How long to heal eyebrow tattoo?

Today is very popular among women getting eyebrow tattoo. Of course, many want eyebrows were well-groomed, beautiful, well shaped and not had to spend much time with them daily. All this became possible thanks to permanent makeup. But in any case, it should be understood that this procedure can be consequences that can be avoided when choosing a professional wizard, and with proper care after tattoo, which takes time and is not limited to two days.

The procedure of eyebrow tattooing

The healing process after eyebrow tattoo

The first question that arises after the decision to do permanent makeup eyebrows – how long is the healing process of eyebrow tattooing?

Despite the fact that the procedure itself is rather complicated, the healing of tattooing is not for long, if you count the days from 5 to 10.

But then, how to heal eyebrow, depends entirely on proper care after tattoo. In order for healing after the procedure took place as quickly as possible, should follow a few very simple rules:

The use of moisturizing cream for healing tattoo

  • try not to touch the skin after the tattoo, you should not wipe them with a towel;
  • should refrain from sauna, public pool and swimming in open water because the risk of infection is very high;
  • necessary to waive the application of the means to care for skin in the eyebrows (lots of scrubs, peelings, facial masks and creams) – after the procedure the wizard to recommend a special ointment that will speed healing;
  • avoid tanning until the full restoration of the skin.

Care of the eyebrows after the procedure

Once you do tattoo, on the treated skin stands out the pus and drying up, is transformed into a crust. To remove pus best with a soft wet cloth, but you need to ensure that the tissue was not alcohol. It is also worth to observe how thick the crust is, it is possible to determine how long to heal eyebrow: if thin, it can heal fairly quickly.

To protect the brow from the sun with glasses

If the crust is dried, then alone it is better not to remove, since it is possible in addition to infection and even help to ensure that part of the coloring pigment of the tattoo out of the skin layers. From this, the color of the eyebrows may become uneven.

In addition, after the tattoo on the skin can form swelling. In order to eliminate it, it’s best to take one of the Allergy drugs. If swelling is accompanied by pain or some discomfort, it is advisable to take pain pills.

Remember that inflamed skin is very sensitive and vulnerable, it is important not to injure her. Even wash should easily promaqua the skin with a soft towel, in any case, do not RUB, otherwise there will be irritation, but it depends on how long your healing tattoo. Also, how many days will heal eyebrows, is affected by exposure to direct rays of the sun, so you need to try approximately one month to hide that part of the face from sun exposure, for example, behind sunglasses.

Guide to the care of your eyebrows immediately after the procedure

Half the success of the tattoo depends on the care immediately after the procedure. How goes the healing, will depend on how they will look eyebrows how rich color and precise contours. Process, therefore, care must be taken with the utmost seriousness. The first two weeks it is impossible to use cosmetics in the area of the eyebrows. Immediately after the procedure, the master must apply the application, it should be kept as much time as was advised by the wizard, usually about 3 hours. After the desired time, carefully wash with water and antibacterial soap, dab the brow with a napkin.

To handle the tattoo the first day should be every 2 hours using chlorhexidine, the second day wash your face morning, after treated with chlorhexidine, and a quarter of an hour after the skin has dried, apply a special cream. After 10 minutes, wet cloth, cleaning has not been absorbed by the remnants of the cream. During the day 3-4 times to treat the skin with chlorhexidine, and then apply the cream. To repeat data manipulations necessary as long as the crusts on the eyebrows completely gone.