warm colours. You can do it the following way:

  • the upper eyelids, applied shadow in a light brown color;
  • the corners of the eyes can be done one shade darker;
  • the eyebrows emphasize shadows and light shade that are imposed under it;
  • on the lower eyelids draw arrows green pencil;
  • covered lashes mascara brown.

Option makeup for brown eyes

If you are interested in how to make a beautiful evening makeup for this type, it is better to perform it with the use of cool colors. You can apply makeup in such a combination:

  • the upper eyelid need to be covered with delicate pink shadows;
  • purple shaded the outer corners of the eyes;
  • green pencil draw a neat arrow on the lower eyelid;
  • fix the line shades of the same hue;
  • under the eyebrows apply a light pearlescent coating;
  • use some eyebrow tint and cover lashes with mascara.

How to do makeup to owners of brown eyes?

A daytime option would be to use matte shadows. In form, they can be loose or pressed. Preferably before applying the eyeliner with a black pencil or eyeliner. Then blend in a small amount of shade lilac.

The outer edge of the eyelid covered by the darker color and shaded line transition so that it was invisible. Eyelashes are desirable to paint a double coat of mascara, a pre-Curling their special tweezers. This technique will help to make the look more open.

Version of makeup for grey eyes

For an evening of beautiful makeup allowed shadow flicker. Because for such a variant is preferable to the brighter and more noticeable colors. To apply cosmetics, use the following:

  • covered upper eyelids shiny purple eye shadow using the applicator;
  • draw arrows eyeliner black at the lash line;
  • the outer side of the century, and all stationary the upper part is covered with shadows of emerald hue;
  • all transitions are carefully shade;
  • you can also apply some glitter on the eyelids;
  • paint the lashes with mascara to curl.

The beautiful makeup for gray eyes

The grey-eyed women to make their own make-up all the easier. After all, they fit almost all shades. The only rule here is the selection of colors in the color of the skin. For those with warm skin shades coating is more suitable pastel colors. The ideal option would be gold, camel, light brown tones. And light skin can be beneficial to emphasize the gray, blue and purple. If you want to emphasize it is the shade of your skin, you need to match colors exactly the opposite.

Day version beautiful make-up is recommended in all bright shades that will not attract too much attention. Can be applied on the eyelids and a light shade to tint eyelashes mascara. The latter is desirable to select a surround effect.

Makeup for blue eyes

Well coloured lashes will make your look more expressive. Universal are the shade of silver. They are suitable gray-eyed blondes and brunettes. Use brown shades for blonde women is not recommended. Golden tones can be used all types. They are made to be worn in the daytime and in the evening.

When you create a beautiful evening makeup should pay attention to your outfit. They should look harmonious together. It is recommended to use bright colors, but not very saturated.

If you overdo it, your grey eyes will get lost in the background too pronounced shadows. You can use mother of pearl in light purple and light yellow color scheme. Very nice blue shade. They fit almost any outfit. Thanks to shades of blue shade and black eyeliner, you will look very impressive.

Makeup for blue-eyed women

When you create a beautiful makeup for those with blue eyes should be based on underlining the depth of view. In this case all very individually. The shades are chosen in such a way as to make the eyes more expressive.

Eyelids should be covered with pale pink, purple, silver and gold tones. You can experiment with shadows in pearl, lilac, gray and brown color scheme. Bright blue color helps to emphasize the expressive blue eyes if used in moderation.

The main rule in creating beautiful makeup for blue-eyed women is a small amount of makeup to apply and a careful touch up. When choosing colors it is advisable to take into account the color of the hair. If they are painted, then you should start from your outfit. This method will allow you to look harmonious and interesting.