How to learn to do the correction of eyebrows at home

In order to have a neat, well-shaped eyebrows, no need to visit a beauty salon, or cause the master of the house. Eyebrow shaping at home is an easy process.

Figure 1. Define the length of the eyebrows

So in the short term to self-learn how to do perfect contour, you need to follow certain rules, namely:

  • the optimal distance between the eyebrows about 2 cm;
  • width from the beginning to the highest point should be the same;
  • hair is removed only along the bottom edge;
  • bending should be smooth;
  • the hairs should lie in the same direction.

Rules eyebrow correction at home are based on the definition face shape.

Such there are six forms: round, rectangular, oval, triangular, square and diamond-shaped.

It is important to indicate the required length. It is determined by the intersection points of the straight lines running symmetrically from the edge of the nose through the corners of the eyes (Fig. 1).

Correction of eyebrow shapes for different face types

Correction of the shape of the eyebrows

The winner of the round face (wide with a round chin) can visually make it narrower if you will draw the eyebrows in a curved line. The contour on the rise do moderately high, slightly pointed, and the tip leaving small. Due to such correction of the eyebrows and the view becomes alive and open. Avoid kink exactly in the center of the eyebrows, arched shape and excessive width.

Face shape is considered rectangular if its width is less than the length, and the distance between the cheekbones and the temples are the same. To make the facial features of softness and harmony, and look more expressive, you need to make the eyebrows straight. Under the eyebrow of the house mean the average width of the ascending line and thinning to the tip. It is unacceptable for owners of a rectangular face have thin arched eyebrows.

Perfect and classic face is considered to be smoothly rounded and tapered in the cheeks oval face shape. How to make correction of eyebrows for such a type? Very simple: choose a straight or arched shape. You can make eyebrows with a soft fracture. The main thing that they were proportional: moderately wide, not very steep and long. Head eyebrows rounded, and the tip lightly draw the outer edge of the eye.

For those with a square face (wide cheekbones and solid jawline) will perfectly fit the rounded edge. They will give the additional features of tenderness, elegance and femininity. How to make self-correction at home? First, the eyebrows should have a soft arc shape to bend in the center. Second, the lines must be short and thin, it is better to stick to a moderate width.

Eyebrow shaping with thread

For the triangular shaped face (wide forehead, pointed chin) are best suited slightly raised, evenly and smoothly arched eyebrows of medium length.
Diamond or rhomboid shape is characterized by wide cheeks, a narrow forehead and chin. How to make face less sharp and angular, and oval gentle? The simplest solution is the formation of browney arc with a sharp curve. Nice to look at the correct rounded shape. And here is a direct form absolutely will not fit diamond shaped faces. It visually expands the cheekbones and the face shortens.

Tools for creating brow shape at home

To make the correction of eyebrows at home, need special tweezers, alcohol, cotton pads, brush for the eyebrows, a small pair of scissors, a mirror and cosmetics. How often have to do this procedure? To maintain the beautiful shape you need to regularly tweeze and trim the regrown hairs.

So, brushing hairs down and carefully clipped the ends that intersect the lower line of the eyebrows, then sucesivas up and clipped on the top line. Next, comb your eyebrows in the direction of their natural growth. Superfluous hairs pull out. To reduce pain it is desirable to attach to the skin with a swab of local anesthetic. Before using the tweezers should be treated with alcohol, and wash hands with soap and water. Girls with sensitive skin are advised to apply to eyebrows with a cotton disks with tolerable hot water to pre-steam them. The hairs pull out on the bottom edge, the faster, the better. The outside otpravlyaem in case of emergency. After the procedure the skin is first treated with an alcoholic solution, and then lubricated with the soothing cream to relieve irritation.

How to make the form even more expressive? To do this, use some eyebrow tint pencil. We denote the bottom and top of the line and a little further from the head of the arc apply light strokes in the direction of natural hair growth. The color of the pencil should match the color of the eyebrows. For volume effect you can use the mascara to the eye. Apply it with brush with light strokes. To all the hairs were in the same direction, you can smooth them out a small amount of gel.

Correctly shaped eyebrows will make you look more well-groomed, stylish and feminine in real life and in photos.