How long does permanent makeup eyebrows: factors of resilience

Tattooing eyebrows is a cosmetic procedure for introducing a coloring pigment in the surface layer of the skin. As the paint master strikes deep, only 0.3-0.8 mm, the effect of permanent makeup is long lasting, but not permanent.

Permanent makeup eyebrow

Then, how long does the tattoo depends on many factors:

  • the quality and the original hue of the pigment;
  • the technique of the master;
  • the depth of penetration of the needles;
  • age;
  • individual characteristics of the organism;
  • exposure to sunlight;
  • used decorative cosmetics.

Permanent makeup eyebrows can be kept from 6 months to 3-5 years. Most women lasts for 2 years. A more accurate term, how long the permanent makeup eyebrows will help to define the analysis of the main factors.

Age and immunity

The application of permanent makeup eyebrows

Introduced under the skin pigment the body perceives as a foreign body, potentially dangerous and harmful substance. Therefore, the immune system aktiviziruyutsya after cosmetic procedure and is trying to push the paint out of the epidermis. In the end, she is still be able. Permanent makeup eyebrows will gradually lighten, to blur, until completely disappear. The only question in the required time. And here Mature ladies have a clear advantage over young women. Metabolic processes in their body is not so intense, the cells are updated more slowly, therefore the eyebrow tattoo lasts so long.

For 20-25-year-old girls a thorough correction of permanent makeup may need is already in 1.5 years. A little longer kept permanent makeup eyebrows from older women. 30-35-year-old can maintain the brightness of the pigment within 2-3 years. The undoubted leaders in how long permanent makeup on the skin are a ladies over 45 years. Some women, leaving feedback on the procedure, note the lasting effect for 7 years or more. Given values are approximate and reflect only General trends. How long the tattoo, depends on the metabolic rate in the body, and the last is purely individual.

The qualifications of the master and the quality of the pigment

To ensure the long-term effect of permanent makeup is capable of only high-quality dye, so the materials and brands better not to save. How long stays on the skin for tattooing eyebrows, it depends on the shade of the dye. Rich, bright and dark colors are preserved better. Therefore, the owner of a coal-black eyebrows is in a better position than a natural blonde who wants to preserve natural color. The body more difficult to withdraw from subcutaneous fat particularly intense pigment.

Self-tattoo eyebrows

The safety of permanent makeup depends on the skills of the master, performing the procedure. The deeper into the epidermis penetrating needle, the longer the tattoo eyebrows. Note, however, that deep entered the paint will be very difficult to withdraw not only the immune system but also special laser. This makeup is equivalent to a full-fledged tattoo with all the ensuing consequences: the pigments can turn yellow or green with time, there is no guarantee of successful tattoo removal.

After the procedure, it is important to carefully follow all recommendations of the wizard: coat eyebrows with a special ointment, not to tear the formed crust, because they will leave and the pigment, do not use decorative cosmetics. The latter restriction should be performed as much as advise master. Often the taboo is imposed on the entire healing period, around 3-4 weeks. It is not recommended to wet eyebrows the first 3-5 days during washings.

Lifestyle and self-care

How long will permanent makeup eyebrows, depends on lifestyle. The occupation of active sports and stimulates the metabolism in the body, thereby contributing to a more rapid removal of the pigment. Matters and how much time a woman spends in the sun. Ultraviolet light has the ability to burn the pigment of the skin, both natural and artificial. Exposed to direct sunlight for eyebrows and warm shades of red, and cold it becomes gray.

To prevent the loss of color saturation and burnout will help special cosmetic products with a high protection factor SPF of 30-40.

The cream is applied over the entire surface made of the figure, preventing the penetration of ultraviolet radiation. The procedure is relevant in any time of the year.

Influence on how many survive the tattooing, and has used decorative cosmetics. The presence of overly active, aggressive components, the frequent use of scrubs and peels refreshes the top layer of the epidermis and gradual leaching of pigment. This does not mean that we should abandon cosmetics, just these funds should not be applied to the area of the eyebrows. How long it will last permanent makeup depends on the physiological characteristics of the organism, the quality of treatments and effort. Proper care will help keep eyebrows in perfect condition, as coffee, to as long as possible to enjoy the beautiful image.