How to make beautiful eyebrows

Leading make-up artists have reasons to believe that beautifully designed eyebrows have more value in the female form. How to draw eyebrows so that it was beautiful? The fact that from the eyebrows depends largely on how will be changed the image of a woman, the facial expression can be transformed, if the right to draw eyebrows. For a correct and beautiful podkorrektirovatj eyebrows should adhere to certain rules, by which eyebrow can you arrange yourself. In this respect, great importance is the removal of excess hair, then eyebrows will look more manicured, and the beauty of the eye would be beneficial to have.

Eyebrow shaping

How to draw the eyebrow woman?

If it will be moved towards the nose, the expression of opinion is unfriendly, dark and forbidding. If it is pushed from the sides of the nose, it will create the impression that the eyebrow is too flat and wide.

Area of the eyebrow to create the form

Area of the eyebrow to create formiguinha to draw mentally the line on its continuation ends an eyebrow, then she must pass through the wing of the nose and outer eye point (which is extreme). If the line is long, then it will give the face a gaunt expression. This can help to ensure that the woman would seem older than his age.

The upper point (where there is a break) should be at the intersection of the line that connects the wing of the nose and the center of the eye. With regard to the center of the eye, it must coincide with the center of the pupil to check this out, you need to look in the mirror in front of him. The part that goes up, must cover 2/3 of the length, and as the descending part, then it must be the 1/3 part.

The nuances in this process

If the answer to the question of how to draw eyebrows, you need to take into account that you should always observe a measure. And this is particularly relevant for those girls, which nature endowed long and thick eyebrows.

Forms of brofaromine should know that it is not necessary to fool mother nature. If she gave the girl dense vegetation, you do not need to make every effort to ensure that the eyebrows were as thin as strings. I still need to take into account how much time will you need the woman every day to support them in an appropriate form, as will need to remove the excess hairs. It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that it will not be easy.

If the question arises, how to pluck your eyebrows, you need to remember that you should always keep them in immaculate shape. It should match the natural personality. You must select this option that was easy enough to slightly pull out the lower part and remove the base of the hairs. We have to forget about one very important subtlety: if they are too high, visually increase eyes and the face becomes more attractive. In this regard, those ladies who wish to have thin eyebrows that have the perfect shape, to produce a change in the top line is not recommended.

If you draw your eyebrows by yourself is difficult, we can turn to the experts, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the cost of their services is not small.

Too thin eyebrows that look like strings, are no longer in fashion. This, of course, does not mean that they should be too thick, and shredded, hanging on the eyes. It looks untidy.

If a woman is blessed with thick vegetation, so you need to do the cleanup at the base, below the upper eyelid exposed above. We should not forget that removing hairs is possible only in the lower part, otherwise the expression can be weary and even gloomy. Thin and round shape no longer relevant, they should not do, a person acquires an expression of udivlenno that looks are not the most attractive way.

Useful tips

  1. As for bending, it needs to be easy, and unlike the question mark.
  2. The eyebrow tapers toward the temple, and the bridge of my nose is expanding.
  3. With regard to such important factors as the distance between the eyebrows, it should be about 2 fingers. To make sure that they are correct, proceed as follows: the index and the middle finger applied to the nose between the eyebrows.
  4. The hairs covered by the fingers, should be immediately removed.

Not worth dreaming about perfect symmetry – it does not happen. At registration it is necessary to observe not only care, but care. Error can lead to the fact that not the most beautiful view can be maintained for several months, as hairs tend to grow slowly. It is better not to rush and do everything carefully.