How to lengthen eyelashes at home?

Long lashes – a pledge of beauty in any woman. Modern ladies try to lengthen them by any means: paint ink, running to capacity, scrolling and other manipulations. But artificial beauty is nothing compared to this, so many girls and women are interested in the question: how to lengthen eyelashes at home?

Long and thick eyelashes - beauty is in every woman

The main rules for the care of eyelashes

Before resorting to the procedures for lengthening lashes, each woman need to learn how to properly and carefully care for them as only healthy lashes can be long and tough. The basic rules of care of eyelashes not so much, and they should know every woman. If you do not follow them, then lengthen your lashes will not help any ways.

Using ink for painting eyelashes

  1. Dyeing eyelashes should only be high-quality ink produced by well-known brands. Such products contain in their composition substances that strengthen hair follicles and make the lashes healthier. When you use a cheap mascara dubious quality to dream of long eyelashes is not necessary, as its components can cause severe loss of hair and allergic reactions on the skin of the eyelids.
  2. Eyes need a gentle cleaning from a cosmetic. An unforgivable mistake many women is that they allow themselves to go to sleep, do not wash the pre-eye make-up. If woman dreams about long eyelashes, she must not allow themselves to fall asleep with mascara on. Eye make-up remover you must use only specifically designed for these purposes, cosmetic cleansers. To wash off eye makeup with soap and water – a gross error leading to reduction of eyelashes.
  3. If a woman was tortured conjunctivitis, barley, and other diseases of the eye, she must go to an ophthalmologist. Inflammation in the eye leading to loss of lashes, so they should be treated in a timely manner and always under the supervision of a specialist.

To make your lashes long, not necessarily to resort to expensive salon treatments. Instead, you can use the recipes of our grandmothers, which, despite the small selection of cosmetics, always looked beautiful. Enhance the growth of eyelashes at home using natural remedies that are available to any lady.

Elongation of the cilia folk remedies

Castor oil, is used for lengthening eyelashes

Make eyelashes noticeably longer will help of vegetable oil (olive, castor, burdock). Useful substances contained in their composition, a beneficial effect on eyelash growth, make them shiny and incredibly strong. How to lengthen eyelashes with vegetable oil?

For this procedure, you will need to prepare an old brush of mascara (it must be washed thoroughly under the tap and dry). Brush dipped in one of the vegetable oil and gently comb it lashes from root to tip. It is very important to ensure that the oil gets into the eyes.

The procedure is best done in the evening, leaving the product on the eyelashes for a quarter of an hour. At the expiration of this time the excess oil patting dry with a cotton pad. Repeating this procedure at home daily, the first results you will notice after a few weeks, lashes will become longer, thicker and stronger.

Few people know, but lengthen your lashes, without leaving home, the usual vaseline. Before falling asleep it is recommended in a small amount gently applied to the lashes with your fingers (you can use a soft cosmetic brush) and leave on all night. In the morning remove the vaseline with a cotton pad or paper towel.

This mask should be repeated no less than 14 days. After 7 days of regular treatments eyelashes will get luxurious look. The use of vaseline as a means to strengthen and enhance the growth of eyelashes has no contraindications.

To take care of the length of the lashes at home can herbs. Beauties, dreaming about the fascinating view, it does not hurt to keep on hand dried flowers of cornflower or chamomile. These plants not only stimulate eyelash growth, but also help to relieve fatigue of the eyes, returning them to a healthy glow.

Aloe Vera juice used for growth of eyelashes

To enhance the growth of eyelashes, you need 1 tablespoon of flowers of cornflower and chamomile pour 1 Cup of boiling water and infuse for about 50-60 minutes. When the specified time expires, the infusion is filtered through a very dense sieve or folded in several layers of cheesecloth and placed in a glass container.

In the resulting liquid, moisten cotton pads and apply them to the eyes for 20-30 minutes. If you repeat this procedure regularly, your eyelashes will stop falling out, will be voluminous and charmingly long.

To lengthen eyelashes at home, you can use homemade mask made from several components. For it will need:

  • castor oil (20 ml);
  • fresh aloe juice (5 ml);
  • vitamin a in oil solution (2-3 drops).

Prepared components are mixed in a dry glass container until smooth. The obtained product is applied on the eyelashes with a mascara brush and leave for 3 hours. Remove the mask by using a dry cotton pad. Repeat the procedure daily for at least 2 weeks.

Massage of the eyelid skin

Lengthen lashes will help stimulating massage century that beauticians recommend to women alone. To do this with your fingertips for 2-3 minutes you should gently massage not only the lashes but also the entire area of the eyelids.

Massage movements help to strengthen and improve the growth of eyelashes. The procedure has no contraindications, repeat up to three times a day for a long time.

Massage of the eyelid skin

To get the maximum effect of massage, it should be done using tools made from:

  • any vegetable oil (20 ml);
  • of aloe juice (2.5 ml);
  • parsley juice (2.5 ml).

All components are thoroughly mixed. The resulting remedy lubricate the area of the lash, and then distribute it all over the eyelid prior to each massage session.

To make long eyelashes at home vitamins B, D and E. If a woman will regularly include in your diet foods that contain these vitamins, over time it will become the owner of a luxury brand.

All of the above methods to accelerate the growth of eyelashes is quite effective, but they are designed for a long time and not able to bring instant results.

To lashes incredible length in one minute, you can use mascara with a lengthening effect. An alternative to mascara will be the false eyelashes, however, beauticians recommend to use them only in exceptional cases, as an artificial frame for the eyes can significantly reduce these cilia.