Indian makeup – brightness and saturation

In recent years, especially among Hollywood stars, fashion Indian makeup. This make-up, provided if its done right, looks very nice, to some extent, even mysterious and very sexy.

Girl with Indian makeup

Properly selected Indian makeup can be quite even to use as a daily, choosing the colors of the cosmetics slightly muted colors.

But if you have a party or similar event, then do it in full brightness. Doing it yourself is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. To get the hand to apply makeup in the right order it is possible for 1 evening.

The first and most important condition for such a makeup – zolotisty skin. You must use the right color Foundation and cream, to exclude from use a pink blush. With this makeup, as in all others, the key to success – even skin tone on the face.

Besides initially it was designed for tanned skin, since the vast majority of girls in India dark. If you haven’t tanned before, how to do Indian makeup, it is better to adjust the complexion with Foundation.

How to do eye makeup?

Figure 1. Eye makeup in Indian style

Eyes Indian makeup play a key role: languid, mysterious, mysterious look that beckons, not allowing them to break away from it, is the natural result of properly applied makeup in Indian style. Therefore, to achieve the desired effect, choose eye shadow very carefully so that the colors match with each other and with your overall style.

You must choose a deep, warm shades, a maximally saturated color. With regard to the structure of shadows, it is desirable that she was fat. Very good bronze tones, soft red-brown, you can take the silver and gold. Also would look great in a combination of yellow and green colors, especially if you are the owner green eyes.

Once the shadows are selected, you can proceed directly to the make-up. In applying shadow no clear instructions, all comes from your personal preferences and wishes. After shadows apply liquid liner, the thickness of the line can be different, depending on the activities for which is makeup and your wishes.

Another feature which characterized Indian makeup, as you can see in the photo (Fig.1) – a few outstretched hands along the edge of the eyelids, which are a little beyond the edge of the corner of his eye and a little bent up. Usually recommend a bit of shade are the arrows.

How to make a beautiful sensual lips?

Lip makeup in Indian style

Indian makeup different brightness and saturation of colors, so it is equally colourful highlights like the eyes and lips. In order to make the lips bright and colorful, as required by the way to apply lipstick will have not quite the usual way. Normal tubes get out of the main few are not suitable for this purpose. For painting the lips need a special brush.

Before you do Indian makeup to lips is turned in the style as designed, you need to purchase a lipstick natural coral or red shades. Very well, if the color is a fraction of mother-of-pearl or shiny, so your lips will look larger.

For this purpose, the perfect clear gloss. Radiance is very welcome in the Indian make-up, but not to overdo it. Also important is the contour of the lips, it is better not to paint a darker color than the lipstick, it will look not quite natural. Eyeliner lip should be slightly hazy and the color of lipstick, accentuate contours, but unobtrusive and inconspicuous.

The decorations on the face

The decorations on the face in the Indian style

The use of a variety of rhinestones for makeup for Indian women is far from new. Indian women used them long before this fashion has swept the rest of the world. Usually rhinestones on face decorated for a big holiday, but now, given the proliferation of the Indian make-up, you can choose sparkling stones for almost any occasion.

One of the key distinguishing features of the Indian make – up is Bindi. The ignorant just think this is a point in the center of the forehead. But in fact, Indians believe that it represents the 6th chakra, the hidden eyes. It was originally painted on the face in order to show their religion and also for protection from evil forces.

It later became clear that the presence of this point on the forehead can visually change the face. If it is small, the face looks smaller. If it is large, the face increases forehead like expanding. If the dot is asymmetric, beveled, the face can appear more smooth. In addition, many fashionistas are used instead of dots of various adhesive rhinestones, flowers/butterflies, lined with rhinestones and other striking tricks.