How to learn to paint: the basics the use of cosmetics

Almost every woman would like to learn to paint beautifully, so every day she can have a perfect makeup, as if it was carried out by a professional. One is able to learn the basics of make-up, and some even to adulthood and have not learned to put himself in order.

The use of quality cosmetics

But do not worry because there are rules of makeup that will help to use cosmetics correctly. With this knowledge it is possible to always look attractive and perfect. How to learn to paint?

Simple rules of makeup: it all starts with cleansing

Proper preparation of the makeup is half success. The skin must prepare for the makeup so it goes on evenly, and the make-up kept on over a longer period of time. And for its quality it is also important.

Preparing the face for makeup by using cleansing and soothing facial

First you need to wash with foam or gel for washing. These tools will remove excess fat from the skin and other dirt. For greater effect it is better to use a sponge when washing.

Twice a week should be exfoliate the skin, which also has a positive impact on the appearance and makeup.

Make-up starts after the person applied under makeup. This tool is akin to the face cream. And it performs the role of a bridge between makeup and skin. Foundation is applied all over the face avoiding eye zone and around lips.

Tone – the basis and foundation makeup

So every woman needs to learn one simple truth.

No make-up will not be successful, if not previously been cleared complexion.

If you do not work hard on this, the way will be a failure.

Lining color faces

Any makeup starts with the face of. There is no such woman who wouldn’t need to. Even perfect skin could use a little freshness and a smooth tone. Therefore, in your beauty Arsenal you need to have a Foundation. It is selected usually on the basis of three main criteria: skin color, its type and the desired effect.

From the point of view of color it is important to pick a concealer that will fit perfectly to the natural skin tone. This will avoid the mask effect, which so often have girls who can not paint beautiful.

Of great importance is the method of application of the cream. You can use the sponge, special blender, brush and even their own hands. It all depends on what results must be achieved. So if you need a easy and invisible Foundation that is best for toning are arms. Thanks to the warmth of the hand cream will form a loose and beautiful layer. If you want a more intimate basis, it is better to enlist the help of a brush or blender. A cosmetic sponge will give an average density basis.

Cosmetic powder makeup for alignment of tone

An important component of any beautiful makeup is powder. Without it, it simply will not look complete. The powder is needed to consolidate the Foundation and to give skin a matte finish. For home use, it is recommended to apply a loose powder that is applied with a brush. A need to always wear compact powder with a sponge. This will allow for the day to improve the complexion to look fresh, as if made just.

When creating makeup not to lose sight of this part of the face, such as eyes. More specifically, we are talking about area under the eyes. Often it can occur dark circles or a kind of bruising. The fact is that this area is very sensitive to stress, lack of sleep, fatigue and other negative factors. And therefore the area under the eyes is the first to reveal information about that woman it’s time to relax and enjoy themselves. Nevertheless, the dark circles under the eyes must always be masked (even if they are small). Otherwise, women will be tired look. To correct circles under the eyes use pink, white or Golden concealer (depending on the intensity of bruising and color of the underlying skin).

The same palette of concealers must be applied for masking of inflammation on the face. First on the red portion is applied the green concealer and then top fits the tone of the color of the skin.

Rules eye makeup

Eyes are the most expressive part of the face. When performing make-up eyes have to pay close attention.

Bright evening eye makeup

Makeup can be nice and without the use of bright and flashy cosmetics. In the purse women have to be basic tools for eye makeup. They are the same, regardless of skin type, its color. In this lady’s Arsenal include shades of white, cream color, the color of coffee with cream, sand, light-gray and graphite tones. Complemented by the palette already, depending on what color the skin and the iris of the eyes of the fair sex.

For green eyes it makes sense to get the emerald, purple, dark brown, lemon and pastel pink shades. Blue eyes look great in combination with blue, brown, purple, hot pink shadows and with shadows the color of a sea wave. Brown eyes to emphasize peach, metal, brown, turquoise and other shades. In General, it is important and need to experiment, since in a particular context, it is possible to find compatibility with different shades.

As for the combination of shadows for everyday look will be enough of the same color. For special occasions or for brightness appearance, you can apply two or even three colors of shadows, which fit together from the point of view of color.

How beautifully put make-up eye shadows? For example, one color palette can be applied in a thin layer on all the movable upper eyelid. Darker towards him tint it is necessary to highlight corners of eyes. The result is attractive and seductive to the eye.

But not among the shadows creates an image. Basic crayon colors – brown, dark grey and black. Additionally, you need to get a white or light pink eyeliner pencil, which is used to highlight the inner corner of the eyes and mucous membranes. This technique helps open the eyes, make them bigger and more expressive. Dark pencil, you can paint the half of the upper eyelid and the eyelid. The lower eyelid is always painted before the half or to 3/4. Fully lower eyelid never supplied.

The choice of mascara depends on what color the hair of women. Blonde is better to choose a brown mascara, because it will better fit into the overall context. Other recommended black ink. Apply mascara in zigzag motion you need. So the lashes will look more lush, and the look will become much more attractive and fresh. This is a useful and important point in the question of how to learn to paint.

Lipstick and blush

Applying a light-coloured eye shadow for everyday makeup

Blush are not the final value when creating a makeup. There are several recommendations that will help you apply them correctly. But first you need to decide on their color. In General, pastel pink blush color like most women. So if you do not want to risk, you should choose them. Other women will be able to choose the blush in accordance with your color type. To not go into a long explanation and reflection, it is necessary to advise to use one simple test. By the way, this technique is versatile.

So, you will need to take two kinds of jewelry: silver and gold. They alternately applied to the face. Then the woman must understand that she is more. The correct metal has to refresh the face. If more silver, means that women cold type. The same should be and the colors that she chooses in cosmetics, clothing, etc. If better gold, this indicates a warm type. Sometimes there are girls that have a neutral color type. They will fit almost all.

But how to learn to apply blush? Need to involve the cheeks to highlight the cheekbones. In the formed cavity and to apply blush with a soft brush. After this line carefully shaded with dust that it was not visible boundaries and transitions. This will allow you to create a bright and at the same time, natural makeup.

The color of the lipstick or lip gloss must match the color type. Moreover, if the eyes are painted brightly, the lips should be neutral (and Vice versa). But leave them plain and do not pale. It is bad form.

These are the main tips to learn how to do good makeup. With their help, every woman can look great both in life and in pictures.